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Where Are You On The Karmic Wheel?

I began writing this blog before the latest event on the Paris. I am sure the tender-hearted wonder why these events occur and more importantly, how a person can take his and her personal story and impose it on others. I watched a documentary about the experiences of Romany gypsies in World War Two at the hands of the nazis. One gentleman in particular drew my attention. He was castrated by one of the nazi officers. This occurred without anesthetics. He was only ten years old. In the interview, he said when he lifted his head as far as he could to see what the doctor was doing, he saw that the doctor had orgasmed from the young boy’s pain.

Most people who hurt others experience a thrill at their victim’s pain. It seems to be an integral part of the human psyche. The thrill comes from the reaction of the spectators. In the Roman sports arena, spectators influenced the first outcome of the fight. They decided whether the gladiator died or not. In a strange sort of way, we are still in the times of the Romans.

The internet is now the platform for self-aggrandizement, where we get to experience the thrill of watching other’s pain without having to put our lives on the line by taking part. If the leaders who send solders out to fight, sacrifice their lives along with the rest, there would be fewer suicide bombers and war would be at curtailed.

Maybe it would put an end to the sacrifices made.

Let’s talk about karma. Most people are afraid of the perceived retribution that karma brings. Once upon a time the gods fought each other. They tore each other to pieces and they died thinking that that would be the end of their journeys. But we woke up and realized that we are still fighting each other. We are still tearing each other limb from limb. We did not escape the wheel of karma and we will not escape so easily. We will wake up in the next existence, having to feel the things we tried to escape in the previous life when we killed ourselves at the time of our violent acts.

When we kill someone, we reincarnate in the next life inescapably feeling what it is like to have someone precious taken from us in a violent way. We will experience the feelings of loss of limbs and the pain of recovery. That is karma. Karma is feeling the pain we inflict upon each other. It is also enjoying the good we do to another. Did we assist someone in this life to be safe, to find peace, to be happy? Then we experience the same in the other life. Were we both jealous of one person but helped another? We will experience both in the next life. In other words, we will not escape so easily, the residue of our karmic deeds of this life. Dying does not expunge us from our acts of violence or kindness.

The gods must learn how to be at peace with ourselves in order for the race of man to move into the next stage that brings us closer to returning to the stars.

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People Respect You, Speaking Your Truth

Fearlessness through understanding ones-self is important to spiritual advancement. We all strive to be heard, to be understood and yet at the same time many of us try to say what we want to say, in a ‘nice’ way so as not to hurt the other person’s feelings. It is impossible to speak our truth and not cause a stir in others. In the Law of Attraction, or “like attracts like,” whatever we think we create.

We live in the time of magic. Science is showing us how that magic works. It shows that when we are clear and focused on what we want, without distraction, we harness the power to create. In order to do this we must know our selves. When we are clear of our direction, meaning we know what we are striving to achieve, we will go fearlessly into a long happy marriage, or a successful business enterprise. Self-knowledge creates a quiet confidence that transcends fear and worry.

Emotional Healing through Intuitive Guidance will assist your journey out of the darkness of pain and confusion into the light of understanding. I remember in the days when I was a bridal designer, I had a photographer friend who brought the photos he took for my advice. The first time he brought a photo, I saw a flaw in the picture and told him so. He left in a huff. He brought the photo redone, again I saw a flaw and told him so. When he brought the photo a third time. By now, I felt quite anxious.

I asked him why he kept asking for my advice when he got mad at my critiques. His response was, “I know that I can trust you to always tell me the truth”, I paraphrase. This taught me that people will respect and listen to you when you face your fears of making others angry and are consistently truthful from your inner being.

Sonia Nadina Haynes is able to see into your past, present and future. Emotional Healer and Intuitive, she assists you to find the sweetness in life and to live your truth, fearlessly. Sonia Nadina has met and worked with clients from many walks of life, financial backgrounds and states of spiritual development. She is the catalyst for change.