Navigating The Emotional Slipstream To Ascension

The super moon came by, eclipsed and full at harvest time. Did you feel affected by its energy? Many have written and talked about how these events have affected them. In the articles, the authors wrote about feeling low in energy, physical pain with a gloomy, foggy state of mind. I must admit that I did not experience the negative emotions that many have been sharing about. While waiting for the zap of negativity, I took stock of all that have gone on in my life over the many years I have been in this work. One of the authors shared frustration that with all the work she has done over the years, her healing is still incomplete. I understand her frustration. This is what I hear from the well-accomplished clients who finally end up at my door.

It is bruising to the ego to have worked so hard, only to find out that you are still on a treadmill going nowhere. There seems to be certain expectations for this ascension that people have been talking about for so many years. Ascension is not about feeling that you have made it. When you reach that place, it will not matter to you whether you have ascended or not. Nothing will matter. Not that you have forced this state of being, but you will be freed of your combat with ego and nothing will matter. You will become detached from outcomes.

You will not need to chase rainbows but you will appreciate them. You will not need the world to see or appreciate your accomplishments which are many. You will be in your life, in the world, but the world will not impact your emotional state. Many will call you cold, they will berate your lack of interest in their drama, but you will not feel the need to defend yourself or your motivation. Your primary interest will be to support the emotional and spiritual growth of others. Isn’t that nice?

I have spent most of my working years, supporting and helping others grow out of the limitation and trauma of childhood PTSD. I am coining the residue from childhood trauma, Childhood PTSD. Many of you prefer to think that you are not affected by your formative years, but everyone was and is affected. We were all shaped by the experiences we encountered during and after our birth. This emotional trauma that creates disease of the body – MS, cancer, hypertension, mind – ADHD, depression, OCD, and spirit is unhappy energy turned inward from emotional and mental distress and spiritual confusion. We are searching for the way back home to that tranquil place but are unable to get there because of the busyness in our mind.

There was a place in our childhood where we stopped developing emotionally. When I see a person, I see the child within them at the age they are stuck at. For example the six year old boy whose parents divorced and separated him from his sister. These pivotal time in each of our lives is where we were so shattered by the world that we stopped searching for the light. In that place we decided that the world was not very nice and our gods were not as powerful as we thought they were. This experience follows us to adulthood and our inner child continually brings up the obvious in an attempt to spark us into taking on the role of becoming our own gods. We are running so fast from the pain that we forget that we are running from ourselves. Like Sidhartha, who became the enlightened one, we need to stop and see that the thing we have been searching for was right here all along.

Many seek the ascension slipstream in which to get out of the struggles of the world, but we will not escape if we carry the fear and limitation we are holding to. Let me put it another way. A bee flies around collecting nectar to make honey in its hive. It eats some of that honey and gets honey on its wing, it cannot fly to get more nectar until it cleans the honey off its wing. The honey the bee creates, its food, becomes a detriment. The bee becomes weighted down by the very thing that nourishes its life.

It is important to heal the childhood pain, I mean emotionally heal this pain so that we can more effectively help others. The bee with honey on its wing cannot fly out and show others how to collect nectar until it has freed itself from the honey trap.

I speak clearly. I tell it like it is. This is hard to take for ones who have not figured out how to speak or walk their truth. It is hard to change the world when you struggle with the emotional story that debilitates you. I am not saying that I don’t have struggles. But I use these struggles to really understand my inner child and to hear what she is trying to say. Because I am listening to my own inner story, I am opened to the stories and emotional struggles of others. I feel keenly. I feel your physical and emotional pain. This is how I know when you are walking your talk and communicating kindly with yourself.


Does One Need Sparkles To Feel Spiritual?

Since recorded times, we have been attracted like bees to nectar to the bells and whistles of spiritual development. Many of us go to the church with the most dramatic display, such as the pomp and circumstances of the catholic church or the over-the-top singing and preaching of the baptist minister. In the spiritual world many are still attracted to pretty-pretty or morosely ugly. Lately, I was at an event where bells and whistles were the draw for the attendees. They were enticed by the display of bright colour, drumming and the sound of crystal bowls. Impressively costumed teachers were the draw for most. It got me thinking, do we need all the bells and whistle to feel spiritual? Or is it just a distraction keeping us away from the thing we crave to embrace?

