Some of My Services

Intuitive Guidance

Do you feel fulfilled on your life path? Are you struggling with which direction to take your career? Would you like to make a greater impact in your career? Do you want to know what is holding you back? I can help.


Want some one-on-one meditation guidance? Having a night in with friends or family and want to try something new? Need a moment to distress? Bring Sonia into your home with personalized meditation via Skype.


The Secret To Shifting Your Life In Challenging Times, Is To Change Your Mind. Join Sonia as she facilitates a wide range of workshops on topics ranging from Past Life Studies and therapies to Chakra Healing.

Chakra Healing

Did you know that you can tell what is on your mind by looking at the color of your chakra? Studying your chakra will give you poignant information which you can use to fix your thoughts, heal your body and your life.

Popular Products

Oneness: eBook

Are you in a difficult experience in your life and wonder why god has forgotten you? Or have questioned the workings of a world that makes no sense? I have felt such feelings and of course I tried to find the answers to these questions.

Power Of Money: eBook

In my teachings, I help individuals to find and define themselves, because when we know who we are, we can understand and define our needs from an emotional perspective, which helps us to attain happiness.

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