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Fear And Loathing In Money Universe

What will it take for us to realize that we need to open to money in order to heal the planet’s financial issues?I have a Power Of Money Workshop coming up December 6th at 10:30AM in Brockville Ontario. This workshop is my way of fulfilling my destiny. I am available to speak to your groups on opening to abundance. Contact me for more information.

We have a hard time making what we need to live the type of life we want. We are challenged with the homeless and the hungry out there in our world, and yet we have a hard time acknowledging that money – you know money, cash, moola is important to get the human race off the hump of limitation it has found itself on. In the book, The Secret, experts, best selling authors, philosophers, and quantum scientists talked about The Law Of Attraction. They offered that the LOA had been used by successful people as far back as the ancient times. They also said that the LOA is working in our lives at the present moment. On that note they are correct. The challenge is to see what exactly we are thinking that is affecting our lives positively and negatively.

In my book The Power Of Money, How You See Money Is How You See Yourself, now available on my updated website, I write about the unconscious thoughts that pervade our minds that we are not even aware are there. We are told that we have several thousand thoughts a day. In order to get rid of the negative thoughts, we will have to sit like the marble sculpture The Thinker and watch each thought as it floats through our minds. And while we are watching each thought several will sneak in on the background. It is impossible to get rid of something that we have no idea what it looks like or understand its origin. In my book and the seminar I have designed. I take you into the unconscious mind to look at your thoughts once and for all. I show you how some of what you consider to be negative can be turned into positive. Like kitchen scraps can be made into fertilizer and used to nourish the new plants and help them to grow. Here is a quote from my book. It explains greed.

“… because we do not feel that we can accomplish our dreams, we experience feelings of bitterness within ourselves. This is why some of us end up trying to take what is not ours. The unconscious can see the possibility of our dreams even when we cannot. It never sees what is impossible. It knows our capabilities. It knows our limitations also. We will never feel jealousy for any thing that we are incapable of accomplishing.” – The Power Of Money, How You See Money Is How You See Yourself. – Sonia Nadina Haynes


The Secret Piece To The Secret by Sonia Nadina Haynes

In my arrogance, I tended not to go out and read or listen to other visionary’s work. I am calling myself arrogant because if I went out and checked them out I would be able to see where I fitted in the gaps they left behind. The book The Secret was given to me several years ago which I started to read it but didn’t finish. I already knew the information in The Secret. But, The Secret kept coming up in conversation and so I decided to watch the programme on Netflix.

Since The Secret was written in November 2006, a lot has happened on the planet. People kept losing everything. They read that book amongst others, watched the show, practiced the principles set down in the book, by visionaries and teachers, successful authors and quantum scientists. The message shared in the book related to The Law Of Attraction. The idea is that we have a dream and in order to attain that dream, it is necessary for us to release negative thoughts, embrace positive thoughts so that the positive is accessed by the universe which works with us to create our dreams.

To achieve this we need to keep and maintain the thought of what we want, like a new car, a good job and a loving relationship. I went on to Goodreads to look at some of the reviews on the book. The reviews fell along the wide extreme of five for how great the book is to one ‘what a load of sh*t’. I could see how The Secret made many people mad because they are trying to improve their lives with positive thinking but the positive thinking kept being overshadowed by negative thoughts. How does one fight an invisible foe that one does not even understand?

The book should have been called Beat Negative Thoughts And Realize Your Dreams. It is impossible to eradicate a thought you are not aware you are thinking. Thoughts have been a part of your psyche from the time you became consciously aware of your existence multiplying with each experience you encounter. How is it possible to get rid of the thoughts that are sending us along a path of lack and limitation? The Secret was on the right track but it was missing a big part of the message.

This part of the message is so important that it is impossible to shift your thoughts or your life without realizing it.

Our unconscious thoughts are like rhizomes in our minds. Rhizomes are non-photosynthetic plants that run and propagate under the soil. This means that these plants can survive in the dark, the way our unconscious thoughts require the fearful darkness of our minds to exist. I remember attempting to eradicate field horsetails from a patch of ground I was trying to make into a garden. I dug and dug to get to the lacework of roots that buried themselves deep into the soil. When I thought that I had removed all the horsetails, I went on to plant my roses and daisies, tomatoes and lettuce. A couple of weeks after, my garden looked good, up popped several horsetail plants. I pulled them out and soon another batch of horsetails popped up. I was beside myself!

All my good work was being ruined by these pests. I was told later by someone who ‘knew’ that pulling at the horsetail sent a shock wave into the plant causing it to grow even more. So my attempt at eradicating the horsetail by violently pulling to get it out of my garden was actually giving it the energy it required to propagate more voraciously. This is the same with the unconscious thoughts. When we fight against our perceived negative thoughts, we give it fuel to haunt us even more. This is the part that The Secret did not address. How do we remove the unconscious thoughts that keep returning and toppling our good efforts of positive thinking?

Come to my event THE POWER OF MONEY, MONEY, SPIRITUALITY AND YOU, on December 6 and see how to find the original root of your unconscious thought. Learn how to turn it into a positive source for creating the life you want. If you are afraid of having what you want, or want something really badly, it is possible to use the energy from the transmuted negative thoughts into creative energy to manifest what you want.

The Power Of Money – Money Spirituality & You – Brockville Public Library, Buell Room, 23 Beull Street, Brockville