Several things came to mind as I thought about this. A friend told me several years ago that I needed to put on makeup and display my ‘assets’ because sex sells. Although I wear makeup from time to time, I have not tried to paint my face, or put on bright sparkles to attract clients. When I started my journey, I was drawn to Sedona Arizona where I met Solomon, (don’t know his last name). Solomon, a powerful channel gave me a lot of clarity to the new path I was embarking on. He was as plain as ever. Upon meeting him you would not know that he was a high calibre channel with the ability to connect with the ascended masters. He was a latin dance teacher and a good dancer, to boot.

“If you focus on how you look and getting your environment to look right, the message will be lost. It is important to see that the message is more important.” This was channeled to me by Solomon from the Ascended Masters. I felt an intense relief. I am not one for all the pomp and circumstances. Although I have a slight need to have my environment feel comfortable, OK make it a lot, I like easy does it and come as you are. In my world everything is perfect.

For a short time, when I first embarked on this path, I felt challenged to embellish myself to fit the spiritual world, but it did not feel right. The message from Solomon came back to me and I released the need to be flashy to appear spiritual and focused on being.

We are all beautiful. We each have our own personal style. It may be tattoos, to hair extensions to being blond. I did the blond thing, not brave enough to get tattooed or vain enough to endure the physical burden of hair extensions. I found that when I embellished my image to fit a certain vogue, I did not feel comfortable, because it required vigilance to keep it up.

Do we need sparkles to be spiritual? I think not we need to feel sparkly to be spiritual. We need to be fresh and clear in our spirit and this leads to the bedazzling cloak that we wear, on and off the spiritual platform.


Expectations In Love

When the new year began, we started our journey from creation towards destruction, in order to start the cycle all over again. As strange as it may seem, we started this new cycle in December at the winter solstice. The time of standstill to renewal, the winter solstice brings us to preparation for new life. In order to create new life, it is necessary for us to fall in love. Life is created from love. Sometimes the love is a bit twisted and we judge the life produced, for the way it was created, but, life requires a dynamic force which brings the sperm and egg together for its existence. The same as in nature, life requires struggle and rutting to force truth out of chaos in the first stage of love itself.

Most of us seek an emotional bond that we feel will give us a sense of wholeness. In the arena of public opinion displayed in the social media, we have many and varying ideas of how we should love, how a man should treat a woman and so on. We are in a time where we put our laundry, clean or dirty out in the world of public opinion and we hope that someone will sympathize with us and our dis-satisfaction will be satiated because our views have been heard.

Love is a powerful force in the universe and within ourselves, of course we know that. But we certainly have strange expectations when we fall in love. Most of us fall in lust. It is not a bad thing to fall in lust. Lust provide us with the thing we are missing, a closeness to ourselves which we are unable to generate. We mistake lust for love, writing beautiful poems to our lover, today, expressing our private moments and parts on the public arena in order to attract the object of our lustful desire. Lust does not work to get us what we want, though. It cannot. Lust is like a lit matchstick. It burns down quickly. Soon the fire is extinguished burning our fingers in the process, causing us to drop the matchstick. It is impossible to maintain a relationship on lust alone.

A loving relationship endures, like the light of a campfire or the christmas fire which, if carefully fed, over time will continue to burn and keep both people in the relationship warm for years to come. This fire has to be carefully tended. Too much fuel and it becomes destructive. What I mean is that if we are afraid of losing the love we have, and we put too much emphasis on being together, or we sacrifice our own light for the other, this love will burn up quickly. When we expect passions to burn every day, we will soon force the fire to extinguish itself by running out of passion. (We run out of ideas.) We end up feeling neglected and we fall out of the embrace of a relationship we worked so hard to cultivate. If we forget to add fuel to the fire, it will burn down and soon there is nothing but the ashes of an exhausted love affair. This is why many go outside the relationship seeking attention. Because the expectation of what love is supposed to be has not been met, the disappointment pushed them out of the circle of their love fire where they end up feeling cold and alone. This place is where affairs of the body, mind and spirit occurs.

Love is a simple multiplication equation. 1 x 1 = 1.

