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Facing Fear – Turn the Dragon into the Puppet

With so much senseless violence in the world, one wonders how we don’t spend our lives cowering under our beds. Any moment we can be shot, encounter a disease, fall into an earthquake or have a project we have been working on for a long time fall apart. For most of us fear is a constant companion. We live fear. We fear being yelled at by loved ones, being blamed for things we have not done but these things if they occur, are only reflecting our own unconscious story. The story we make up will either maintain the negativity created through fear or become an opportunity for inner growth and healing.

A young woman who decided to take a chance on life and live on the edge, moved to live in Japan. Japan proved to be a challenge and a delight for her. She encountered a man who became her lover. A lover that was beyond her imagining. He chose to be loved by her as well as loving her with total abandon. The intoxicating affair lasted for a year then she found she was pregnant. He wanted to continue the affair, but was not wanting to acknowledge her unborn child. She decided to take him to court for financial support of herself and her unborn child as she became unemployed due to her ‘condition’.

The case was prepared and two weeks before their day in court she started to experience panic attacks. She feared going up against him as he was a very wealthy and powerful man. In fear she created many unhealthy thoughts about being thrown out of court, about being attacked and basically humiliated. Although separated, she was still married to a Japanese man. Her worst fears from her childhood were coming true, to be seen as less than herself, to be humiliated. She knew her value, or so she thought, but in this case she realized that the border of her self-worth kept expanding and contracting dangerously.

Three nights before her appearance in court, after many sleepless nights, imagining the worst, she called her Sensei in Canada. She was comforted through the guidance she received but as the hours counted down to her final facedown with her fear, she had a dream.

She saw herself standing in a room that was all white and filled with light. Her Sensei appeared in front of her but behind the Sensei was a fearsome dragon.

“Look out!” She screamed to her Sensei.
What’s the matter?” Sensei asked calmly.
“It’s going to eat you!” She screamed shaking with fear.

Sensei turned around as looked at the dragon, then turned back to the young woman. “What are you going to do about it?” She asked.
“What?! What do you mean?” The young woman asked.
“Exactly what I asked, what are you going to do about it?” Came the answer.
The young woman looked at the fire breathing dragon and cowered in fear. Sensei said to her, “Pluck out its eyes.”
“What?” She screamed.

“Pluck out its eyes!” her Sensei repeated with the look of wisdom drawn from a depth that told the young woman that this was a command and not a suggestion.

The young woman, reached up, between dragon’s fire puffs and plucked out one eye then the other. The dragons roar shook the room. There the young woman stood with a bloody eyeball in each hand.

“Put them in your purse,” she was told.
“What – My new purse?” She looked at her precious designer purse that she had just bought, the eyeballs dripping blood in her hands and did as she was told.
“Remove his teeth.” Came the next command.
She did as she was told. She pulled the dragon’s upper canines.
“Now skin it.”

She used the teeth and skinned the dragon only to find that he turned into a creature that looked like Mr. Snuffleupagus, from Sesame Street. The young woman became weak with relief.

“There you go, now you have your tools with which to fight your battle.”
Her dream ended and she called her teacher the next morning and recounted her dream.

All of us have fear. Unfortunately we allow our fear to intimidate us like a dragon in our lives. But, it has no more power than what we imagine. Do you fear death? Death is a transformation. Maybe we are here to understand the passing from physical back into spirit. Do you fear being impoverished? Maybe we are here to understand how to rise above the limitation spun from negative thinking to abundance through positive thinking.

Allowing our selves to be cornered by fear is not who we are. So take the time to transform your fear from a crazy fire breathing dragon to the harmless and lovable Mr. Snuffleupagus.


Giving Thanks in Grace and Benediction

Thanksgiving, harvest, giving thanks is celebrated and upheld all over the world. For most of us thanksgiving is about the turkey and family gathering. On the Social media and Facebook, many share their feelings of thanks for their lives and the ones who make their lives such a fulfilling experience. In my childhood, I spent my formative years in a rural village in the countryside.

The farmers were dependent on the grace of the land, the weather and a force that extended beyond themselves. Regardless of whether the harvest was good or not so good, they gave thanks. I am sure this practice was carried out in all indigenous cultures. What I remember is that Mizpah Moravian Church would be filled to bursting with the harvest from the farmers around the community. Each person brought a share, a token of that years crop as a sacrifice to the alter, honouring the Divine Spirit with thanks.

All the way to the door, from the alter would be fruits of every description, root vegetables, flowers, and the products of the harvest; cakes, cookies, jams and jellies. Pickles fruits and vegetables layer alongside rag rugs, crochets garments and home decorations. The shafts of light would stream in through the stained glass windows touching the offerings as if God was reaching in and accepting what was given-freely.

From those experiences, I learned to carry gratitude and give benediction for what I received throughout each moment of my life. It does not matter how terrible we think our lives feel to us, something good always come out of the tragedy. Many are without their loved ones, living away from their birth homes. Many are on the ground in combat gear, feet burning from the pain of being in uncomfortable boots for long moments at a time. I have memories of past lives in several wars and I am in solidarity with every person who soldiers and fights for their country regardless of which side they are on.

In a past life journeying workshop, one of the attendees saw himself, a soldier fighting in a war in Europe. He realized that most soldiers go out to fight and kill a part of themselves through killing other human beings without asking why? One politician disagrees with another and they send their citizens to fight each other on the politician’s behalf. None of the soldiers had an issue with the other, they were just fighting under orders. Let us be grateful that most of us do not have to take on such a terrible task.

No matter who, no matter what. Let us give thanks to all those who give their lives without asking why.

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