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Audacity To Dream

Find The Audacity To Manifest Your Dream

2014 was a year of possibilities yet to be discovered. The human race, meaning the planet has been in a deep slumber for the past five to ten years. All the magic we held flew away from us and we turned to following leaders in all aspects of commerce. If a writer made it big, we turned to writing. The big box stores became popular, now they are slowly closing down and the mom and pop establishments are waiting to return to dominance.

I was in New York City over the holidays and was struck with the emptiness there. I thought I would shop for something, anything and found that the things I may have wanted in New York were already available in my local mall in Canada. (It seemed to me that we are in a state of sameness. It is as if uniqueness has taken a vacation.) Plus things were also more expensive because of the currency exchange. The streets of New York were practically empty. It reminded me of a post apocalyptic movie where most of the people had died and the only things left were the echoes  of human population in pieces of paper and garbage.

As I walked around, I wandered, where are our eight billion people? They said the human population had grown to over eight billion people. Have our population shrunk without our being aware of it? A decade ago I would walk along Madison Avenue vigorously dodging the multitudes of people rushing along to do one thing or another. Now I had the streets mostly to myself. I even found a seat in the Starbucks! Something is happening and if one has not gone out into the world and seen the changes out there, one would think that the status quo is still in place. What do we do now in a world that has ceased to be manipulated by our fear based actions? To date, many have died for the change upon us. A change that will propel our species into a more interesting, less adversarial experience with each other. Can you imagine it? Humankind forgetting to hurt one another and focus on our spiritual evolution instead? It is happening but in a sneaky way so we do not realize it is happening and make a stampede back through the door of forgetfulness. In 2015 we will begin to see small businesses take hold again in the global economy. The people in power will find it hard to keep things as they have been since the times of the Romans.

Be prepared to find your life going just the way you want it to. You will see your curiosity about life increase. Prosperity will begin to spread like mould spores in a dark place. It doesn’t sound too appetizing, but we will gradually find our audaciousness and move towards our dreams. This is the change we have heard about. It is here. The time is now.