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Navigating The Emotional Slipstream To Ascension

The super moon came by, eclipsed and full at harvest time. Did you feel affected by its energy? Many have written and talked about how these events have affected them. In the articles, the authors wrote about feeling low in energy, physical pain with a gloomy, foggy state of mind. I must admit that I did not experience the negative emotions that many have been sharing about. While waiting for the zap of negativity, I took stock of all that have gone on in my life over the many years I have been in this work. One of the authors shared frustration that with all the work she has done over the years, her healing is still incomplete. I understand her frustration. This is what I hear from the well-accomplished clients who finally end up at my door.

It is bruising to the ego to have worked so hard, only to find out that you are still on a treadmill going nowhere. There seems to be certain expectations for this ascension that people have been talking about for so many years. Ascension is not about feeling that you have made it. When you reach that place, it will not matter to you whether you have ascended or not. Nothing will matter. Not that you have forced this state of being, but you will be freed of your combat with ego and nothing will matter. You will become detached from outcomes.

You will not need to chase rainbows but you will appreciate them. You will not need the world to see or appreciate your accomplishments which are many. You will be in your life, in the world, but the world will not impact your emotional state. Many will call you cold, they will berate your lack of interest in their drama, but you will not feel the need to defend yourself or your motivation. Your primary interest will be to support the emotional and spiritual growth of others. Isn’t that nice?

I have spent most of my working years, supporting and helping others grow out of the limitation and trauma of childhood PTSD. I am coining the residue from childhood trauma, Childhood PTSD. Many of you prefer to think that you are not affected by your formative years, but everyone was and is affected. We were all shaped by the experiences we encountered during and after our birth. This emotional trauma that creates disease of the body – MS, cancer, hypertension, mind – ADHD, depression, OCD, and spirit is unhappy energy turned inward from emotional and mental distress and spiritual confusion. We are searching for the way back home to that tranquil place but are unable to get there because of the busyness in our mind.

There was a place in our childhood where we stopped developing emotionally. When I see a person, I see the child within them at the age they are stuck at. For example the six year old boy whose parents divorced and separated him from his sister. These pivotal time in each of our lives is where we were so shattered by the world that we stopped searching for the light. In that place we decided that the world was not very nice and our gods were not as powerful as we thought they were. This experience follows us to adulthood and our inner child continually brings up the obvious in an attempt to spark us into taking on the role of becoming our own gods. We are running so fast from the pain that we forget that we are running from ourselves. Like Sidhartha, who became the enlightened one, we need to stop and see that the thing we have been searching for was right here all along.

Many seek the ascension slipstream in which to get out of the struggles of the world, but we will not escape if we carry the fear and limitation we are holding to. Let me put it another way. A bee flies around collecting nectar to make honey in its hive. It eats some of that honey and gets honey on its wing, it cannot fly to get more nectar until it cleans the honey off its wing. The honey the bee creates, its food, becomes a detriment. The bee becomes weighted down by the very thing that nourishes its life.

It is important to heal the childhood pain, I mean emotionally heal this pain so that we can more effectively help others. The bee with honey on its wing cannot fly out and show others how to collect nectar until it has freed itself from the honey trap.

I speak clearly. I tell it like it is. This is hard to take for ones who have not figured out how to speak or walk their truth. It is hard to change the world when you struggle with the emotional story that debilitates you. I am not saying that I don’t have struggles. But I use these struggles to really understand my inner child and to hear what she is trying to say. Because I am listening to my own inner story, I am opened to the stories and emotional struggles of others. I feel keenly. I feel your physical and emotional pain. This is how I know when you are walking your talk and communicating kindly with yourself.

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Wellness- Journey Towards or Away From Healing

What to write about, not that there isn’t something to share, it is just that there is so much happening in our lives and on the planet at the moment. I had a conversation with my friend Kristin Perrin and the conversation reminded me of a poem by Dylan Thomas. Kristin asked me to share a bit of the conversation we had about wellness, healing and disease.

So, I am inspired to make this blog about wellness and the journey towards or away from healing. When we seek to be well or to be healed from a disorder of the body, mind or spirit, it does not mean that we are broken, but we expect our doctors, metaphysical and physical to fix us. We go to these individuals with the idea that we are broken, but are we really?

As you may know and I teach, illness does not just occur in the physical body. We never just get up one morning to illness. It takes a long time for disease to download into the body. An affliction begins in our mind and our energy before finally lodging into the body. And this does not just occur in adulthood either. For the adult, the disease originated in our formative years. The moment when we felt anger at not being seen or heard. Or not allowed to express ourselves, because we would be given something to cry about. Cancer starts as a result of the time we felt helpless to stop an adult or older child from misusing their power over us. Multiple Sclerosis is a result of the bitterness from childhood anger turned inwards. It is not their fault we say, it is mine. If I had not sneezed at dinner I wouldn’t have made them mad and they wouldn’t have had to hurt me.

Clearing the pain from our past opens the door for us to live disease-free. Of course we will have to be alert and aware to the story we tell ourselves in order to fully heal. This brings me to Dylan Thomas’ poem, Do not go softly into that good night. The poem touches on the antidote for disease. It is necessary to rage disease away. To allow the inner child to scream the pain that you kept inside, swallowed and digested. She must regurgitate her cancer and vomit up her pain in order to heal effectively.

How about it? Are you ready to leave the baggage of your past behind and walk into your future light, healthy and free? I would like to help you get there. –

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Love, Affairs and Sexual Attraction

As I write this blog, I am hearing the words Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers sang “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?” Love seems such an elusive thing that when we are in the end of a passionate affair, we ask ourselves why. We call ourselves fools for opening ourselves to the passion that overwhelm us in that crazy moment. It is interesting to note that we do not stand a chance if we think we are able to resist mother nature’s magnetic pull when our time comes around. I remember falling in love so hard that I was unable to see that the guy was not my type until after the passion had cooled and I was able to extricate myself from the bonds of passion. At the time, I was not interested in being in a relationship. I was not asking if love would find me. I was just not interested, at all. Then Bam! Right between the eyes or the heart. Wow! Cursing myself as I fell! The bitter sweet torment. I wanted it and I was abhorred by it. I fought like a fish on the hook to get away while I was expressing my devotion. It took several months for the passion to cool and I was happy. The emotional quiet was delicious.

While I was caught in the web of nature’s force, I asked the question, why do we fall in love? What I learned was that the man with whom my heart was entangled was a seven times husband in the past. The last time we married, it was the height of art in the high renaissance. He left me with seven children to pursue his passion. I envisioned him in his course linen clothing and cloth cap with his satchel over his shoulder walking away from us. When he left, my children and I fell on hardship. Most of our children died and for me I needed to reconnect and complete the story. This life time I have been cleaning up karma, but that is a story for my memoirs.

What I am getting at is that our hearts know who is in our lives to clear mindset and karma. It knows who is our true love, who will be with us for ever. Love, affairs and sexual attraction are all based on past life stories, unless you are a new soul and I don’t think there are too many on the planet. Patience is an important aspect of love attraction. Keeping your head is also wise. It is easier to fall into the passion of the moment and create new karma requiring resolution, than it is to use constraint and find out why you are locked in the maelstrom of emotion. In a future blog I will address the reason why we end up in challenging relationships. I can help you sort out your relationships so that you can make the one you are with, work for you; if you choose to stay. Or help you prepare emotionally for the love of your life.

Emotional Healer, Sonia Nadina helps you resolve your story so you can have the best life ever.