Facing Fear – Turn the Dragon into the Puppet

With so much senseless violence in the world, one wonders how we don’t spend our lives cowering under our beds. Any moment we can be shot, encounter a disease, fall into an earthquake or have a project we have been working on for a long time fall apart. For most of us fear is a constant companion. We live fear. We fear being yelled at by loved ones, being blamed for things we have not done but these things if they occur, are only reflecting our own unconscious story. The story we make up will either maintain the negativity created through fear or become an opportunity for inner growth and healing.

A young woman who decided to take a chance on life and live on the edge, moved to live in Japan. Japan proved to be a challenge and a delight for her. She encountered a man who became her lover. A lover that was beyond her imagining. He chose to be loved by her as well as loving her with total abandon. The intoxicating affair lasted for a year then she found she was pregnant. He wanted to continue the affair, but was not wanting to acknowledge her unborn child. She decided to take him to court for financial support of herself and her unborn child as she became unemployed due to her ‘condition’.

The case was prepared and two weeks before their day in court she started to experience panic attacks. She feared going up against him as he was a very wealthy and powerful man. In fear she created many unhealthy thoughts about being thrown out of court, about being attacked and basically humiliated. Although separated, she was still married to a Japanese man. Her worst fears from her childhood were coming true, to be seen as less than herself, to be humiliated. She knew her value, or so she thought, but in this case she realized that the border of her self-worth kept expanding and contracting dangerously.

Three nights before her appearance in court, after many sleepless nights, imagining the worst, she called her Sensei in Canada. She was comforted through the guidance she received but as the hours counted down to her final facedown with her fear, she had a dream.

She saw herself standing in a room that was all white and filled with light. Her Sensei appeared in front of her but behind the Sensei was a fearsome dragon.

“Look out!” She screamed to her Sensei.
What’s the matter?” Sensei asked calmly.
“It’s going to eat you!” She screamed shaking with fear.

Sensei turned around as looked at the dragon, then turned back to the young woman. “What are you going to do about it?” She asked.
“What?! What do you mean?” The young woman asked.
“Exactly what I asked, what are you going to do about it?” Came the answer.
The young woman looked at the fire breathing dragon and cowered in fear. Sensei said to her, “Pluck out its eyes.”
“What?” She screamed.

“Pluck out its eyes!” her Sensei repeated with the look of wisdom drawn from a depth that told the young woman that this was a command and not a suggestion.

The young woman, reached up, between dragon’s fire puffs and plucked out one eye then the other. The dragons roar shook the room. There the young woman stood with a bloody eyeball in each hand.

“Put them in your purse,” she was told.
“What – My new purse?” She looked at her precious designer purse that she had just bought, the eyeballs dripping blood in her hands and did as she was told.
“Remove his teeth.” Came the next command.
She did as she was told. She pulled the dragon’s upper canines.
“Now skin it.”

She used the teeth and skinned the dragon only to find that he turned into a creature that looked like Mr. Snuffleupagus, from Sesame Street. The young woman became weak with relief.

“There you go, now you have your tools with which to fight your battle.”
Her dream ended and she called her teacher the next morning and recounted her dream.

All of us have fear. Unfortunately we allow our fear to intimidate us like a dragon in our lives. But, it has no more power than what we imagine. Do you fear death? Death is a transformation. Maybe we are here to understand the passing from physical back into spirit. Do you fear being impoverished? Maybe we are here to understand how to rise above the limitation spun from negative thinking to abundance through positive thinking.

Allowing our selves to be cornered by fear is not who we are. So take the time to transform your fear from a crazy fire breathing dragon to the harmless and lovable Mr. Snuffleupagus.


Giving Thanks in Grace and Benediction

Thanksgiving, harvest, giving thanks is celebrated and upheld all over the world. For most of us thanksgiving is about the turkey and family gathering. On the Social media and Facebook, many share their feelings of thanks for their lives and the ones who make their lives such a fulfilling experience. In my childhood, I spent my formative years in a rural village in the countryside.

