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Fall Into Healing

The path to enlightenment is like a super highway. Each of us, a different make of car with our own unique temperaments. In the mystical realm the car does represent your physical body. Some of us follow the speed limit, complaining about the ones who break the law by going too fast. Others are just above or below the speed limit. Those of us who drive at breakneck speed are usually ones who want to get to our destination as quickly as possible. We are in a rush to find true love or accomplish our goals. The speeder needs a mate. He needs to find The One. But he missed the opportunity because Miss Slow and Steady driving the blur Fiat is just not his speed. He forgets that she can help him to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Because we are in such a rush, we tend to miss the cute person who we may thing is just not our speed but he or she is capable of providing balance for us. That person is quite happy with how things are, he or she will help us to slow down and enjoy the moments as they come. What are we potentially missing when we put blinders on and avoid or miss the scenery around us? Go easy on yourself. You have your whole life to get to your destination. No matter where your exit may be.

This year moves quickly towards its end causing us to make plans for the New Year. Twenty-fourteen is a seven-year, which brings in the spiritual aspect of the human experience. Most of us will be in change as usual but this change will be on a deep spiritual basis. In the mean time, we should clean our emotional house to enforce our spiritual life. I keep harping on the importance of emotional healing. This is because without a tidy emotional inner self, nothing in our lives will work out for us. The various modalities that one can use are vast and it does not matter which one we use as long as we go within and heal that which is in need of our attention. For me the past two months have been a time of great reflection and healing. I was told a long time ago that I was not going to be allowed to put down roots where I attempt to, until the work I am here to do is completed and to that end I am uprooted again. This time I will be going back to the east coast to find my hopefully permanent home. I will be there on New Year’s Day keeping up with an old Jamaican proverb. Which says whatever the new year finds you doing will set the precedence for the coming year. My West Coast friends, I thank you for your loving kindness during my time here.

Sedona has always had a special place in my life. It is the place where I found myself, meaning I came to realize my life purpose in a tangible way. I will be taking a SELF-EMERGENCE in Sedona, Arizona, April 17 – 21, 2014. If you would like to join us, visit the website and sign up. There is a special savings for early registration.

“The thing that is hidden if your bring it forth, will save you… If you do not bring it forth will destroy you.” Excerpt from the Gospel of St Thomas.

It is challenging to feel emotionally stuck and in pain without relief. I understand the feeling. I spent most of my early, present incarnation angry and afraid of my own power. I was put to dealing with my pain through inner searching. I meditated relentlessly, for hours at a time. This brought me to understandings of why? After the why, I asked myself, how? The answers to these questions began to show up as I asked. I made up my mind that I was not going to allow ego to stop me from finding out my truth no matter how painful. And it was excruciating. I had no shoulder to lean on. I was alone in my despair. The result is a stronger and clearer me. I have been through the wilderness and was guided to take on the purpose of assisting the healing of anyone who is willing to shed their ego and secure their healing. Emotional healing gives us an incredibly happy life. I will be speaking about that during my next broadcast on Blogtalk Radio. This is part of a Lessons For Ascension programme. You may use the lessons for your own personal journey as I did with the books that came my way to assist my healing in my dark moments.

The Power Of Healing brings many beautiful experiences. It increases your capacity to hold more love and to fight for that love regardless of whom you are facing which includes the person you love.