How To Protect The Earth On Earth Day

The majority of the developed world look upon developing cultures as backwards, but in the small village where I grew up we did not know of the single use plastic bag. Plastic products are the scourge of our planet. Plastics have invaded all aspects of our lives. In the village of Cheapside District, should a plastic bag show up, it would have arrived from “America” in one of the barrels our mother sent to us filled with food and clothing. Maybe one of the packs of flour was wrapped in a plastic bag. After unwrapping the gifts, the plastic bag would have been tucked away like precious cargo to be used at a later date. The bag would accompany us to the little corner shop to be filled with hard dough bread, salted cod fish and tins of condensed milk, sardines and maybe on the rare occasion a block of cheese. The single serve plastic bag would web-daisybe used until holes appeared toppling out its contents on the ground, then the holes would be tied into knots and the single serve plastic bag would continue its job as a carrier. When it could no longer hold the weight of the food stuff, it would graduate to carrying soft goods like a blouse my grandmother made to its new owner. After the bag was used to shreds, the plastic bags would be turned into strips to tie the bundles of wood we foraged, in the surrounding forest for the kitchen fire. A single user plastic bag’s life would last several weeks even months until used up, shredded into bits then used as stuffing in the construction of a stone wall, or even the making of a toy.

When I arrived in the new and modern world, the practice of recycling was not used as stridently as was done in that tiny village. In the village, furniture was well made and handed down from one generation to the next with pride of ownership. In the modern world, people bought cheap, poorly made furniture, giving up the well-made indestructible coffee tables, cupboards and chairs to the garbage piles. They were not fashionable. Over the years I’ve clung to my good pieces and was seen as old fashioned for not wanting to give up my treasures. I could not let go of something I thought was beautiful and sturdy, to fill the sidewalk for the garbage man to take. I could not see how the garbage dump had space for all the junk each neighbourhood threw out week after week. The new fashionable furniture made from laminated plastic and wood dust soon broke and they too would fill the sidewalks of the surrounding neighbourhoods to be picked up by the sanitation men.

Because there is an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach to everything we consume, we do not know how or where our eggs come from. We are not aware that a cow, chicken or sheep was once alive that sits on our plate as the hamburger or stew, we consume with impunity. Polluting Globe in the Skyis easy when we are not aware of the cost of pollution to our environment and our bodies. Third world cultures are not aware of the impact that plastics have on their world, because to them everything goes back to the earth. The idea that an item will take many lifetimes to disintegrate is foreign to them.

For profit, the ‘modern’ world floods parts of the under-developed world, that have a natural rhythm with the earth, with their toxic disgorgement. Sending toxic material to a culture that lives at one with nature is like putting toxic materials into the soil that an earthworm turns, as is its natural way. The toxic material will be turned over with everything else as usual – the earthworm does not know to separate one material from another. There was a report in the news, a British diver filmed a garden of plastic in the seas around Bali. The people in these countries are like the earthworm. They live in harmony with nature. They have always known to deposit the organic materials back to be composted in the earth.

The new materials-plastics, introduced into their world are returned to nature, into their communities the same way they do, the banana leaves for wrapping and carrying food from the market to home. Which in turn is used as vessels to hold a delicious meal baked on the fire, for dinner. The state of the oceans is the responsibility of everyone who depends on the oil based products for their livelihoods. We need jobs to provide the things we love to shop for. These jobs use the very plastics the earth is now being choked by. Will we give up our comforts to save ourselves and the species in danger of annihilation? The human being is at risk because when we have taxed the planet, we will develop and contract many toxic borne diseases that we have never seen before. Are we willing to take that road?

The solution to this problem is for us to become lesser consumers. This is becoming evident in the closing of so many big box stores that have been around for decades. We do not need more anything. We need to eat less, this will lessen the strain on our water infrastructure. We need to use what we have until it is frayed to nothing. There is no shame in wearing ripped jeans. It is now become the fashion of the day. Help our youth to find ways to use less and care more for the planet. We can do it.