The farmers were dependent on the grace of the land, the weather and a force that extended beyond themselves. Regardless of whether the harvest was good or not so good, they gave thanks. I am sure this practice was carried out in all indigenous cultures. What I remember is that Mizpah Moravian Church would be filled to bursting with the harvest from the farmers around the community. Each person brought a share, a token of that years crop as a sacrifice to the alter, honouring the Divine Spirit with thanks.

All the way to the door, from the alter would be fruits of every description, root vegetables, flowers, and the products of the harvest; cakes, cookies, jams and jellies. Pickles fruits and vegetables layer alongside rag rugs, crochets garments and home decorations. The shafts of light would stream in through the stained glass windows touching the offerings as if God was reaching in and accepting what was given-freely.

From those experiences, I learned to carry gratitude and give benediction for what I received throughout each moment of my life. It does not matter how terrible we think our lives feel to us, something good always come out of the tragedy. Many are without their loved ones, living away from their birth homes. Many are on the ground in combat gear, feet burning from the pain of being in uncomfortable boots for long moments at a time. I have memories of past lives in several wars and I am in solidarity with every person who soldiers and fights for their country regardless of which side they are on.

In a past life journeying workshop, one of the attendees saw himself, a soldier fighting in a war in Europe. He realized that most soldiers go out to fight and kill a part of themselves through killing other human beings without asking why? One politician disagrees with another and they send their citizens to fight each other on the politician’s behalf. None of the soldiers had an issue with the other, they were just fighting under orders. Let us be grateful that most of us do not have to take on such a terrible task.

No matter who, no matter what. Let us give thanks to all those who give their lives without asking why.

Past Life Journeying helps to resolve personal issues and helps to complete karmic stories. Join Sonia Nadina for one of these informative experiences.


Enlightenment Fosters The Release Of Fear

There has been a lot of noise and fear about the Illuminati. Based on what I have heard, the Illuminati are a bunch of men wearing three-piece suits, sitting in an apple orchard, behind a barbed wire fence playing poker, but that was a dream I had many years ago. I watched a movie called Thrive where the narrator shared fear based information about UFO’s, chem-trails, GMO food and the idea that we are being controlled by a group of human individuals. Before I continue we should ask ourselves if we being controlled by others outside ourselves or are we being controlled by our own fear? The individuals I mentioned, had the means to go out and blaze a trail for themselves and their families. They charted courses and cut paths through this thing called life, lived to talk about and are changing our world. We may not like the way they are doing it, but if we don’t like it then we need to jump into the ring and make changes ourselves. Not by speaking about but doing.

The dictionary meaning of the word Illuminati is a person who has superior enlightenment. The Buddhist definition of Enlightenment is to awaken to divine truth. Could it be that this group’s ultimate karmic purpose is to force us out of our complacency brought about by fear of the unknown? We are all seeking enlightenment, or so I have heard many say. If that be the case, could these chem-trails in the skies and GMO based foods etc. be forcing us to start relying on our minds, (psyche) and begin to heal ourselves and the planet? Do we need all the drugs that are being sold to us? We can heal ourselves through our thoughts. I know, I have done it. Can we make the poisonous foods we eat transmute in our bodies to healthy and positive nutrients? Of course we can do it.

What is necessary is for us to talk our bodies down off the cliff of fear of death and sickness. When we do so we can make ourselves look younger and feel vital again by letting go of fear. I have been told many times that I look twenty years younger than my actual age. I am also asked how I keep my skin looking youthful. Is it a lack of stress that makes me seem younger? I don’t think so. Since the day I was born, my life have been through several tests of my mortality. Stress had been the shoes that I wear and yet, I seem to be riding the fountain of youth. An aside, many of you may decide that I am vain etc. etc. it does not matter to me. I do not worry about what the world has to say, because the world cannot live my life for me. I still do my thing.

Could it be that we have pushed ourselves into a corner whereby we are shaking in fear of a small group of individuals whose only job is to force us to wake up and begin to release the grip of fear that mankind has held on to for so long. The human race is smart. We have figured out many things through our evolution. We have had, as part of our species, individuals who have gotten up and reshaped our worlds with their fearlessness and ingenuity. You are #smart. We have the ability to bring about a healthy society that does not rely on drugs, the placebo that is prescribed to us, that we have come to rely on.

