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Intuitive Guidance

Do you feel fulfilled on your life path? Are you struggling with  your love life, career path or spiritual development? I see into your past, present and future. Let me help you find the way to a more fulfilling life.

“Thank you Sonia for loving me even though I’ve been hiding from life. My husband and I are growing together.  Thank you for saying it takes great courage to look at one’s shadow side. Forgiveness is spilling into all of our hearts, and a whole new world is opening up for us!!!”Christina C, Salinas, California


Life is a stressful, challenging affair. Sometime we need a little time to get away, but a vacation is not in the cards. Meditation is the perfect experience that gives you respite from the self defeating moments in one’s day. Meditating in a group, in the comfort of your own home, or with friends will help you to bring you back to yourself and build your personal power.

Attend a meditation class with friends or bring Sonia into your home with personalized meditation via Skype.

Take a meditation class with Sonia on


The Secret To Shifting Your Life In Challenging Times, Is To Change Your Mind. Join Sonia as she facilitates workshops on topics ranging from Past Life Studies, and Emotional Healing to Chakra Healing and Shamanic Studies.

Chakra Healing

Did you know, you can tell what you are thinking by looking at the colours of your chakras? You have the ability to see into other’ chakras as well.

Chakra Studies will give you powerful insights that will help you to fix your life by understanding your unconscious thoughts. You can also use your knowledge to the chakras to augment your healing practice.

Popular Products

Oneness: eBook

Are you in a difficult experience in your life and wonder why you feel forgotten? Or have questioned the workings of a world that makes no sense? This book will open the door to your most challenges, because “you are greater than the experience you are in”.

Power Of Money: eBook

The Power Of Money book shows how you use past experiences and unconscious imprinting to limit your financial growth and your life. In this book you will find anecdotal stories, case studies and a guidance in a workbook format to help you shift your own imprinting around money.

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