We do not need someone to complete us. Because a broken heart in a relationship added to another broken heart will become two broken hearts in a broken relationship. Broken hearts do not mend each other. It is impossible. Broken hearts attract lust, the fire that burns up and is quickly extinguished. To find the love that is whole, one must first find wholeness within oneself. That wholeness will attract a whole heart to us which requires nothing but the freedom to express the beauty of love. Passions will burn. The fire will be self-nurturing, with a little something-something to keep it going. The couples who stay together for sixty and eighty years know this. They are each committed to themselves. They know that in order for their love to endure they need to tend their own hearts, carefully.

Falling In Love
You begin your love affair with the first meeting. This experience has a magnetic force that is inexplicable. You cannot help yourself. You need to touch each other and conversation is near to impossible to end. You look through each other’s eyes into the other’s soul. The passion is impossible to resist. You spend as much time as you can muster in each other’s arms. You fall into the irresistible magnetic attraction.

The Union
The need to be in each other’ embrace cause you to move in together. You leave everything you have ever known. You rush into each other’s arms and homes. Whether you like football or not you decide to like what he likes. You endure her friends. You carry her purse. You sacrifice some of your needs and desires because this is what you have been taught. All over the media and in popular songs you are told that you must sacrifice for the one you love. You learn to cook. Until the seven-year-itch occurs. It is not really a specific period of time. Each of us is different. We all have our breaking point.

The Betrayal
This is the point where you become bored. You convince yourself that you are not getting what you need from your partner and you look outside of the relationship for the fire you encountered in the relationship at the beginning. You have the affair. The challenge is that if you were not whole in the relationship to begin with, try as you may, you will not find wholeness on the outside. It is necessary to work on your wholeness while you have the protection of an embracing force. It is really a good time to work on who you are and try to break old outmoded thought patterns and behaviours while in the relationship. If you do not, the love you have found will lead to disappointment and feelings of betrayal.

The Mending
A moment of infidelity does not a relationship break. However, if you are still carrying the pain from a father who betrayed and abandoned you, that you have not completely resolved, you will end up breaking. The relationship will break. Most of us run away because the pain is too great, the love we thought we found, is left in shattered pieces at our feet. Is it possible to mend such a painful shambles? I say yes. The first thing we do is look at our self. Ask, Why is this repeating in our life again? When we are courageous enough to ask the question and stand up to hear the truth in the answer, we are on the road to healing. Love is not a magic fire that will burn without tending. It is a force that needs feeding from within ourselves. In the mending, we let go of preconceived notions of what love is. We release the need for the other to sacrifice themselves for us as we release our need to be self-sacrificing. We find respect, strength and a stedfast belief in yourself. This will pour out into the union that we have fought to keep alive.

The Forever In Love
This is the time where we release our fear of being alone. This cause us to lock in with each other. We open our self to reside in the soul of your lover. At this time we will not fear abandonment or betrayal. But if such feelings surface, we work through it together. This is the time where we are able to stand toes to toes; nose to nose and look in each other’s eyes. We look to see our reflection in the other’s eyes. If we are afraid to see, we are not mended. It means that we do not trust our self as yet. It means that we are afraid of intimacy.


It means that we are able to be the mirror, through which our lover can see him or her self reflected in our own eyes. This is the place where good, bad or indifferent, we are comfortable with the reflection we see within.

Happy Valentines


Simple Is Best In The Healing World

A lady goes into the doctor’s office and said, Doctor, I don’t feel so good. The doctor asked her, what’s happening? She said, I have an upset stomach every time I eat. The doctor said, well mam, maybe it could be what you are eating. She said, I don’t think so doctor. I am a healthy eater. Last night I had a cup of herbal peppermint tea before dinner, then I had a mixed herb salad. I had red raspberry leaf tea while I was having dinner. Then I had a cup of camomile tea after dinner to calm my nerves. She jingled the bunch of crystals suspended from a chain around her neck. Calcite for power chakra, rose quartz for love, smoky quartz in the shape of a scull to ward off evil energy, malachite to get her moved through the drama in her life faster, and a piece of pyrite for abundance. The doctor asked her how much water have you had? I drink water every day, she said. My naturopath said I need to have as much water as I can to flush the toxins from my body. I eat healthily, she said. I think you need to unburden yourself, the doctor said after a minute of deliberation. I suggest you go home and put away some of the jewelry from your neck. Then have a regular cup of tea and stick to only one kind of tea for a couple of days. Have your salad, but have something hardy with it as well, my recommendation is that you give your body a break. She looked at her doctor curiously, left his office and went home. She followed his recommendation and found that she felt better after the first day of eating and living simpler.