Doctors and I are not much friends. Several reasons. I remember going to the doctor and watching patients waiting patiently, no puns, looking dreadfully sorrowful. I could not stand it. So I kept my back straight, and eat properly most times and make sure that I maintain a positive mental state for the health of my body. Dr. Oz has made a successful show showing us what is wrong with us. He has been able to do so because we are looking for signs that we are broken.

Fear in its fear of dying kills itself.”

In our fear we are rushing like lemmings to the end of the cliff. The challenge is that we are not teaching our children that fear is just a trick of the mind. We have what it takes to lead our species into a future that is illuminated. Nothing that happens in our lives is by accident. Everything has a purpose. I came to a seemingly small town in Eastern Ontario. I got here through quite a challenging process. I was not sure how it would work out. I rode my old friend, fear, knowing that it was still at work. Even though I was cognizant of the emotions in this place, I absorbed the fear, felt it and sat within it until my sensible self surfaced. I was then able to see the state of the energy of this place which is honest, earnest and alive underneath the hiding.

I am glad I am here to witness the birth of something amazing. Maybe, you never know there will be more illuminated ones springing up from the common people who are fearless in their view of life and their approach to the future. Maybe the illuminati will have done their work, which is to bring about the new enlightened age in the human species. It is not enough to do The Fonz “Aaaa”. We must be fearless in our heart and deep in our soul.

Emotional healing therapist, Sonia Nadina Haynes is a catalyst for change in the lives of all whom she meets. Through whatever it takes, workshops, one-on-one sessions, using coaching or psychic readings, she is here to foster positive change that releases fear from the human psyche.

Copyrighted by Sonia Nadina Haynes.

This is on my website, and I am aware that ones who have little imagination may take my words and make them their own, if they find truth in these words and are able to utilize it for their own good first before they turn around, and regurgitate it back out into the world, than the words have made their impact.


Understanding Your Financial Story Through The Chakras

Do you know if your financial story is affecting your physical body? Your chakras can tell you how you are doing.

Chakras are emotional centres that are located at specific points along your spine. For example the base chakra is located at your tailbone and rules money support system and foundation. If you are feeling a bit wobbly financial but are unwilling to acknowledge it, your body will show it for you.

The way it works is, our thoughts are downloaded and affect our emotional state. “I don’t know if I will have enough money to make it this month.” This leaves us with a depressed feeling, we feel down and stressed. The stress produces hormones that affect our physical body. We end up with discomfort in our legs, feet anus and colon. The sciatic nerves that run down into our legs will produce pain depending on the amount of anger we feel along with the fear and worry.

Take the time and look at your lower extremities and see what your body is telling you that you are uncomfortable seeing. Oh and constipation is a really powerful signal of someone who holds on to money because they are afraid there isn’t enough. Drop by my website

Take the time and look at your lower extremities and see what your body is telling you that you are uncomfortable seeing. Oh and constipation is a really powerful sign of someone who holds on to money because they are afraid there isn’t enough. Drop by my website I will be doing an online class introducing you to your chakras.


Search For Happiness It Is Worth It

I had a dream that I went into the underground to search for the light. As I went, I came upon many frightening personalities. I ended up in a building where a boy child who had gone in before me, found his way out through a tiny hole in the wall and took it. He was not happy to be in that place of dimmed light and pathways that challenged him to navigate. In the dream, he took the way out and as he did so, I saw the little man. He was powder white from head to toe. His hair was like Albert Einstein. He looked like the plastic trolls that kids used to play with. I reached down grabbed his head, between my thumb and forefinger, he was that small. “How do I navigate a world that seems to be shrinking?”, I asked him. All the good seemed as if it was being sucked out of the world as we know it. How do we make it to the other side of this challenge?

I woke up as I got the answer. The way is not to seek paths to overcome pain, it is to seek the light in our dark places. It is to recognize true happiness. Not the happiness that comes from delirium, but the type of happiness that we found when we were little. When life challenged us and we found a place in a meadow where we were able to listen to the wind and image ourselves floating with the cloud. I do remember those days. I remember feeling like everything was within reach of my possibility. I felt I could reach up to the diamond studded, black velvet sky and touch it.

