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Sourcing Happiness From Within

I just returned from facilitating the first Self-Emergence Retreat in Sedona Arizona. The stars were numerous and seemed as if we could reach out and touch them. We arrived on the full and eclipsed-blood Moon. The retreat was focussed on meeting and reconciling with each persons Inner Child. Sedona, as usual brought up each attendee’s darkest issues and pulled up our deepest fears. All the participants rose to the challenge as I expected them to and it was a fantastically powerful retreat.

Now on the planet, is the time of renewal and reconciliation with ourselves. Because mankind have finally moved into no-time, we are being charged to release and let go of our own past pain, so we can help mankind heal from its tumultuous past.

What does this mean?

It means that we are no longer able to hide from our shadow-self. It is time for us to become faithful to our own truth. By this I mean, we become aware of what will make us happy. And we go out and live it. Believe me it is not “things” that will make us happy. You can test this theory by considering that if the planet were devoid of things, how would you find happiness? Would you give up the need to struggle? This does not mean that we do not need things. When we release our attachment to the idea of holding on to things, we will find that abundance will flow naturally into our lives.

It seems that we are hard wired to live in fear and expect life to be hard. But we are not hard wired. It is an illusion for us to think that we can do no more than to spend each day fighting for survival.

How do we fix this?

First we need to decide that we want to be happy. Whatever happiness means to you, find it. Then we need to decide to embrace the concept of being happy. We do not have to be thinner or physically fitter to be happy. We just need to connect with our inner being in order to find happiness. Happiness is in the quiet moments when we have nothing to lose and nothing to gain. When we sit in a neutral space within ourselves. It is like sitting by a gentle running stream alone with your thoughts.

In this state we no longer need the ambient noise that surrounds us everyday. Each day we are bombarded by the sound of traffic even though we are inside our homes at night. We hear the hum of a refrigerator and our electronic toys. Even though these toys seem not to make a sound, they hum. One day while out walking a track field I became aware of a loud hum. It might have been present when I arrived but never-the-less I eventually became aware of it. I looked around to find the source of the sound. Eventually, after two laps, I walked close to the electrical pole with a power box and realized that it was the power box that was the source of the disturbing hum. It got quite loud the more I focussed on the sound. Many people today go about their daily lives, with ear buds in their ears. Are they trying to block out the ambient noises?

Find some time to be totally sound proof and see what comes from it.

Like the attendees at the Self-Emergence Retreat in Sedona Arizona, when you connect with the quiet within, you will find that you achieve a greater closeness with your inner power source and the only hum you will hear is the sound of the universe.

And that will make you happy.