PPSoniacropped for webSonia Nadina Haynes lives an ecologically aware life. She wears her clothes to holes, uses a recyclable bag at the grocery store and shops sparingly. This is not deliberate, her life spent in
Cheapside District primed her to live in a small footprint on the planet. She does have a car and walks to appointments close by. It is necessary for each of us to consider our carbon footprint as we walk consciously on the earth.

The Power of The Breath

There is power in the breath.

Emerging from the womb, we take the first breath, in a wail, a gasp or a scream. At the end of our life, we take a last breath, in a sigh, a gasp or a tiny exhalation. The breath takes us from the womb to the emergence into the realm of spirit. In between, we breathe. Most of us are shallow breathers. We do not claim the whole of our body with the breath. This comes from our formative years. As children while playing hide and seek, or when we felt under stress, we stopped breathing. We held our breath. Not aware that we do this, when we become stressed as adults, we bring the childhood activity forward and breath shallowly. This was a survival impulse. If you check in, you may find that you only breathe into your upper chest. Shallow breathing robs the body of the oxygen it needs to work at its optimal. Shallow breathing causes tension and because of tension activates cortizol production in our body. It is necessary to be mindful of the way we breathe. Mindfulness can begin with meditation, which causes you to focus on breathing.

To remedy the situation, find time for stillness.

Take a moment in a quiet place, free from distraction. Be sure to support your spine, this keeps your posture in balance. Focus on your breathing. Take a shallow breath and see how you feel. Be aware that your body craves more air. Then breathe out. Take another breath this time fill your lungs as deeply as you can. Pause for one beat then breathe out slowly. Focus on your breathing. Do this seven times.

Next, focus on your breathing and this time when you breathe deeply, hold the breath in your lungs for a count of four. Breath in four counts, hold your breath four counts then slowly breathe out four counts. Relax your body for two counts and repeat the breathing exercise. It is important to breathe through your nose, in and out.

We usually breathe with our mouths when our are stressed, through heavy breathing. To snore we breathe through our mouth. When we are in peaceful repose, we tend to breathe through our nose. Keep cycling the air around your body until you feel very relaxed. The more you practice breathing deeply, the more your body will move into the act of breathing deeply. You will find that the activities you do will be accomplished more effortlessly.

Face The Fear Within, Gain The Tools For Life.

Are you afraid of the darkness that exists within you? We live in a world with opposite poles, a world of right and wrong, of dark and light. It may seem spiritual to deny the darkness within you, but in covering the anger and negativity within, we leave ourselves vulnerable to the results that sudden shifts can cause, putting us off balance. What we do not see or ignore will cause us great pain. The splinter in a baseball bat which we do not know is there, can lodge in our hand and not attended to can lead to pain and infection. It is necessary for us to pay attention to the darkness as well as the light within. Light without the darkness leaves us on autopilot, unconscious of our self and our world. It is through the darkness that we gain wisdom.

Many years ago, a client living in Japan called me to share a dream she had the night before. We had been working on a challenge she was facing in Japanese court and was in fear of the outcome. In the dream she met me and saw behind me a fierce dragon. She screamed for me to duck fearing I would be injured by the dragon.
“Well?” I said to her. She looked at me in bewilderment.
“Well, what?” She asked.
“What are you going to do about it?” I asked her. Nonplussed, she shrugged.
“Pluck out its eyes!” I directed her.
Huhn? She replied.
“Pluck out its eyes!” I repeated.
She reached up and pulled out the dragon’s eyes. She stood with two massive eyeballs in her hands and I told her to put them in her purse. Reluctantly she put the bloody and slimy eye balls in her brand new purse.
“Pull out its teeth,” I told her next. She did.
“Now skin it,” She used the dragon’s teeth to skin it and inside of the dragon was a creature much like Mister Snuffagopolos from Sesame Street.
“Put them in your purse,” I told her. “Now you have the tools to face your enemies.”

When we face the darkness within us, that causes us so much fear; when we dissect it and face the parts that fill us with dread, when we use the eyes, the ability to see clearly and the teeth which represent our fear’s ability to devour us, we will have amazing tools to tackle life in all its crazy, complexity.

