Monthly Archives: July 2015

Watch Timep

Are you in sync with time?

It is the middle of July and I can hear most of you exclaim that the year is moving along so swiftly that we are now at the halfway mark and where did the year go? Are you one who feels that time is pushing you at breakneck speed towards an uncertain future? Have you wondered why time seems to be passing so quickly?

Our progress through time is like driving a long highway where we zone out to find that we have missed a large section of the landscape as we try to figure out where we’ve reached. I just did a three and a half days drive from the 1000 Islands region of Ontario to Vancouver in British Columbia. The last time I did this drive it was twelve years ago and I did it in less than three days. Not to brag though because I stayed near or on the speed limit during the drive. On such a long journey alone, I end up as one does thinking about a lot of things. Topics that occupied my mind, were time, our journey around the sun and the future of the human race.

Time, a man made device, or as Albert Einstein said, an invention of man, is our ruler. We have spent more time following time that we forgot how to be at one with ourselves, in time. The drive to Vancouver for me created the capacity to unplug. Of course when I arrived I realized that I had taken less time than I expected by just going with the flow…(of time). There is always more than enough time to do what we want. What we do not have, is time to spend (I love the idea of spending time like money) on regret over things we believe we have missed out on or have not done.

Unplugging is called living in the moment. This occurs when we decide to focus on the one thing requiring our concentration. We can get scattered and follow many leads but being and living in the moment will allow us to live a healthier emotional life without the stress and strain that comes from attempting to control time. I came along easily meeting very little traffic on the TransCanada Highway. That was until I decided to take Highway 99 through the Massey Tunnel in Surrey and sat in traffic for one hour waiting, becoming a part of five lanes of traffic braiding their way into one lane through the tunnel.

At the time, I calculated that I would get to my friends’ home after or before rush hour. My ankles were swollen from hanging out with the accelerator too long and I was ready for the break from driving. I began to focus on getting out of the car. The universe showed me that focussing on time caused a bottleneck through space that made me aware of how we block ourselves in our daily lives when we try to control or beat time.

An aside: I interrupted writing this blog and went downstairs, answering the call of Cali the calico cat. She wanted to be petted. Our pets are here to help us unplug from the expectations we create upon ourselves from time. Go pet your cat, take your dog for a walk, remember to pick up after him or her and watch time stand still.

What are your moments in time where you found yourself profoundly affected by the passage of time? Did you feel that you were hanging on for dear life as time sped up dragging you along? Or did you find yourself in a zen state along the way?