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June Newsletter

Our Emotions Do Impact The Planet.

Do you get the feeling that time is playing tricks on you? Someone mentioned the other day that Michael Jackson has been dead since two thousand and nine. That’s four years ago! It seems like yesterday news the of his death rolled like a magic carpet on the wind across the planet. I had a conversation with someone, which I thought, was a week ago, and it turned out to be yesterday. Time is getting tricky and we are being pulled along in its wake. We use time to count our existence on the planet. Some schools of thought propose that we invented time, If that’s the case shouldn’t time behave itself a little better? But then we don’t behave. So I guess our inventions are acting as erratic as we are.

Spring, which is normally warm and bug filled for most of us, is doing her own erratic dance as well. With super tornadoes, major flooding in places that rarely flood, spring is showing us how much emotions we carry within us, even though we try hard to cover the fact. Our world cannot help but reflect back to us what is hidden. For generations we have been forced to keep our emotions tightly reigned and now we are at a place in time where we should l not be punished for speaking our minds. Generations of pain is being shed through our thoughts at this time, reflecting in our world, spilling into our environment. Take time and think about what is bothering you. We need to look at our emotional baggage and find positive ways to express these emotions through art and writing. When we do this we will find ourselves feeling freer and the energy around us will begin to quieten down. Mankind is in a state of creation right now. Because we are afraid, we are creating fearful things. Can you imagine if we set our minds to more positive creative thoughts? Like personal-empowerment, emotional healing and self-love? I have a feeling that the world could be like a Disney movie. But we need a critical mass to set this in motion. Give it a try. This is the great experiment. Let us see what we can create even on purpose – by accident. Shifting time, manifesting global abundance, finding the love that heals shining out through the eyes of the people we meet.


Choosing Between Desire And Fear

The hot sun beats down on Mattie’s bare head and she swears she can feel her brain frying in her skull. Beads of sweat form like a crown at her hairline and slug down her dusty forehead leaving salty trails that dry crusty in the inferno of the midday sun. One bead of sweat slides down, fed from the spring at her hairline, and follows the contour of Mattie’s cheekbone, leaving tracks in the hollow of her emaciated cheek, curving around her jaw and rolls past the sinewy neck, over her exposed collar bone to be drunk by the frayed and tattered neckline of the faded over sized shirt.

From her hiding place, behind the large boulder which itself has been blanched over time by the same sun that is taking her senses away with its torturous heat, Mattie stares longingly at the building – probably abandoned, only a hundred feet in front of her. The wooden door, bleached white in the desert sun, seductively beacons, offering coolness and respite behind its darkness. She longs to be out of the sun but does not know how safe it would be to take a chance on crossing the seeming divide to the building. She is afraid. Her senses tell her to be careful, that there may be danger, but she does not see any reason to be afraid. Mattie has been traveling quite a while, falling into and escaping dangers at every turn. Now the chance of rest from the heat dangles in front of her like meat in front of a starving dog and the memory and fear of being inescapably trapped conflicts between what she desperately wants and her fear of danger. Mattie waits. Her muscles set and ready to move, when her hesitant mind decides to take the chance of her life.

What should Mattie do? What would you do? How does trust come into the equation? These are questions that we each ponder every moment of our lives, especially when we are faced with leaving the uncomfortable familiar behind to embrace what we want. Would you let go of your fear, based in the past and trust the hard earned lessons you have gleaned in order to have the dream? Are you one who maintains the status quo even though it is slowly baking you into illness and death or do you take a run at what you want even though memories of past hurt hold you back? I would like to know how you would resolve Mattie’s dilemma and why.

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