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Living In The Freeness Society Makes The Rich, Richer

Everywhere we look today, companies except the very wealthy are having free promotions designed to draw the consumer into trying a product or service, free gifts that we usually cannot or have no interest in using. We are now in a world where everyone including the people who can afford it, expect to get what they want for free. Free e-books, free advice, I must admit that I gave away free mantras and free intuitive guidance for several years, following the advice of marketing experts. What I learned from the experience was that giving things away for free create a marketplace where we relinquish our gifts and talents, causing the rich to get richer and the poor to remain poorer. The poor and struggling usually give their products and services away with the hope of gaining a return but there is no return we are usually expected to give more. Read Richard Bach’s Illusions The Adventures of The Reluctant Messiah.

Many-dollars-falling-on-womansLately in the news was a story of entitlement, where a high profile family bartering hair dressing services for tickets to an event. Thank goodness that the hairdresser did not decide to take them up on the offer. When someone approaches you to take what you have to offer in trade, think about what you are gaining. A prime example is American economic politics, it is the epitome of the wealthy trading nothing but their position in society for everything we have, our time, our gifts and our spirit.

Is it possible to break this cycle? Of course. Decide to starve before you trade what you have for anything but money. It is reported that the worlds eight richest men have the wealth equal to about half the world’s population. They are wealthy because they are able to get people to work for little and hardly no money. They are able to trade on the misery of the poor. They have taken the land from the world’s most vulnerable leaving them to live in serfdom. One may think that serfdom cannot exist in today’s world, but it does in many different ways.

How do we reverse this destructive energy? We must realize that we have been duped. We were told that money does not matter, that money will not make us happy. The only ones who do not buy into these ideas are the wealthy and the very wealthy. If they can keep us thinking that money is a negative force designed to bring us misery, we will continue to give up our financial birthright  and they will take what we give away. They are wealthy because they are willing to accept our cast-offs. No more apprenticeships to the wealthy

It is necessary for us to start to keep what is ours. It is important that we see money as the tool that it is, that will give us a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and the ability to enjoy the life we dream of living.

Read THE POWER OF MONEY, How You See Money Is How You See Yourself, available on Balboa Press