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A bubble bath

Epsom Salts For Clearing

Epsom salts baths are great for scrubbing away the negative energy we pick up around us. We move through our world with energetically spread wide sweeping up everything in our wake. This makes us emotionally and physically well. We suffer from headaches and fatigue when we become over laden with energy that is not our own. To clear energy, it is good to have Epsom salts around. Make sure you get your salts from the pharmacy.

There are some that are used for horses that may be cheaper, but not as clean and clear for humans. Watch out for that. In the bath, Epsom salts can be used s a soak with your favourite essential oil. Lavender and thyme oils are good for immediate clearing and healing, but your favourite, can be equally as good. It means that your energetic field is requiring that essential oil. In the shower, make a scrub with one pound of Epsom salts, quarter cup almond oil or mineral oil if you are. If you are allergic to nuts, go to your health food store and ask for an oil that is safe for you to use. Four drops of lavender oil and three drops of thyme oil. Combine the essential oils and the carrier oil together and then pour over the Epsom Salts. Put it in your favourite jar and use a scoop each time you shower. Scrub your entire body with the salts scrub for fourteen days in a row, first to clear your energetic field.

Be cautious about using a glass container around the bath as it can pose a hazard. Scrubbing with the Epsom salts scrub will clear your energetic field, which, as you focus on clearing will be washed down the drain. I have been asked about using sea salts. Sometimes sea salts can be a bit coarse and may scratch your skin. If you can handle it or can grind the sea salts fine, go ahead and use it. Epsom salts is less costly if you choose to do this over a two weeks time.


Heal From Within by Sonia Nadina Haynes

So much is happening on our planet right now. Crazy winter weather, full moon on Valentines Day, the Olympics in Russia have all impacted us in one way or another. Our once slowed down, almost boring live is continually getting crazier and crazier. The Thames has overflowed its banks and beautiful old parts of England have flooded. This reminds me of an article I wrote over seventeen years ago. It was called STOP OH MY CHILDREN AND HEAR ME. The article came from a dream I had the previous night where I saw Mother Earth. She looked like the Venus von Wallendorf – a large woman laying on her side with humans, as small as fleas, moving over her pulling at her skin and hair. With a groan she rolled to ease her discomfort and some of us got thrown off while others were crushed under her ample weight.

She spoke of our disrespect for the land stemming from a disrespect for our selves. She suggested that (and scientists have said this since), she will endure regardless of whether we are here or not. I saw the earth, a living organism, switching from hurricanes to drought in order to sort out her ozone layer. She is a living being. Just like our own digestive system, when it is out of sorts, if left alone will force us to crave foods that will help to put it back into balance. I have seen people eat chalk from the classroom chalk board, and charcoal from the fire without knowing why. The planet is trying to heal and we are getting in the way of her healing. We are trying to heal her, but we forget or we are unaware that she is the powerful one. She will continue to be around if a comet hits and destroys all of us. She will be here if disease clears us from the face of the planet. In my dream, Mother Earth lauding to our inability to care for ourselves and we are unfortunately causing ourselves pain by refusing to pay attention.

What is the remedy for our salvation and the planet’s healing? Well, it is a Kumbaya moment. It is a love-in and love fest. We cannot continue along the path we have been taking, but we can heal ourselves and not be distracted from it by focusing on planet earth because her job is to heal herself. We are too late to fix her. She will do this on her own. We need to fix ourselves, heal our own pain that has caused us to indiscriminately harm the planet. Yes we are in an ice age and experiencing climate change, but what is happening on the planet is also happening within each of us.

We are as precious as our home. We are the microcosm of earth. Our erratic emotions are reflected in her erratic weather patterns. We moan and cry because the weather has made us uncomfortable. What if she is trying to slow us down by putting crazy weather in our way? I am aware that our logical minded are not interested in a theory such as mine, even though Gaia has spoken this, but we need to figure things out and find peace within ourselves -call it the great experiment- so that balance can come back to the planet. If the winter has been so crazy, what will the next summer bring?


#smart – Getting a Handle on Social Media

I have to admit that social media came and rolled over me leaving chariot marks on the back of my spirit. It’s only now when social media seems to be kind of on the wane that I have figured out the meaning of the hash-tag. I’m wondering if it is still time to use it, now that I’ve got it before the next big craze hits. Of course I’m referring to Twitter which is now trying to sell me business pages – (don’t get left behind!) I was left behind in the dust when it came to using the tool that so many have sworn by or at. Now I am being told to use linked-in. I have been on these social media pages since before they became popular. They came without a manual and the plethora of experts who tried to explain the platforms did me no justice. The instructions were so complicated that I would have been better off trying to learn how to play the tuba.

I must admit, now that I’ve got a handle on the hash-tag, I’m pretty proud of myself. I will spend the next year hash tagging away to my hearts content while I take on the task of learning to understand #linkedin.

What about Facebook, you may ask? Well as far as I’ve heard, Facebook is going the way of the dodo bird. Unless it can create a complicated programme that will force us to learn to figure out, Facebook may struggle to get it’s stronghold again. Maybe I can come up with a little tinker to use on Facebook which might give rise to its popularity again. 🙂 #smart!