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Enlightenment Fosters The Release Of Fear

There has been a lot of noise and fear about the Illuminati. Based on what I have heard, the Illuminati are a bunch of men wearing three-piece suits, sitting in an apple orchard, behind a barbed wire fence playing poker, but that was a dream I had many years ago. I watched a movie called Thrive where the narrator shared fear based information about UFO’s, chem-trails, GMO food and the idea that we are being controlled by a group of human individuals. Before I continue we should ask ourselves if we being controlled by others outside ourselves or are we being controlled by our own fear? The individuals I mentioned, had the means to go out and blaze a trail for themselves and their families. They charted courses and cut paths through this thing called life, lived to talk about and are changing our world. We may not like the way they are doing it, but if we don’t like it then we need to jump into the ring and make changes ourselves. Not by speaking about but doing.

The dictionary meaning of the word Illuminati is a person who has superior enlightenment. The Buddhist definition of Enlightenment is to awaken to divine truth. Could it be that this group’s ultimate karmic purpose is to force us out of our complacency brought about by fear of the unknown? We are all seeking enlightenment, or so I have heard many say. If that be the case, could these chem-trails in the skies and GMO based foods etc. be forcing us to start relying on our minds, (psyche) and begin to heal ourselves and the planet? Do we need all the drugs that are being sold to us? We can heal ourselves through our thoughts. I know, I have done it. Can we make the poisonous foods we eat transmute in our bodies to healthy and positive nutrients? Of course we can do it.

What is necessary is for us to talk our bodies down off the cliff of fear of death and sickness. When we do so we can make ourselves look younger and feel vital again by letting go of fear. I have been told many times that I look twenty years younger than my actual age. I am also asked how I keep my skin looking youthful. Is it a lack of stress that makes me seem younger? I don’t think so. Since the day I was born, my life have been through several tests of my mortality. Stress had been the shoes that I wear and yet, I seem to be riding the fountain of youth. An aside, many of you may decide that I am vain etc. etc. it does not matter to me. I do not worry about what the world has to say, because the world cannot live my life for me. I still do my thing.

Could it be that we have pushed ourselves into a corner whereby we are shaking in fear of a small group of individuals whose only job is to force us to wake up and begin to release the grip of fear that mankind has held on to for so long. The human race is smart. We have figured out many things through our evolution. We have had, as part of our species, individuals who have gotten up and reshaped our worlds with their fearlessness and ingenuity. You are #smart. We have the ability to bring about a healthy society that does not rely on drugs, the placebo that is prescribed to us, that we have come to rely on.

Doctors and I are not much friends. Several reasons. I remember going to the doctor and watching patients waiting patiently, no puns, looking dreadfully sorrowful. I could not stand it. So I kept my back straight, and eat properly most times and make sure that I maintain a positive mental state for the health of my body. Dr. Oz has made a successful show showing us what is wrong with us. He has been able to do so because we are looking for signs that we are broken.

Fear in its fear of dying kills itself.”

In our fear we are rushing like lemmings to the end of the cliff. The challenge is that we are not teaching our children that fear is just a trick of the mind. We have what it takes to lead our species into a future that is illuminated. Nothing that happens in our lives is by accident. Everything has a purpose. I came to a seemingly small town in Eastern Ontario. I got here through quite a challenging process. I was not sure how it would work out. I rode my old friend, fear, knowing that it was still at work. Even though I was cognizant of the emotions in this place, I absorbed the fear, felt it and sat within it until my sensible self surfaced. I was then able to see the state of the energy of this place which is honest, earnest and alive underneath the hiding.

I am glad I am here to witness the birth of something amazing. Maybe, you never know there will be more illuminated ones springing up from the common people who are fearless in their view of life and their approach to the future. Maybe the illuminati will have done their work, which is to bring about the new enlightened age in the human species. It is not enough to do The Fonz “Aaaa”. We must be fearless in our heart and deep in our soul.

Emotional healing therapist, Sonia Nadina Haynes is a catalyst for change in the lives of all whom she meets. Through whatever it takes, workshops, one-on-one sessions, using coaching or psychic readings, she is here to foster positive change that releases fear from the human psyche.

Copyrighted by Sonia Nadina Haynes.

This is on my website, and I am aware that ones who have little imagination may take my words and make them their own, if they find truth in these words and are able to utilize it for their own good first before they turn around, and regurgitate it back out into the world, than the words have made their impact.