In our world of self-diagnoses and journeys into the world of holistic medicine, many of us find ourselves running around seeking answers to the maladies that plague us. We are willing to try anything and everything and we find that most of what we try do not work. We still feel unwell. Most times we think that something is wrong with us. We come up with every kind of diagnoses in an attempt to cure what ails us. We live in a world with so many diagnoses of so many different health issues, that doctors have run out of treatments to alleviate our suffering. In many ways we think we are living a simple life when we take a holistic approach to our healing but for most of us we go into overkill in an attempt to heal.

Most of the things out there designed to heal us will not do so. Outside forces, medicines and paraphernalia do not heal us. Even the medicines of traditional doctors cannot heal us. They are placebos that we have put in our way to assist us in believing in our healing. There are stories of people who go to the doctor with one malady or another who took the drugs administered and they found no relief. They took everything prescribed, followed all the instructions but because they were dependent on their illness to keep them feeling that they are alive, they do not get relief.

Our bodies have an intelligent blueprint for perfection in good health. It is capable of dispelling any disorder if we are willing to let it go. Having a conversation with this incredible feat of engineering, called our body is necessary to maintain good health. We keep forgetting or maybe you don’t know that we were born with an intelligence that rivals anything we can come up with. Left to its own devices our body will maintain optimal heal supported by a healthy mind. By that I mean, thinking positive thoughts about ourselves and having a kind and uplifting dialogue with our body will support its health. Then we will be able to hear what our body has to say.

Your body speaks. But you do not listen. It tells you when it is overloaded with too much ‘help’. It tells you that the many crystals you wear around your neck is causing strain on the muscles of your shoulders and neck. It tells you the you need to eat chocolate today because you are not feeling very positive, because chocolate is your feel-good drug. It tells you to eat seafood-shellfish for the iodine. Cravings are the body’s way of telling us what it needs. Even when it is not directing us, our body is communicating with us. When my children were little, I used to panic when they did not eat, especially the younger one. I took her to the doctor and he checked her weight and her vitals. He advised me that she was doing fine and that she was listening to her body’s signals. He said to leave her alone and when she was hungry she would eat. Ironically that is how I live. I eat what I feel like eating at the moment. I followed the doctor’s guidance and my daughters grew up to be healthy strong individuals. Sometimes overindulging in healthy eating can burden our bodies just the same as abstaining from the thing that make us happy can also burden our body and our spirit.

This article is not written to advise you to stop what you are doing to find optimal health. But if what you are doing is not working, my suggestion is to step back and allow your body to reset itself. Then let it tell you what it wants, even chocolate and go from there. The simple approach is often the most direct and less stressful on your body. A simple approach is best in the healing world.

The author, Sonia Nadina Haynes is an intuitive, emotional healer with the ability to support your journey out of illness into wellness.

Audacity To Dream

Find The Audacity To Manifest Your Dream

2014 was a year of possibilities yet to be discovered. The human race, meaning the planet has been in a deep slumber for the past five to ten years. All the magic we held flew away from us and we turned to following leaders in all aspects of commerce. If a writer made it big, we turned to writing. The big box stores became popular, now they are slowly closing down and the mom and pop establishments are waiting to return to dominance.

I was in New York City over the holidays and was struck with the emptiness there. I thought I would shop for something, anything and found that the things I may have wanted in New York were already available in my local mall in Canada. (It seemed to me that we are in a state of sameness. It is as if uniqueness has taken a vacation.) Plus things were also more expensive because of the currency exchange. The streets of New York were practically empty. It reminded me of a post apocalyptic movie where most of the people had died and the only things left were the echoes  of human population in pieces of paper and garbage.

