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When We Reject Our Life Path

We are all born on a life path. To many of us, having a life path seems overwhelming because of the perceived responsibility we believe is tied to it. Many of us think that our life path is to heal the world. Daunting isn’t it? How do we go about healing the world when we are walking in our own pain? We think that a life path is standing on a soap box preaching reform to others or being a mover and shaker on the planet, and this can be scary. For the shy amongst us, taking the spotlight is a fate worst than death. I find that when I guide my clients and tell them about what they will accomplish is their lives, they become overwhelmed and afraid.

Those who do not believe me usually are the ones who do what they are meant to do. For example: over a decade ago, I was guided to inform a client with details of her future, to which she looked at me as if I had lost my mind. She responded that she would not be able to accomplish the things I saw because she was just a small person with nothing to contribute to anyone. Circumstances occurred and she experienced a suicide in her family to which she went about setting up a home for young people who were going through a challenging time. Several years later, I ran into her. She shared with me that she had accomplished what she was told she would do and now wanted to know what to do next. If her whole life was about that one accomplishment, she did it!

Many brilliant individuals, scared about the magnitude of the life path laid out before them will hide out in addiction, food or drugs. Pain is the sifter through which we refine our magnificence. We were born into a split apart. In order to remain on the physical plane, we had to experience what we call painful experiences. Actually we came here to experience the emotion that springs from being invalidated. We are omnipotent beings. We are never separated from our divine source; but we came here to understand separation, because we need a physical body with its nerve ends to be able to understand from the feeling realm.

When we reject our path, we miss the opportunity to grow, emotionally and spiritually. Our path is about following our creativity, by using our pain of separation to create hope for others going through the same pain. Paint a picture, that will heal someones pain. We won’t know who. The artists, the one-hit-wonders followed their paths by doing what drove them in their hearts. Then they went back to their lives. We may, on a fluke, travel to a far away land where we see a need and returning home start a penny drive which becomes a non-profit fundraising organization, changing the lives of children. A poem that gets published in an anthology inspires one or many.

Our ability to listen to others as they share their inner hurt or greatest hopes is following our path. The Harry Potter books by JK Rowlings helped many people including children to become excited about reading which activated their imagination. The person who looked at the first book after it went through so many rejections, followed her path by bringing the book to the attention of another following his path who brought Harry to the world. As simple as that.

We do not always know where inspiration comes from, but when inspiration appears, it is our path trying to wake us up.