We are each seeking the way to happiness. To be able to settle into our beds and not worry about anything. We are seeking to find the place over the rainbow that Judy Garland sang so ardently about. Does it exist? I believe so. As I found in my dream, it exists in the underworld, the space within our psyche. There is no other place for it to be. It does not exist in the drugs that we take, nor does it exist in our shopping binges. The craziness that we embrace does not hold the happiness we seek. Happiness exists within our own sadness. It is the beautiful hum within the din of a chaotic life. It is the quiet place we are so afraid to embrace because we fear boredom. I promise you that this easy going, slow moving, light filled, cosy place called happiness is by no means boring. It is filled with wonder. We can chase a rainbow to find its end. We will be able to enjoy the moments with friends and family without the exhausting ruckus that we feel we have to stir up to hide from the quiet.

My challenge to you is to dig up a moment from your childhood where you felt at one with everything. I promise you will find the zone and experiencing a genius moment.

Imagine what would happen if all the countries at war at the moment stopped for one day to enjoy the stillness that comes from being happy. Because it exists beneath the din of fear. All peoples and countries that fight with each other are afraid. They are not strong, nor are they powerful. They are afraid that the other side is not hearing them. If we stopped to hear. Wait for it… Wait for it… There. There is the stillness that creates happiness in our lives.

Create happiness within your life and you can help the rest of the world find peace.


Accepting Charity Increases Planetary Abundance

We have all at one time or another wanted something. Sometimes it is the rent to keep a roof over our heads or a person in our lives. Whether it is a new being, or an already formed partner, the hunger for something or someone can be overwhelming for the best of us. Love is one of the forces that will take hold of us in a grip of passion that makes us go weak at the knees.

Wanting is one thing, getting what we want is another. We have been taught that we need to give up our desires for ourselves and focus on the needs of others. This is the way our society is structured. That giving up what is important to us is the noble way. I have given away things that were important to me in the past. Most of the time and when I did so, I felt the sense a deep sense of loss. I stuffed the feeling away because I thought I was doing the right thing. I was at a get-together where the speaker of the day talked about giving in order to get. She said that she would give and give and when she wanted something, the recipient of her generosity cannot help but give back out of obligation. Our world is filled with this type of altruism. People who give in order to guilt others into giving back. Is it because we are uncomfortable in receiving that we do this tit-for-tat type of giving?

For most of us accepting kindness is like unto death. We would rather lose an arm before we subject ourselves to the act of opening that arm to accept kindness that we would call charity. It made me wonder if everyone is giving and no one wants to receive graciously, does this not leave an imbalance in the world’s energy. When we give and we get a feeling of satisfaction from that activity, we need to give others the same satisfaction when we are open to receive from them.

One of the rules of abundance is to be open to receive, without question. And without guilt. When we do so the light of abundance will flood across the planet and we will see the dawn of abundance flow across our planet.

Ways to open ourselves to increased abundance are to accept that charity is good. “For the greatest of these is charity”. Charity is the act of lovingly giving and receiving. It is to be as opened to receiving as we are to giving.

Imagine that your inner child needs the thing you are being given. Most of us will accept kindness without seeing it as charity, if we are receiving for someone else. Our inner child is starved for the kindness that we are refusing.

I know that it is important for us to be seen as successful and not need anything. But we all need something and in this time of so much financial uncertainty, being open to receive will allow the altruistic energy of abundance to flow around the planet once more. I think we have learned from our past of over indulgence. I think we are ready to have what we need and a little more. Don’t you?

Sonia Nadina Haynes is author of The Power Of Money, How You See Money Is How You See Yourself. Available through Balboa Press.


Answer The Question, Who Are You?

Who are you? This is the first question I ask of my clients when they come to me seeking guidance. In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, the Caterpillar opened their conversation by asking Alice, Who are you? He did not get a straight answer and Alice expressed confusion and frustration at her state of mind. I do not have a hookah, and I don’t have a toadstool although some may wish I sat on one, but the question is quite valid. Most people seek happiness. They seek love and abundance but without knowing the answer to the question, how can we get the universe to bring us what we want? If we do not know who we are? Who is the universe bringing all the good to?

