Sonia Nadina Haynes is an emotional healer, author, artist, designer and catalyst for change in the live of her clients. Jamaican born, Sonia Nadina now resides in the historic city of Brockville, Ontario Canada. She is descended from powerful medicine women and healers.

Born with the gift of insight she took to the path of intuitive life coach, psychic/intuitive reader and workshop facilitator, twenty years ago. She is oftentimes lovingly called “Oracle”. Raised by her grandmother who was a healer and shaman in their small village, her grandmother birthed babies, healed the sick and had a strong connection with the unseen world.

"Thank you Sonia for giving me a safe place to own my pain and shift from the past to the present. I highly recommend Sonia Haynes for inner child healing, chakra & shamanic work." ~ Maureen Beatty, British Columbia, Canada.

 "Thank you Sonia for loving me even though I've been hiding from life. My husband and I are growing together.  Thank you for saying, it takes great courage to look at one’s shadow. Forgiveness is spilling into all of our hearts, and a whole new world is opening up for us!" - Christina C, Salinas, California. 

This client carried a lifetime of self-loathing and shame that translated into body image issues, health challenges and substantial weight gain. She was only partially available to her loving family. Although she fought against seeing the person she could be, Christina eventually changed her perspective and changed her life. She now is open to the love her family grant her, her relationship is sublime, ( she no longer wants to let it go) and her children are flourishing. She is also on the way to a shift in her weight that diets could not give her.

Read Sonia Nadina's blogs on this website. She has authored four inspirational books available on Amazon and is an intuitive teacher, online talkshow host and a YouTuber.

Over the years, Sonia Nadina shared wisdom gained through her life experiences with her clients helping them see through the veil of unconscious. For over twenty years, focused on helping clients heal from the inside out through their emotions self, she uses her powerful insight to see into her clients’ unconscious story. This helps them to truly heal. She is a meditation teacher. Sonia Nadina volunteers, teaching meditation to seniors. She believes that each of us has the ability to take charge of our health. One powerful and simple way is through meditation.


"Sonia Haynes, an intuitive healer? Yes, and so much more. Not only does she look into your body, mind and soul, she also delves deeper to help you on your journey, whatever that may be. We all have our journeys, but as she guides you and gives you insight to where you are headed, there is a peacefulness in her voice and loving guidance. Sonia is truly amazing and someone everyone should know!" - Nancy K. Chicago, Illinois.


Releasing the pain from an alcoholic past can be traumatic, but Nancy was willing which made her able to let go of the negative effects of alcoholic parents on her life. She learned that changing her mindset can not only heal herself, it will heal her children as well. She is now on the path to financial success and emotional peace. 

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for how you inspire me. So blessed are you, dear Sonia, and how the heavens rejoice at the work you do." ~ J. Giles, South Australia.

This client found the path to her life purpose, helping to bring electricity to many communities in India. She owned her destiny, released fear of how it would happen and now is spirit led to love, and a passionate life. 

"Sonia is an amazing healer who has helped me in many ways, guiding me in learning how to let go of what did not serve me any more and no longer needed to hang on to. Sonia is a truly gifted healer who is the real deal, whose guidance gently took to see my issues and deal with them. I have seen many healers up to now and spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars, hoping to get the help I needed and there is only one person able to do that for me and that person is Sonia Haynes. She is like no other healer you will ever meet and is unique in her way. When you are ready and want the help and guidance you seek, Sonia is the one to go to. Much gratitude to Sonia." ~ M. W., North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This client could not see the amazing person she was due to all the negative criticism she encountered as a child from both parents. She was burdened with the responsibility of caring for a schizophrenic sibling and grew resentful about it. This created many health challenges. She reconciled her emotions and now they are great friends. It is impossible to be in love and light when there is resentment in your life.

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