Illusion In The Hall Of Mirrors

Have you noticed that everything seem focused on the negative? The media finds a good news story and before they can leave us with good feelings, the news is turned into the negative. They want to know the gory details in a murder scene or the struggle in a triumphant experience. It seems as I ponder the human experience that we are locked in an old blueprint with limited opportunity to escape, where our egos have fashioned the world of confusion, misogyny, war and struggle.

We focus on food while we try to lose weight to be healthy and fit. We focus on violence as we try to limit the use of guns. Like the potential abused spouse, we are being slowly primed for abuse, by individuals we perceive as being powerful. Yes, we have dug out the bowels of the earth and spread it across the oceans and the land, but this will return to the earth eventually regardless of what we do to clean up the planet. Can we wake up to see what is really going on and not get caught up in the drama in the world? We now exist in the fourth dimension. This is the place where the illusion is greatest because it is the hall of mirrors. The purpose of this place in time is to keep us spinning our wheels until we run out of energy and the will to carry on.

The way to release ourselves from the fourth dimension is to make peace with our ego. Release the original sin compounded over generations since mankind realized it had power to affect life for better and for worse. Our story is designed to go to the depths of despair and return the better for it. But today we have lost our way a little bit because we tasted power and after gorging ourselves in its destructive nature, we decided to continue to drink.

It is time to put down the cup we have been drinking from. Move into inner peace, leave each other to his and her conscience and focus on our own personal and intuitive power to effect change and healing. The world is reflecting our unconscious minds. The secrets are not secret any more.

Catch The Sunrise, Heal The World

SunsetFrom the minds of creative people come questions about our existence. I have wondered many times throughout my life if I am real. Some of the strangest things have happened to me that are beyond the realm of normal, causing me to shake my head and wonder if there is something else out there affecting the neurons in my head, influencing my perception. Life presents us with challenges and most of us struggle to overcome them. We experience some of the worst things humans can go through and yet we carry on. How is it that we are able to keep going no matter what is before us?

There is within us, beyond the innate drive for survival, a spirit that desires freedom. Although it knows it is free, this spirit within us is stuck in the density of our reality. In our world, we feel the strong sense of separation, and yet we are not clear about what it is we are separate from. Many of us refer to a great spirit, or God(s) but we are unsure of what that is. All of us have felt a connection to this force, but we forgot through the experience of growing up through childhood and “getting real”. When life is going along easily and comfortable, we forget our connection to that part of us which is indefinable. It is only in challenges and pain that we raise our eyes and search the skies for – something. When life is good we don’t consider that we walk upright, despite the scientific impossibility. As babies, we examine our toes and fingers for hours. As adults we forget the wonder in our toes and fingers. When was the last time you really saw the sunrise as you rushed off to get to that early morning meeting? Taking that moment to stop despite your potential lateness, to drink in the sunrise, arriving at your appointment with cheeky “I was watching the sunrise” grin? It would be an amazing thing if all the cars on the freeway stopped all at once, in one magical moment, so it’s drivers could drink up the sunrise or sunset. I think we would smile more.

Many of us are unaware of the light. We forget about the sun until it is not there. Michael Jackson’s EARTH SONG looks at what we’ve done to the world, but we only see the state of our world, when it has already been pulled apart. We seem to notice most keenly when it is a natural disaster, than when we create the disaster ourselves. Our garbage is strewn all over, our coffee cups left at the bus stops or on the busses, paper napkins, tissues fall a few inches from the garbage receptacle. Cigarette butts carelessly tossed out a window join those tossed to the ground by others. Ashtrays were eliminated from our environments with the intention of deterring smoking which has led to littering.

Do we not believe we exist? When I see all that we do in our joys and our pain, it makes me wonder. How can a race of beings, so magical and so beautiful not revel in its beauty? Not make this world reflective of its beauty? I remember a quote, Psalms 19: 1 “The heavens declare the glory of god and the firmament showeth his handy work.” These words flow through my mind when I wake up to a snow filled sky. When I see a sunrise, I sing at the top of my voice, Cat Stevens, Morning has broken like the first morning,

What could be better than us? With the ability to break beyond recognition and to magically repair ourselves – emotionally and physically. To be able to see within the jumbled bits of broken pieces in a person and know how to put that person back together. We are not limited at all. Not by our pain, nor our fear. We are incredible in our compassion and the power of how we love. I think we need to see some of that power within ourselves so that our world can move into that higher state of consciousness we have been speaking of for so long.