In our conversation, my clients try to tell me what they have read as a potential answer. You know the usual answer, I am a child of the universe. I am light. I am all that I am. Do you really know light? Could you give a definition that is not a scientific explanation? In my one-on-on sessions and in the workshops that I lead, I hand out pens and paper and set them to work. Most sit in silence, waiting for the words to come to them as if their true nature is somewhere out there in the ethers. Others try to capture a statement from a book they have read, but it is the tone of the answer that defines the truth they give me. I have the ability to read and feel what each person feels whether they are in front of me or over the phone. That is how I read people. If you ‘get it’ I know. I do not need my clients to be right in front of me for me to see their pain and confusion. You cannot give a wrong answer to this question, because I see through the veil you have been hiding behind even if you are not aware you have been hiding. But, you know you are hiding, don’t you?

Understanding who you are will help you to understand what you are and why you take the paths you have in your life. Knowing what makes you tick helps you to realize your truth. It helps you to come face to face with your inner demon. You get to realize that it you are not so bad after all. You get to fall in love with yourself again, like you did when you were born. The newly born infant that you were, loved you. It loved your complexity. It loved your closeness to the divine, then your fontanelle closed up and you started to forget how beautiful you are and you struggle all you life to find yourself again.

Drop by and see me, either over the phone or in person and I will help you find the answer to the question. Who are you?
All rights reserved.

Sonia Nadina Haynes, Emotional Healing Therapist, Intuitive Life Coach, Author. Helps you find answers so you can live your life well. 778-786-1301.


Sourcing Happiness From Within

I just returned from facilitating the first Self-Emergence Retreat in Sedona Arizona. The stars were numerous and seemed as if we could reach out and touch them. We arrived on the full and eclipsed-blood Moon. The retreat was focussed on meeting and reconciling with each persons Inner Child. Sedona, as usual brought up each attendee’s darkest issues and pulled up our deepest fears. All the participants rose to the challenge as I expected them to and it was a fantastically powerful retreat.

Now on the planet, is the time of renewal and reconciliation with ourselves. Because mankind have finally moved into no-time, we are being charged to release and let go of our own past pain, so we can help mankind heal from its tumultuous past.

What does this mean?

It means that we are no longer able to hide from our shadow-self. It is time for us to become faithful to our own truth. By this I mean, we become aware of what will make us happy. And we go out and live it. Believe me it is not “things” that will make us happy. You can test this theory by considering that if the planet were devoid of things, how would you find happiness? Would you give up the need to struggle? This does not mean that we do not need things. When we release our attachment to the idea of holding on to things, we will find that abundance will flow naturally into our lives.

It seems that we are hard wired to live in fear and expect life to be hard. But we are not hard wired. It is an illusion for us to think that we can do no more than to spend each day fighting for survival.

How do we fix this?

First we need to decide that we want to be happy. Whatever happiness means to you, find it. Then we need to decide to embrace the concept of being happy. We do not have to be thinner or physically fitter to be happy. We just need to connect with our inner being in order to find happiness. Happiness is in the quiet moments when we have nothing to lose and nothing to gain. When we sit in a neutral space within ourselves. It is like sitting by a gentle running stream alone with your thoughts.

In this state we no longer need the ambient noise that surrounds us everyday. Each day we are bombarded by the sound of traffic even though we are inside our homes at night. We hear the hum of a refrigerator and our electronic toys. Even though these toys seem not to make a sound, they hum. One day while out walking a track field I became aware of a loud hum. It might have been present when I arrived but never-the-less I eventually became aware of it. I looked around to find the source of the sound. Eventually, after two laps, I walked close to the electrical pole with a power box and realized that it was the power box that was the source of the disturbing hum. It got quite loud the more I focussed on the sound. Many people today go about their daily lives, with ear buds in their ears. Are they trying to block out the ambient noises?

Find some time to be totally sound proof and see what comes from it.

