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Heal and Release Pain From Your Life

Why is there so much violence and pain in the media? How can we shake off the stigma of war? For many of us violence is an abhorrent rot in the apple of human life. But getting rid of violence from our lives seems hard to do. The atomic bomb was made as an attempt to stop war once and for all. We also had the war to end all wars. World War One was the war expected to create lasting peace for humanity. This shows that even the most ardent war monger wants peace. But why is peace so illusive? What is it in our own human psyche that cause us to instantly be driven to cause pain to our fellow humans? We all live on this planet. We are stuck with each other until we can remember how to lift off back into space.

Robert Heinlein’s book, Stranger In A Strange Land, is about Valentine Michael Smith, the offspring of visiting astronauts to Mars, who was brought up my Martians when his mother passed away in Mars. He was found and returned to Earth where he tried to understand humanity. He tried to ‘grokk’ humans – the word had many meanings on Mars. On thing that puzzled him was trying to understand why humans laugh. He tried to laugh but the sound issued from him was like rubbing rusty metal together. He tried to laugh many times with no success until later on in the book, when he realized that humans laughed as an attempt to deal with emotional inconsistency. One day he was walking through a zoo and a tiny monkey caught his attention. The monkey sat with a banana in its paws and was just about to eat it when a bigger monkey came along, took his banana and whacked the tiny monkey on the head bowling him over. The little monkey made a fuss but did not pursue the bigger monkey.

Triumphant with his booty, the big monkey walked over to a rock, sat down and as he was about to eat his banana, an even bigger monkey came along, knocked the thief over and took the banana. The injured monkey made a great fuss, screamed and jumped up and down, at his offender. He soon calmed down still fussing and looked on as the biggest monkey ate the prize. Michael, after watching this began to laugh hysterically. When asked why he laughed, he said, I know why humans laugh! They laugh because it hurts. Humans hurt, and the only way to ease their pain is to laugh by creating a victim they can make appear worse off than they are.

I brought this book up because Robert Heinlein was correct in this novel. Humans do not like light to be shone on our pain. We are not comfortable at being visibly vulnerable when we are in emotional distress. As children, many of us were given something to cry about and told stop crying, grow up! But the vulnerable child still lives within us. It wants to express and shake off the pain, but is still so much in fear of reprisal should he express him self that he tries to make others cry. The deeper and more intense the pain, the more mercilessly, we make others suffer. Anger and negativity are parts of the human landscape, for now.

Trending on social media platform, we see people being shamed mercilessly until they end their lives. People hiding behind the computer keyboard, focus on the foibles of humanity as it come into high visibility. It is time we start to see our own shortcomings through the reflection of others. When we feel the need to laugh at another person’s pain, we should ask ourselves what am I hiding from within myself? We have become so incredibly callous that we are at risk of losing our humanity. We are forgetting that we are a reflection of the divine spirit, that is the energy of love itself.

Over the years I avoided having bodywork, which even Dr. Oz has shared, that massages and reflexology are important to our physical health. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to go to an amazing Brockville reflexology practitioner. The experience was wonderful. I took the time for body care. We all need to do this with our emotions. We are divine beings. We are the most important mirror in each of our lives. When we take the time to look after our emotions, heal our pain as it surfaces, we will shift the anger and negativity into light. It will not work to pretend that we are not confused or angry, because we are the ones living within our own psyche. We are living with ourselves. So resolving the anger and pain will help us to find peace in our lives and create a sense of calm.

Having emotional peace will shift the focus from others’ flaws. Becoming in love with ourselves will certainly help to reduce the amount of war and pain in our world. Here’s to lasting peace issued from within!

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