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Simple Is Best In The Healing World

A lady goes into the doctor’s office and said, Doctor, I don’t feel so good. The doctor asked her, what’s happening? She said, I have an upset stomach every time I eat. The doctor said, well mam, maybe it could be what you are eating. She said, I don’t think so doctor. I am a healthy eater. Last night I had a cup of herbal peppermint tea before dinner, then I had a mixed herb salad. I had red raspberry leaf tea while I was having dinner. Then I had a cup of camomile tea after dinner to calm my nerves. She jingled the bunch of crystals suspended from a chain around her neck. Calcite for power chakra, rose quartz for love, smoky quartz in the shape of a scull to ward off evil energy, malachite to get her moved through the drama in her life faster, and a piece of pyrite for abundance. The doctor asked her how much water have you had? I drink water every day, she said. My naturopath said I need to have as much water as I can to flush the toxins from my body. I eat healthily, she said. I think you need to unburden yourself, the doctor said after a minute of deliberation. I suggest you go home and put away some of the jewelry from your neck. Then have a regular cup of tea and stick to only one kind of tea for a couple of days. Have your salad, but have something hardy with it as well, my recommendation is that you give your body a break. She looked at her doctor curiously, left his office and went home. She followed his recommendation and found that she felt better after the first day of eating and living simpler.

In our world of self-diagnoses and journeys into the world of holistic medicine, many of us find ourselves running around seeking answers to the maladies that plague us. We are willing to try anything and everything and we find that most of what we try do not work. We still feel unwell. Most times we think that something is wrong with us. We come up with every kind of diagnoses in an attempt to cure what ails us. We live in a world with so many diagnoses of so many different health issues, that doctors have run out of treatments to alleviate our suffering. In many ways we think we are living a simple life when we take a holistic approach to our healing but for most of us we go into overkill in an attempt to heal.

Most of the things out there designed to heal us will not do so. Outside forces, medicines and paraphernalia do not heal us. Even the medicines of traditional doctors cannot heal us. They are placebos that we have put in our way to assist us in believing in our healing. There are stories of people who go to the doctor with one malady or another who took the drugs administered and they found no relief. They took everything prescribed, followed all the instructions but because they were dependent on their illness to keep them feeling that they are alive, they do not get relief.

Our bodies have an intelligent blueprint for perfection in good health. It is capable of dispelling any disorder if we are willing to let it go. Having a conversation with this incredible feat of engineering, called our body is necessary to maintain good health. We keep forgetting or maybe you don’t know that we were born with an intelligence that rivals anything we can come up with. Left to its own devices our body will maintain optimal heal supported by a healthy mind. By that I mean, thinking positive thoughts about ourselves and having a kind and uplifting dialogue with our body will support its health. Then we will be able to hear what our body has to say.

Your body speaks. But you do not listen. It tells you when it is overloaded with too much ‘help’. It tells you that the many crystals you wear around your neck is causing strain on the muscles of your shoulders and neck. It tells you the you need to eat chocolate today because you are not feeling very positive, because chocolate is your feel-good drug. It tells you to eat seafood-shellfish for the iodine. Cravings are the body’s way of telling us what it needs. Even when it is not directing us, our body is communicating with us. When my children were little, I used to panic when they did not eat, especially the younger one. I took her to the doctor and he checked her weight and her vitals. He advised me that she was doing fine and that she was listening to her body’s signals. He said to leave her alone and when she was hungry she would eat. Ironically that is how I live. I eat what I feel like eating at the moment. I followed the doctor’s guidance and my daughters grew up to be healthy strong individuals. Sometimes overindulging in healthy eating can burden our bodies just the same as abstaining from the thing that make us happy can also burden our body and our spirit.

This article is not written to advise you to stop what you are doing to find optimal health. But if what you are doing is not working, my suggestion is to step back and allow your body to reset itself. Then let it tell you what it wants, even chocolate and go from there. The simple approach is often the most direct and less stressful on your body. A simple approach is best in the healing world.

The author, Sonia Nadina Haynes is an intuitive, emotional healer with the ability to support your journey out of illness into wellness.