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Does One Need Sparkles To Feel Spiritual?

Since recorded times, we have been attracted like bees to nectar to the bells and whistles of spiritual development. Many of us go to the church with the most dramatic display, such as the pomp and circumstances of the catholic church or the over-the-top singing and preaching of the baptist minister. In the spiritual world many are still attracted to pretty-pretty or morosely ugly. Lately, I was at an event where bells and whistles were the draw for the attendees. They were enticed by the display of bright colour, drumming and the sound of crystal bowls. Impressively costumed teachers were the draw for most. It got me thinking, do we need all the bells and whistle to feel spiritual? Or is it just a distraction keeping us away from the thing we crave to embrace?

Several things came to mind as I thought about this. A friend told me several years ago that I needed to put on makeup and display my ‘assets’ because sex sells. Although I wear makeup from time to time, I have not tried to paint my face, or put on bright sparkles to attract clients. When I started my journey, I was drawn to Sedona Arizona where I met Solomon, (don’t know his last name). Solomon, a powerful channel gave me a lot of clarity to the new path I was embarking on. He was as plain as ever. Upon meeting him you would not know that he was a high calibre channel with the ability to connect with the ascended masters. He was a latin dance teacher and a good dancer, to boot.

“If you focus on how you look and getting your environment to look right, the message will be lost. It is important to see that the message is more important.” This was channeled to me by Solomon from the Ascended Masters. I felt an intense relief. I am not one for all the pomp and circumstances. Although I have a slight need to have my environment feel comfortable, OK make it a lot, I like easy does it and come as you are. In my world everything is perfect.

For a short time, when I first embarked on this path, I felt challenged to embellish myself to fit the spiritual world, but it did not feel right. The message from Solomon came back to me and I released the need to be flashy to appear spiritual and focused on being.

We are all beautiful. We each have our own personal style. It may be tattoos, to hair extensions to being blond. I did the blond thing, not brave enough to get tattooed or vain enough to endure the physical burden of hair extensions. I found that when I embellished my image to fit a certain vogue, I did not feel comfortable, because it required vigilance to keep it up.

Do we need sparkles to be spiritual? I think not we need to feel sparkly to be spiritual. We need to be fresh and clear in our spirit and this leads to the bedazzling cloak that we wear, on and off the spiritual platform.