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Emotional Evolution And The Coming Of Light

Do you wake up in the morning with the sense that something in your world has shifted? A strange feeling of newness to your day?

The energy around us is speedily shifting and moving us in a direction that at the moment feels foreign. The human race is evolving towards a more conscious state of being and the energy of our planet and everything on and around her is shifting as well. Ways to recognize this is, you find yourself even more forgetful than ever before. You are more alert to the energy of what is happening around you. You find that telepathy is growing. People are responding to your thoughts and your pets seem to be more keenly alert to you and you to them. You find yourself struggling and challenged but the struggle is not as much of an emotional battle as it used to be.

Evolution is usually a slow event. It is slow because like metamorphosis, the subject should not be aware of the change. A growing human is that way. We go from babyhood to seniority with all the stages between with little or no direct knowledge of what is happening to us except that photographs and mirrors document the changes and our body shows by increasing in size and shape and other wondrous things. Even gaining wrinkles is amazing. We constantly shed and renew the cells in the bones of our skeleton. We actually become a completely new person hundreds of times in our lifetime! We are totally not what and who we were when we woke up from the warmth of the small ocean within our own mother’s womb. Like the first human who crawled from the sea we are born to evolve to maturity and then to start over again.

Today it seems, however, that we can feel the shifts and changes that scientists talk about in relationship to our planet. How do we handle this inevitable change? For to be conscious of the changes is to sense our own end. We as with all things have a beginning, a middle and an end. We are now sensing the shifts which makes us keenly aware of the movement of time.

The human race has changed biologically – meaning that we have physically changed from birth to senior, from man who was a technological infant to one who is now keenly aware and makes use of the workings of our world. We have not evolved emotionally as quickly as we have in other ways. We still cling to our pain and our fears. We still carry the need to remain in the dark with our need to see the darkness in our experiences. For example: in the media, whenever someone tells a feel-good story, or a story of triumph, they instinctually add or begin with, “It was a dark and stormy night” and “but it was hard” or “but it will be a struggle”. Check it out next time you watch a movie or listen to a radio show. The hero jumps to save another in distress and the story of the hero is clouded by the eminent danger he or she faced at the time. We are evolving and we are changing into the light. I see the light beginning to glow around us, our planet and her flora and fauna. This light will not only illuminate our path to the future that we have been working so hard towards, it will also illuminate whatever we are hiding even from ourselves. The fears and the pain we are hiding from which we immerse ourselves in drug addiction, alcohol overindulgence and emotional obsessiveness. Everything is coming to light. In the prophesies about these times, the dark days are shown through the separating of the good from the bad. What if we are our own judges?

Look for Sonia’s lectures and teachings on “The Coming Of The Light”, online and at a venue near you. She channels and sheds light on the coming changes and what we can do to be more prepared and open.