As I walked around, I wandered, where are our eight billion people? They said the human population had grown to over eight billion people. Have our population shrunk without our being aware of it? A decade ago I would walk along Madison Avenue vigorously dodging the multitudes of people rushing along to do one thing or another. Now I had the streets mostly to myself. I even found a seat in the Starbucks! Something is happening and if one has not gone out into the world and seen the changes out there, one would think that the status quo is still in place. What do we do now in a world that has ceased to be manipulated by our fear based actions? To date, many have died for the change upon us. A change that will propel our species into a more interesting, less adversarial experience with each other. Can you imagine it? Humankind forgetting to hurt one another and focus on our spiritual evolution instead? It is happening but in a sneaky way so we do not realize it is happening and make a stampede back through the door of forgetfulness. In 2015 we will begin to see small businesses take hold again in the global economy. The people in power will find it hard to keep things as they have been since the times of the Romans.

Be prepared to find your life going just the way you want it to. You will see your curiosity about life increase. Prosperity will begin to spread like mould spores in a dark place. It doesn’t sound too appetizing, but we will gradually find our audaciousness and move towards our dreams. This is the change we have heard about. It is here. The time is now.



Fear And Loathing In Money Universe

What will it take for us to realize that we need to open to money in order to heal the planet’s financial issues?I have a Power Of Money Workshop coming up December 6th at 10:30AM in Brockville Ontario. This workshop is my way of fulfilling my destiny. I am available to speak to your groups on opening to abundance. Contact me for more information.

We have a hard time making what we need to live the type of life we want. We are challenged with the homeless and the hungry out there in our world, and yet we have a hard time acknowledging that money – you know money, cash, moola is important to get the human race off the hump of limitation it has found itself on. In the book, The Secret, experts, best selling authors, philosophers, and quantum scientists talked about The Law Of Attraction. They offered that the LOA had been used by successful people as far back as the ancient times. They also said that the LOA is working in our lives at the present moment. On that note they are correct. The challenge is to see what exactly we are thinking that is affecting our lives positively and negatively.

In my book The Power Of Money, How You See Money Is How You See Yourself, now available on my updated website, I write about the unconscious thoughts that pervade our minds that we are not even aware are there. We are told that we have several thousand thoughts a day. In order to get rid of the negative thoughts, we will have to sit like the marble sculpture The Thinker and watch each thought as it floats through our minds. And while we are watching each thought several will sneak in on the background. It is impossible to get rid of something that we have no idea what it looks like or understand its origin. In my book and the seminar I have designed. I take you into the unconscious mind to look at your thoughts once and for all. I show you how some of what you consider to be negative can be turned into positive. Like kitchen scraps can be made into fertilizer and used to nourish the new plants and help them to grow. Here is a quote from my book. It explains greed.

“… because we do not feel that we can accomplish our dreams, we experience feelings of bitterness within ourselves. This is why some of us end up trying to take what is not ours. The unconscious can see the possibility of our dreams even when we cannot. It never sees what is impossible. It knows our capabilities. It knows our limitations also. We will never feel jealousy for any thing that we are incapable of accomplishing.” – The Power Of Money, How You See Money Is How You See Yourself. – Sonia Nadina Haynes


The Secret Piece To The Secret by Sonia Nadina Haynes

In my arrogance, I tended not to go out and read or listen to other visionary’s work. I am calling myself arrogant because if I went out and checked them out I would be able to see where I fitted in the gaps they left behind. The book The Secret was given to me several years ago which I started to read it but didn’t finish. I already knew the information in The Secret. But, The Secret kept coming up in conversation and so I decided to watch the programme on Netflix.

Since The Secret was written in November 2006, a lot has happened on the planet. People kept losing everything. They read that book amongst others, watched the show, practiced the principles set down in the book, by visionaries and teachers, successful authors and quantum scientists. The message shared in the book related to The Law Of Attraction. The idea is that we have a dream and in order to attain that dream, it is necessary for us to release negative thoughts, embrace positive thoughts so that the positive is accessed by the universe which works with us to create our dreams.

To achieve this we need to keep and maintain the thought of what we want, like a new car, a good job and a loving relationship. I went on to Goodreads to look at some of the reviews on the book. The reviews fell along the wide extreme of five for how great the book is to one ‘what a load of sh*t’. I could see how The Secret made many people mad because they are trying to improve their lives with positive thinking but the positive thinking kept being overshadowed by negative thoughts. How does one fight an invisible foe that one does not even understand?

