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Couple Moving Boxes Between Homes

Move Out Beyond Your Wall with Sonia Nadina Haynes

I hope the you are ready to step onto your path in 2014.

A few months ago, I told my friends and clients in Vancouver that I was moving back to the east coast. Some looked at me in shock. While others looked as if they were ready to take my temperature. They could not believe that I was looking at moving away from beautiful British Columbia. But look at the water and the mountains! I heard.
There is so much snow back east!
It’s pretty cold there! they all said.

Many of us spend our lives hearing disparaging and persuasive words like these when we speak out loud about following our dreams. We stop ourselves from going to pick grapes in New Zealand, because we hear, If you go to New Zealand, what do you have to come back to? What will you do for money? Or those of us who think of giving up a lucrative job and career and running off to Spain or France to become a writer or artist. You can’t make any money as an artist! You will starve. Read my life changing book The Power of Money, How you see money is how you see yourself, I wrote quite a bit on the subject.

We tend to stop ourselves from enjoying the fullness that life has to offer us. Each time we stop ourselves we reprogram our brains to avoid risk. Consider a child who is overprotected by his or her parent. Each time he is stopped from crossing the road, or told to be careful, he slowly learns to avoid risks.

She feel a deep yearning – a draw, to be a poet, but the voices hidden in her subconscious warn her about the danger of taking such a life. Ironically, we hear of people close to us who took off and followed their inner siren. For some it did not work out so well. But these individuals said that there is nothing they would change. For others taking a chance on their dreams worked out really well. For me, I made the trip to England in nineteen eighty three. I earned two beautiful daughters from that experience. I took a chance and travelled to Japan and Australia, found my life path and how to go about embracing it.

Moving to the east coast of Canada is not a flight of fancy. it affords me the energetic anchoring that I need to continue my writing and my work. I feel at home here amongst the cold and the snow. I love the flat landscape and the blue, blue sky. Turns out Ottawa gets more sunshine than Florida. A grey day is still a bright day here, I think because the sky is so expansive.

I hope you take a chance on finding out if you can or want to. If you are capable of or will never do again. This is the time for stepping out of your comfort zone and go and work on the beach in Hawaii. The world is so small that it will enter through your front door if you are open to it. Get married! What are you waiting for? Learn how to drive, it’s never too late. Become a chef and start a cooking show online. You never know you may be picked up by a food network!

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Hope And Fear – The Dance Between Opposites

Love versus hate.
Hope versus fear.

These emotions have run our world since the beginning of time. We hear the adage; love is stronger than hate, or hope is stronger than fear, but what is the truth? We hope against hope that we can have a good life and that, that life is trouble free. But despite our hope, meditation, positive thoughts, fear screams in and we find ourselves struggling to maintain the life we worked so hard to establish. We try hard to carry love in our hearts for the rest of humanity until the day in the supermarket with the woman at the cash-out chose to take her time on one item, when we are late for work and why didn’t she know what she was doing before she got there?

How is it possible that as much as we try to be love and emulate hope, the opposites overtake our good intention? Why do we find ourselves locked in fear-based situations despite all our hard work to be positive.

Our world is a dual existence. You have heard this many times. Our world is a low vibration environment. This does not mean that low vibration is bad, it means that low vibration is the slowest. And as I said before, we exist in a polarized, dual world. Because this is a slow vibration, emotions will have sway in this world. Fear will naturally creep into our hopeful mindset for a moment, as often as we try to set up for the positive. Maintenance is required to keep love and hope strong in our life and throughout the world unless we raise our vibration towards light.

Vibration. The word has been bantered about since we realized that such a thing exists. But how do we raise our vibration and maintain the status quo? I said at the beginning of this blog that fear is the lowest vibration and that our world exists in fear. The antidote to this is to acknowledge that we are love and hope. But this movement must not falter. In order for us to move to a higher vibration, we must see ourselves as the full embodiment of love. We must become love. I don’t mean wishy-washy, la-la lovey-dovey stuff. I mean constant. Powerful. Forceful and quietly consistent love. To find this we must decide that we are each of us a beautiful piece in the fabric of the universe. We must recognize that we are all that exists in the universe and that we are also most certainly not alone.

This new year is a good time to begin to foster and sustain love.