Tools to Clear Your Environment and Your Life

Confusion abounds in all aspects of our lives. We get guidance about how and what to eat, how to make money, write, invest, or even how to live. There is so much information that we can find ourselves living in a state of overload.

It is possible to find clarity as we live our lives. One can use crystals and Himalayan salt lamps to clear and balance the energy in your home and around you. Clear quartz is a powerful clearing  stone. A Himalayan Salt lamp’s gentle light softens the energy around your space. Some crystals keep negative energy from attaching to you while others can remove or chase negative energy away.

Clearing these powerful stones, you can use smoke to smudge with sage, lavender, myrrh. Water is an excellent cleanser of some stones just like it is great for cleansing our bodies. Some crystals with their powerful energy are also exceptional for clearing energy.

Clear your energy when challenges enter your life. Clear when you have been around disruptive people. Clear your child’s room if they experience bullying with combined pieces of clear and rose quartz. Turmaline and fluorite are also excellent clearing and protection stones.

Smile as you use the tools for clearing. Never clear your self or space while you are angry or afraid. Use the stones when you are feeling empowered.

Enjoy the fresh energy of clear and clean vibrations around you.

Uncovering The Hidden

I have always talked about the hidden story inside of us that changes our lives when it is revealed. The #metoo movement shows this very clearly. Can you imagine the courage it takes to topple an establishment that persists through fear? For decades the entertainment and other industries have used violence against the dreamers. The dreamers in this case are the people with dreams and goals in their hearts awaiting realization. Young people who dream about gaining a moment in the limelight ended under the oppressive Spector of abuse. Women marry with the idea that they are being protected by love. They follow the footsteps of their fathers, going into the protective forces, military and police only to experience abuse and dismissiveness.
Abuse is mostly used against women, children and vulnerable young men who remained silent because of shame and guilt. Shame becomes like a worm that digs into their psyche eating away at their self-esteem. To deal with this the abused are then preyed on by drug companies and the professionals who prescribe stimulants with the idea is to help them cope with their emotional pain.

Fear of being singled out – fear of being ostracized became the heavy burden the abused bore and this fear caused them to turn to external crutches as coping mechanism.

Abuse is not only sexual, there is financial abuse. People are told to pay their dues before they can have the job or a promotion in a company where fat cats reap the lions share of the profits. In the family there is abuse of status, where the male in the family is still considered the lord and ruler of his domain and the female his subordinate. I have met many wives who were afraid to go out for a cup of tea because she will have to report to her husband why she chose to do something for herself. She will create diseases of many different kinds to get the support she craves. She turns to “daddy” her husband for the support she needs because she cannot do it herself. This is now the time for the veil of negative behaviour to be removed so that we can all live without holding our breath.

False power will always reveal itself. It never goes obscured forever. I look forward to what else will be revealed, such as why some people have such a hard time taking responsibility for their actions while blaming others for the same thing. It is a power strategy based on a deeply primitively survival mentality, but the thing that is hidden will eventually surface, noting stays hidden forever. The ice caps melt, the things hidden for millennia under the ice are being revealed.

Let’s Talk About Karma

When talking about karma, we tend to refer to a retribution that karma brings.

Once upon a time the gods fought each other. They tore each other to pieces and they died thinking that that would be the end of their journeys. But we woke up and realized that we are still fighting each other. We are still tearing each other limb from limb. We did not escape the wheel of karma and we will not escape so easily. We will wake up in the next existence, having to feel the things we tried to escape in the previous life when we killed ourselves at the time of our violent acts.