Like the attendees at the Self-Emergence Retreat in Sedona Arizona, when you connect with the quiet within, you will find that you achieve a greater closeness with your inner power source and the only hum you will hear is the sound of the universe.

And that will make you happy.


Spring Time for Patience by Sonia Nadina Haynes

Through the ever revolving door of time, spring has arrived again. Spring, the time for renewal; also to refresh old ideas and activities in our lives. As the seasons change, we find ourselves turning to activities that we had put into dormancy over the winter months. Depending on where you live, you will see these changes more evident. Is it necessary to change everything in our lives? Many of us are instant gratification junkies. We want what we want now. But some trees grow quickly while others can take decades to reach maturity.

This spring maybe we should look at developing patience with the speed of our journey. “I can hardly wait!” is used quite regularly when we know that what we have been focusing on is coming into form. We vibrate with anticipation and try to speed up time. Now is the time to distract ourselves from too much high need, We need to turn our focus to things that we had put into dormancy and walked away from, because it was not working. The stars have aligned for the realization of your dreams. Let this spring planting of the seeds of your dreams lead to a bountiful harvest. All that is required is focus and faith in you self. You are important. You deserve to have all your needs met. You deserve to dream big and see that your dream is viable.

Let us use this spring to cultivate big dreams which like the oak and redwood trees will grow into solid and strong realized goals.

Happy planting!

Sun Rising over Lake


From the minds of creative people come questions about our existence. I have wondered many times throughout my life if I am real. The strangest things happen to me that are beyond the realm of normal. Causing me to shake my head and wonder if there is something else out there affecting the neurons in my head and influencing my perception. Life presents challenges and we struggle to overcome them. We experience some of the worst things humans can go through and we carry on. How is it that we are able to keep going no matter what is before us?

There is within us, beyond the innate ability for survival, a spirit that desires freedom. Although it knows it is free, this spirit within us is stuck in the density of our reality. In our world, we feel the strong sense of separation, and yet we are not clear about what we are separated from. Many of us refer to the great spirit, or god but we are unsure of what that is. All of us have felt a connection to this force, but we forgot through the experience of growing up and getting real. When life is going along easily and comfortable, we forget our connection to that part of us which is indefinable. It is only in challenges and pain that we raise our eyes and search the skies for – something. When life is good we don’t consider that we walk upright, despite the scientific impossibility. As babies, we examine our toes and fingers for hours. As adults we forget the wonder in our toes and fingers. When was the last time you really saw the sunrise as you rushed off to get to that early morning meeting? Stopping despite your potential lateness to drink it in? It would be an amazing thing if all the cars on the freeway stopped all at once so it’s drivers could drink up the sunset. I think we would smile more.

Many of us are unaware of the light. We forget about the sun until it is not there. Michael Jackson’s EARTH SONG looks at what we’ve done to the world, but we only see the state of our world, when it has already been pulled apart. We seem to notice most keenly when it is a natural disaster, than when we create the disaster ourselves. Our garbage is strewn all over, our coffee cups left at the bus stops or on the busses, paper napkins, tissues fall a few inches from the garbage receptacle. Our cigarette butts carelessly tossed out a window join those tossed by others. Ashtrays were eliminated from our environments with the intention of deterring smoking which has led to littering.

Do we not believe we exist? When I see all that we do in our joys and our pain, it makes me wonder. How can a race of beings, so magical and so beautiful not revel in its beauty? Not make this world reflective of its beauty? I remember a quote, Psalms 19: 1 “The heavens declare the glory of god and the firmament showeth his handy work.” These words flow through my mind when I wake up to a snow filled sky. When I see a sunrise, I sing Cat Stevens song, “Morning has broken like the first morning, Blackbird has spoken…”.

What could be better than us? With the ability to break beyond recognition and to magically repair – emotionally and physically. To be able to see within the jumbled bits of broken pieces in a person and know how to put that person back together. We are not limited at all. Not by our pain, nor our fear. We are incredible in our compassion and the power of how we love. I think we need to see some of that power within ourselves so that our world can move into that higher state of consciousness we have been speaking of for so long.