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Globe in the Sky

Creating A New Earth

Talking about stepping into a new earth is like talking about leaving a dirty and disheveled home and move into a new one because the one we live in is too dirty. Why not clean up the home you have? Why not spend some time setting the stage to fall in love with what you already have? The earth we have is familiar. Old broom knows the corners. It is the place where the human race spent its time growing in spiritual awareness.

Once upon a time, the children of a race of humans were pulled from their parents, made to give up their language, experimented upon by ones who thought they were doing good deeds for a Christian God. The abusers wore their costumes and lorded their righteousness over others because (I’ll give them that) they did not know better. Others wiped out whole communities and civilizations, for gold and riches in the disguised name of a god that did not care for gold and riches. They did this because they could and with the rest of the world cowered in fear for their lives allowed the one who should know better have their way. Women burned at the stake, stoned, abused because they held the power of creation within their bodies lived in secret and fear, allowing them selves to be abused because they loved so much.

Today we are more aware. A bit more conscious. This speaks to progress. This speaks to human intelligence, that we are capable of growing and understanding. That we are willing to speak up against an oppressor and be shot for it. That we are willing to step out of hiding for what is right. So the new earth that is spoken of is an attempt to do away with what we have learned. The progress we have made. It is certainly a good idea to continue on the path we are on, just trying to remain conscious as we move into a new way of being instead of discarding our old world to a newly created New World which means starting over. For would we remember and hopefully not repeat the pain of our past in th?


Search For The Next Chapter

I chain read. As I finish one book, I search for the next random book that will take me into the world of its author. After reading certain books, I find that the peace that I cultivate erodes and I am left to dig it out of the residue left from the story in which I had just indulged.

There is a formula to writing which says that the characters should have challenges and the process that they overcome these challenges defines the flow in a story. Making it believable. For example, I am attempting to write this blog without a single simile. Is that challenge enough? There were so many ‘likes’ in the piece, that I felt that I was perusing a Facebook page. Anyway back to the story I am telling you. I just finished reading the Origin Of Haloes by Kristen Den Hartog. In it the character, whose existence sets about a series of unfortunate and tragic events is barely mentioned while what should be a minor character tooks over the pages.

In reading the book. I found myself falling back into my usual question, “why”. Why do people fall into these challenging experiences? Why do we seem to always dig in a pit of snakes instead of a well of treasure? As I read the Origin Of Haloes, I searched for something, anything that gave the character what they were seeking. The novel starts with a fatherless Margar and ends with her still searching for him in the faces on the television screen and in photographs. It left me with the feeling of loss that most of us carry. I have counselled hundreds of people over the years and my intention was always to help them find resolution in their lives. To help them release the search for something that may not materialize because searching for the illusive, keeps us wanting. This want takes us away from really living. We search for love, for peace, for spiritual clarity while telling ourselves that what we seek is impossible and what’s the use?

As we search, we contradict ourselves by saying that we cannot achieve understanding because we do not possess the purity of saints who lived hundreds – even thousands of years before and have melted into our myths. The Greeks did with their gods what we are now doing with ours. We have reached the same place in our history where we are looking to invisible, unattainable, long removed mythical beings as the template upon which we fashion our own morals and achievements. Can we think for ourselves? Can we find and create our own mythical heroes fashioning them not from past templates, but from a measure that we have devised based upon our own realizations in the time we live?

Books although hard to resist reading, sometimes give me indigestion because of the subject matter. I wish there is a book that makes the challenges small. I wish there is a book that makes me smile and sigh after reading the last sentence, not because there is a maudlin resolution that is forced, because to me death with understanding is a positive resolution. Each chapter of a person’s life should have resolution that makes us want to climb higher in search of the next chapter. It should end with the feeling one gets after eating a really great meal, the memory of the exquisite flavours that came together to celebrate the experiences of the moments that preceded the meal.

Because there are so many things out there in our great big world, we should be left with the desire not to recreate the past experience but to ride upon it and attempt to make the next equally as divine.

Well, I shall get me some Brie and Baguette. This is my whine for the week. I would love to get a new reading list started. Leave your comment and a book recommendation.


Happiness Anywhere

“Pam, pam, tee dum, pam pam te dum, dum.”
“Pam, pam tee dum, pam, pam, te dum dum.”
“Kai, be quiet, it’s too early”

“What’s that?”
“What’s that sound?”

The young couple curled into each other in the tent that they had laboured to put up the night before. It was the end of the week and the start to their summer holiday, camping. They had driven for five hours to get as far away from the big city as they could and they were tired.

“What time is it anyway?”
“Oh, aaah, six?”
“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Pam, pam, tee dum, pam pam te dum, dum.”
“Pam, pam tee dum, pam, pam, te dum dum.”
“Kai, be quiet!”
“Yes mom,”

The silence lasted for only five minutes then the singing began again.

The young man rose in frustration to admonish the child, but was held back by his girlfriend’s arms snuggling him closer. They listened to the sound of a little girl who found happiness in a tent in the desert hanging out with her family. The catchy melody from Rhiana’s song Disturbia, soon infected the couple and they were made to realize why they got away from the city. They smiled at each other and allowed themselves to be unwound and de-stressed through a child’s joy.

“Pam, pam, tee dum, pam pam te dum, dum.”
“Pam, pam tee dum, pam, pam, te dum dum.”

What would you do?

Would you get up and let loose the stress that you tried to escape?

Would you find it in yourself to be drawn into happiness like the child who woke with the chorus of nature that celebrates each morning?

Tell me what you think? It certainly is a new way of looking at happiness.