When we kill someone, we end up in the next life inescapably feeling what it is like to have someone precious taken from us in a violent way. We will experience the feelings of loss of limbs and the pain of recovery. That is karma. Karma is feeling the pain we inflict upon each other. As well experience the joy we shared with others. Like enjoying the good we do to another. Did we assist someone in this life to feel safe, to find peace, to be happy? Then we will experience the same in the other life. Were we both jealous of one person but helped another? We will experience both in the next life.

In other words, we will not escape so easily, the residue of our karmic deeds of this lifetime. Dying does not expunge us from our acts of violence nor resolve our kindness.

The gods must learn how to be at peace with ourselves in order for the race of man to move into the next stage that brings us closer to returning to the stars.

Like What You See In The Mirror

Each new year brings along reflections of the year past, what we did correctly and what we did wrong. A new year comes with commitments of how we want to change the tape of our lives so that our lives will flow more in line with our dreams and ideals. As we embark on the journey into this year twenty-eighteen, the questions asked are.

What do you want this year to be?
How would you like it to look on December thirty-first, two thousand and eighteen?

There is a lot that we can do to shift our lives just one degree, which will positively benefit us, the people around us and whom we meet. That one degree activity is to be nicer to ourselves. Not just in public where others can see us doing so, but in our hearts and minds. It is necessary to see ourselves in a truly positive light.

Like what you see in the mirror. #ilikewhatisee.

It can be challenging to recognize when we are being poorly to ourselves. But this will be evident in how we treat others. If we are crumogin with ourselves, we will be stingy with others. If we spend time disliking our looks, our smarts, our financial status, we will show it to others in the way we treat them.

Male-Great-Mormon-ButterflyDo you dislike the rich?
Do you judge yourself for being poor?
Do you not like being different?

You will see it evident in the derisive words you use against people whom you perceive to be different from you. The thing that is hidden within us will always come out. “If you look up, see a person, stranger, someone different from you and immediately take a dislike to them, that person is being a reflection in your unconscious mirror reflecting back what you had been judging yourself about.” It is instantaneous, the magic of the unconscious and energy. The armour we build around ourselves as protection will always wear thin – eventually and the contents will begin to spill out. So too will the light within us spill out and illuminate the world. We can be like butterflies cocooned in our armour gaining wisdom by transforming the negative that we carry against ourselves in our hearts, into the light of illumination. That is what a guru does. That is what ascension truly is.

Enlighten the world from your inside out.

Clear Your Mind For A Positive New Year

Leaving an old year behind is like moving homes. One must hopefully clear out the unwanted objects, clothing, bits and bobs that one has collected and held on to from the previous year or Couple Moving Boxes Between Homesyears, organize oneself and pack the necessary things for the new home. So too with emotionally leaving an old year behind for a brand new year, it is necessary to clean your karmic and emotional home of vitreous so that your new year can be assured. What are you holding on to? What do you need to release that you have carried for so many years to this moment that you are not aware is holding you back?

Over the past several years, I promoted myself as an emotional healer/psychic and those of you who know me, know that psychic is a tool I use to assist you on your quest to understand your life, relationships and motivation. As I leave two thousand and seventeen, I will shed and leave behind  the designation of “psychic” in order to clear up confusion. I am an empath who is also an emotional healer with the ability to see into your story, and I help you to realize your dreams. In spirit there is no time. The expectation on us is to understand the reason for our experiences, good and bad, so that the things we really want can be realized. Are you wanting love to come into your life? My job is to help you look at the negatives that you have held on to that act as a barrier to love knocking at your door. Do you need a change in your job situation? There is always something you are holding on to that keeps you from the new position you are destined for.

Take a look at what you are clinging to, believe me, the reflections are all around you showing blatantly the source of your limitations. In my life I look for the limiting factors entering my life, glaringly reflecting my personal story for my examination. I am in awe of how our inner selves strive to take us on our life’s destiny, if only we are humble enough to acknowledge the things we are afraid of seeing, that we hoard  to the detriment of our forward progress.

At the close of this year, take the time to look at what you want, but are not getting, then look at the impediments in the way. It is right there at your feet, causing you to stumble and keeping you from the door to your dreams. It is time we all clear the way of impediments to our dreams.

And when your dreams appear, it is important that you make yourself remain open to the showers of blessings.