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Answer The Question, Who Are You?

Who are you? This is the first question I ask of my clients when they come to me seeking guidance. In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, the Caterpillar opened their conversation by asking Alice, Who are you? He did not get a straight answer and Alice expressed confusion and frustration at her state of mind. I do not have a hookah, and I don’t have a toadstool although some may wish I sat on one, but the question is quite valid. Most people seek happiness. They seek love and abundance but without knowing the answer to the question, how can we get the universe to bring us what we want? If we do not know who we are? Who is the universe bringing all the good to?

In our conversation, my clients try to tell me what they have read as a potential answer. You know the usual answer, I am a child of the universe. I am light. I am all that I am. Do you really know light? Could you give a definition that is not a scientific explanation? In my one-on-on sessions and in the workshops that I lead, I hand out pens and paper and set them to work. Most sit in silence, waiting for the words to come to them as if their true nature is somewhere out there in the ethers. Others try to capture a statement from a book they have read, but it is the tone of the answer that defines the truth they give me. I have the ability to read and feel what each person feels whether they are in front of me or over the phone. That is how I read people. If you ‘get it’ I know. I do not need my clients to be right in front of me for me to see their pain and confusion. You cannot give a wrong answer to this question, because I see through the veil you have been hiding behind even if you are not aware you have been hiding. But, you know you are hiding, don’t you?

Understanding who you are will help you to understand what you are and why you take the paths you have in your life. Knowing what makes you tick helps you to realize your truth. It helps you to come face to face with your inner demon. You get to realize that it you are not so bad after all. You get to fall in love with yourself again, like you did when you were born. The newly born infant that you were, loved you. It loved your complexity. It loved your closeness to the divine, then your fontanelle closed up and you started to forget how beautiful you are and you struggle all you life to find yourself again.

Drop by and see me, either over the phone or in person and I will help you find the answer to the question. Who are you?
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