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Is There A Relationship In The Stars For Me?

One of the questions asked of Sonia by her clients is, “Is there a relationship in the stars for me?”

Love is in the stars for all of us. We are destined to experience the bittersweet sting of a love that is indescribable, frightening, delicious and all encompassing. Many years ago, while working in Australia, I met a beautiful woman who had never married. In our conversation, she asked me the age-old question. Will I meet the love of my life? I shared with her what I saw. I described a man who was the opposite of what she would have chosen. Her brows knitted as I described him. He was a lot like her father. She was at the age where she had given up on love being a part of her life. She was concerned about her looks, her age and what she heard out in the world about what men wanted. I guided her to understand what she needed to do, to make herself accessible when the man showed up in her life. And she was willing. It took a bit longer than the date I gave her as destiny has it’s own timetable, but she met and fell in love with the person who showed her the fullest expression of love. Many may say she was lucky, but luck does not have anything to do with it. It is emotional readiness and the capacity to be available when that appropriate love shows up. We always attract the loudest thought in our unconscious mind. If that thought/desire is based on fear, we will attract a person who takes advantage of us, and so on.

Many of us meet an individual who is in our range of vision, but we think that the person is not in sync with us because there is no visible commonality between us. Even though you may not accept that there may be a link between the two of you, you miss the synchronicity in the EVENT. (Yes, falling in love is an event.) Synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernable causal connection. So for example a woman go to a party and runs into a man who is also at the party. They both seek that special someone. She is logical; he is musical. At some time in each of their past, she might have been hurt by a guy or gal who played the guitar; he by a woman or man who in his mind was too rigid. Neither of them is looking for the kind of person who was the cause of their pain. They end up in the same event, attracted to each other. Attraction overrules common sense. The memory of past pain still rules their reactions around love. Neither want to go down that road again; but he seeks structure that the other provides while she desires the magic in his or her creativity. How do they navigate this minefield and come out with everything they both need in a relationship?

Ironically, the musician needs and craves stability. Stability keeps him tethered in the physical world when his creativity takes him beyond the realm of logic and security. The linear thinking person, the responsible individual needs the magic in the music that the musician provides. It creates movement in the energetic field while activating the creative centres. Opposites do attract. The challenge is that if either or both sides come to the meeting with unresolved issues, the attraction will be so intense that the repulsion devastates for both sides. Each will approach the destructive shattering of illusion in different ways but there is usually one thing that keeps both parties trying to find common ground. Engaging in a conflict or argument such as money if you are in a relationship, children if you have any, your inner self automatically attempts to heal the rift in your energetic field by extending the love relationship through conflict.

It is possible to restore the original dynamics behind the connection in the first place. Love exists regardless of the face it is displayed upon. In a break up, love’s face is anger stemming from hurt. Fear uses ego to try and hold onto what it knew to be beautiful and peaceful and comforting. In relationships, ego has no place. And yet in relationships ego is the driving force that pulls two fearful beings together.

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