The book should have been called Beat Negative Thoughts And Realize Your Dreams. It is impossible to eradicate a thought you are not aware you are thinking. Thoughts have been a part of your psyche from the time you became consciously aware of your existence multiplying with each experience you encounter. How is it possible to get rid of the thoughts that are sending us along a path of lack and limitation? The Secret was on the right track but it was missing a big part of the message.

This part of the message is so important that it is impossible to shift your thoughts or your life without realizing it.

Our unconscious thoughts are like rhizomes in our minds. Rhizomes are non-photosynthetic plants that run and propagate under the soil. This means that these plants can survive in the dark, the way our unconscious thoughts require the fearful darkness of our minds to exist. I remember attempting to eradicate field horsetails from a patch of ground I was trying to make into a garden. I dug and dug to get to the lacework of roots that buried themselves deep into the soil. When I thought that I had removed all the horsetails, I went on to plant my roses and daisies, tomatoes and lettuce. A couple of weeks after, my garden looked good, up popped several horsetail plants. I pulled them out and soon another batch of horsetails popped up. I was beside myself!

All my good work was being ruined by these pests. I was told later by someone who ‘knew’ that pulling at the horsetail sent a shock wave into the plant causing it to grow even more. So my attempt at eradicating the horsetail by violently pulling to get it out of my garden was actually giving it the energy it required to propagate more voraciously. This is the same with the unconscious thoughts. When we fight against our perceived negative thoughts, we give it fuel to haunt us even more. This is the part that The Secret did not address. How do we remove the unconscious thoughts that keep returning and toppling our good efforts of positive thinking?

Come to my event THE POWER OF MONEY, MONEY, SPIRITUALITY AND YOU, on December 6 and see how to find the original root of your unconscious thought. Learn how to turn it into a positive source for creating the life you want. If you are afraid of having what you want, or want something really badly, it is possible to use the energy from the transmuted negative thoughts into creative energy to manifest what you want.

The Power Of Money – Money Spirituality & You – Brockville Public Library, Buell Room, 23 Beull Street, Brockville


Giving Thanks in Grace and Benediction

Thanksgiving, harvest, giving thanks is celebrated and upheld all over the world. For most of us thanksgiving is about the turkey and family gathering. On the Social media and Facebook, many share their feelings of thanks for their lives and the ones who make their lives such a fulfilling experience. In my childhood, I spent my formative years in a rural village in the countryside.

The farmers were dependent on the grace of the land, the weather and a force that extended beyond themselves. Regardless of whether the harvest was good or not so good, they gave thanks. I am sure this practice was carried out in all indigenous cultures. What I remember is that Mizpah Moravian Church would be filled to bursting with the harvest from the farmers around the community. Each person brought a share, a token of that years crop as a sacrifice to the alter, honouring the Divine Spirit with thanks.

All the way to the door, from the alter would be fruits of every description, root vegetables, flowers, and the products of the harvest; cakes, cookies, jams and jellies. Pickles fruits and vegetables layer alongside rag rugs, crochets garments and home decorations. The shafts of light would stream in through the stained glass windows touching the offerings as if God was reaching in and accepting what was given-freely.

From those experiences, I learned to carry gratitude and give benediction for what I received throughout each moment of my life. It does not matter how terrible we think our lives feel to us, something good always come out of the tragedy. Many are without their loved ones, living away from their birth homes. Many are on the ground in combat gear, feet burning from the pain of being in uncomfortable boots for long moments at a time. I have memories of past lives in several wars and I am in solidarity with every person who soldiers and fights for their country regardless of which side they are on.

In a past life journeying workshop, one of the attendees saw himself, a soldier fighting in a war in Europe. He realized that most soldiers go out to fight and kill a part of themselves through killing other human beings without asking why? One politician disagrees with another and they send their citizens to fight each other on the politician’s behalf. None of the soldiers had an issue with the other, they were just fighting under orders. Let us be grateful that most of us do not have to take on such a terrible task.

No matter who, no matter what. Let us give thanks to all those who give their lives without asking why.

Past Life Journeying helps to resolve personal issues and helps to complete karmic stories. Join Sonia Nadina for one of these informative experiences.