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train tunnel

Seeing The Safety Zone in a Challenge

Spring is finally here! Whee Whoo! The relentless snow and cold are over and we are now blessed with beautiful blue skies in Ontario accompanied by clement temperatures. I started my walks to the river which is about fourteen blocks away from where I live. I wandered under the train bridge where still sits a foot thick sheet of ice. Last summer each time I walked under the bridge I would think of the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. It was eerie and a little chilly and with a chill up my back, I usually walked a little faster to pass through. For those of you who don’t know, the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff is a Norwegian fairy tale where an ogre living under a bridge wanted to eat each billy goat as he tried to cross to get to food on the other side. The first two billy goats convinced the ogre that his hunger would be satisfied by the biggest billy goat. The biggest billy goat confronted the ogre and butted him back under the bridge making the way for all three billy goats to cross any time they wanted. I think the moral of the story is that there is always someone larger than a bully, who will champion the disadvantaged.

The ogre is a representation of the challenges we encounter in our lives that threatens our standard of living and even our way of life. During the last several weeks Canada experienced several closures of large companies, throwing many people back on to the job market. The rollercoaster times we are in challenge the best of us at this time. Hearing that the economy showed no growth over the last quarter may make many of us feel a little queasy, but this is the chrysalis time for us in all aspects in our lives. We heard about the shift in consciousness that humans presupposed is happening at this time. As I said in the past, the shift will be so subtle that we won’t notice the metamorphosis until we are fully realized into the thing our unconscious mindset will create for us. By that I mean, past, present and future are operating at this time. How we view ourselves in the past has shaped who we are today. If we don’t like what we see, then we must change our view of our selves. Because what we think about our world and our view of ourselves in our world are shaping our future. Frightening but true. If we go into our chrysalis state thinking we are clumsy moths instead of delicate butterflies, we will emerge a warped butterfly/moth creature, we may not like what we see.

The idea is that we need to envision ourselves as divine beings and we must each figure out what that looks like for ourselves in order to embody that vision. The future, which is unfolding each moment like ice blooming on cold lake water, tells us that it awaits our input of what it is to become. The bridging time is awaiting our design. It waits for us to define how it is to appear. There are some chilly patches along the journey into transformation, but if we walk right down the middle, where the ice is thawed, we will be OK.
The side story about my walk under the bridge, each time I went for my walk, and I encountered the ice, I climbed up and over the bridge and across the train tracks, a little dangerous. Yesterday as I approached the bridge, I felt the cold air coming off the ice. I looked up at the climb to go over the bridge and found that it had iced over. I did not want to turn back so I climbed up onto the slab of ice under the bridge, clutching the wall trying not to slip and fall. Then it dawned on me that the ice had thawed leaving a clear gully down the middle that I could walk safely along! I laughed and shook my head at the irony. I was so focused on the danger of falling on the ice under the bridge, that it did not dawn on me that I had already seen the safe gully down the middle. I did not see that there was a safe path if I focused on the positive. I wandered as I walked along, how many of us forget to see that there is a positive way out of any challenge; all we have to do is expand our view of the situation we encounter to see the narrow channel to safety.

Take a look at your challenge and see if you can spot the safe zone through it. Every challenge has a positive escape route.


Earth Reflects Our Inner Angst

We sing praises to the beautiful sunset painted against the western sky. We worship a warm sun-filled day where the birds sing out songs to the glory of the earth. The snow on the mountains is perfect for us as long as it remains on the mountain and does not interfere with our daily life. But bring on a very cold day, a tornado, a snow storm that traps us within its embrace and we label the earth, a demon beast out to get us. We cry and mourn asking why is this happening to me? If the earth had consciousness and I believe she does, how would she feel, that no matter what she does we are not satisfied. What if the planet is reflecting our collective emotional state? With cold and snow, reflections of frozen emotions locked in us by fear; tornadoes reflecting our inner anger and rage? Many people have acknowledged that they are sensitive to certain environments and the energy emitted by people. What if the earth is the same as us, sensitive to our emotions and she reflects this back to us in the only way we can understand? There are many scientists who see the earth as angry and vengeful. But what if she cannot help but be the mirror of our own angst?

