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Change Your Mind, Shift Your Life

We provide:
Emotional Healing, Intuitive Guidance, Chakras, Life Coaching
We work with your guides and higher-self to assist your healing
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Emotional Healing occurs when you give up the erroneous, imprinted identification of yourself from your past. You see yourself based on that old mirror you encountered during your formative years. Shifting your view of the image requires you clean the mirror. This occurs when you look within the hologram of your experience to find the truth of who you truly are. 

The human race is a product of centuries of thinking and rethinking who we are. Your ancestors began existence trying to understand themselves in relation to nature. This lead to behaviours stemming from misunderstanding and anger.

 In order to heal the pain you inherited from your predecessors, it is necessary to look within and answer the question: "Who are you?"  Let Sonia help you see your true self.

life's goodYou are a precious being,  Sonia Nadina sees the shield you use to protect yourself against the pain of abandonment, self-doubt and fear. She uses her intuitive ability to shine a light on the thing you seek to heal your life. It is impossible to go back to the old you after a session with Sonia.

She see the beautiful being you are. No matter what you have done, or how you see yourself, you are precious to the universe. - "Sonia prepared and guided me through a great shift in my life..." 


Change Your Mind, Shift Your Life

Meditation, the path to inner peace and healing. Sonia Nadina is an expert meditation teacher in practice for over twenty years.

She has seen direct evidence that meditation will and can heal. Through personal experience and through observation, she has used meditation to support and calm the mind which in turn fosters healing.

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