On a more personal basis, our homes represent our mind. If we are having emotional challenges but do not respect it, by expressing our fears and tears, our home will do it for us. A flood is a good example of tears being mirrored by our environment. I had a client who bought a house and after a few months of living in it experienced a leak that she could not find. She spent hundreds of dollars with plumbers looking for the hidden leak. There was the sign of a leak but no sign of the origin of the leak. The couple were going through marital issues and none were willing to express the emotional weight, the problem was having them. Each mourned the loss of intimacy but were not willing to express it our loud for fear of rejection. The day they came clean to each other about their deepest fear and sadness the plumber found the leak and was able to fix it. Which co-incidentally was in the crawl space of the house.

This is the same with the planet. She feels our pain, anger and fear more than ever, because our population has expanded also increasing our fear and anger. She is not immune to our emotions because our physical selves come from her and we return to her when we die. The weather stories in the news are an opportunity for us to look at our own inner story and try and fix it. California is experiencing drought. What does that mean to the people there? Well, drought represents emotions held within. Hollywood is a place based upon illusion and illusion cannot sustain itself without substance. California is filled with celebrities and wannabe celebrities, each focused on getting ahead with no place for the emotional impact of their drive to succeed. Take a look at your community and see if it is reflecting your emotional state.

How do we help the planet to look after us? The challenging answer is quite easy. We need to take a look at our own inner feelings and be truthful with ourselves about it. Playing ‘The Fonz’ is not going to cut it if we want the planet to reflect a peaceful state. Meaning that the planet will have balanced weather when we have found peace within.

Take the time to own how you are feeling. When you find the fear or the pain, sit with it. “I want to know if you, can you sit with pain mine and your own”Oriah Mountain Dreamer, THE INVITATION. Just sit with your pain. Try not to hide from it. It will lead you out into the light of understanding and peace. I don’t think we seek happiness. I feel we seek peace. From peace comes the components that breed happiness. Help the planet by looking after your pain and she will look after us by keeping the weather balanced.

Crazy thought…we are the ones in control of our world and the universe…

Sonia Nadina Haynes, emotional healing therapist helps you to heal so you can live your life well.


Good Friday For Tolerance

Good Friday commemorates a man who was tortured for his beliefs and for being different. Regardless of our beliefs, history has shown those considered different in society are expunged for their uniqueness. Scientists who saw the world as round instead of flat, lost their existence. An individual who decided that he or she would not remain quiet while others are being mistreated is shot dead. Individuals whose uniqueness at birth create such a fever that we take up arms against them even to wish them dead. Is it our nature as humans to be cruel? The evidence does not support this. In the quiet places in our minds where no-one can challenge us we wish to be different from the crowd. We wish to be seen as unique. But in public, because we see the extent to which our heroes are being treated, we join the crowd and scream “Crucify him!”

Cruelty is not in our nature regardless of what we have been told. When we treat someone in a negative way, a piece of ourselves die. Whether we are aware of it or not, we see ourselves in the other person’s eyes and through their body language and actions. This cause us to feel anger at their perceived weakness, and lack of power, like looking in the mirror and hating the pimple that shows up on our cheek. This motivates us to go in for the kill and abuse our power against them. It is by no means all our fault because the person who reflect our weakness does carry that sense of disempowerment themselves. This begs the question, how can I fix it? One cannot fix a negative expression reflected through another. Because we would have to break the mirror to avoid looking at the offending pimple. Of course with the mirror gone we have no more mirror in which to observe ourselves.

The only thing expected of us is a little bit of self-reflection with the realization that if we harm another for being different, strange or out there, we are externalizing our own inner persecutor. War will end when we no longer war with ourselves. When we accept our own belief systems we will not push it against anyone else, because we will be able to accept that we each see the sky through our own individual and weird filters. We will smile at ourselves and ask the other person to tell us about their impression.

This Good Friday and Easter could be the beginning of showing tolerance to ourselves which will automatically be expressed out in the world. The shift we are seeking issues from the core, from within.