Spring Time for Patience by Sonia Nadina Haynes

Through the ever revolving door of time, spring has arrived again. Spring, the time for renewal; also to refresh old ideas and activities in our lives. As the seasons change, we find ourselves turning to activities that we had put into dormancy over the winter months. Depending on where you live, you will see these changes more evident. Is it necessary to change everything in our lives? Many of us are instant gratification junkies. We want what we want now. But some trees grow quickly while others can take decades to reach maturity.

This spring maybe we should look at developing patience with the speed of our journey. “I can hardly wait!” is used quite regularly when we know that what we have been focusing on is coming into form. We vibrate with anticipation and try to speed up time. Now is the time to distract ourselves from too much high need, We need to turn our focus to things that we had put into dormancy and walked away from, because it was not working. The stars have aligned for the realization of your dreams. Let this spring planting of the seeds of your dreams lead to a bountiful harvest. All that is required is focus and faith in you self. You are important. You deserve to have all your needs met. You deserve to dream big and see that your dream is viable.

Let us use this spring to cultivate big dreams which like the oak and redwood trees will grow into solid and strong realized goals.

Happy planting!

Sun Rising over Lake


From the minds of creative people come questions about our existence. I have wondered many times throughout my life if I am real. The strangest things happen to me that are beyond the realm of normal. Causing me to shake my head and wonder if there is something else out there affecting the neurons in my head and influencing my perception. Life presents challenges and we struggle to overcome them. We experience some of the worst things humans can go through and we carry on. How is it that we are able to keep going no matter what is before us?

There is within us, beyond the innate ability for survival, a spirit that desires freedom. Although it knows it is free, this spirit within us is stuck in the density of our reality. In our world, we feel the strong sense of separation, and yet we are not clear about what we are separated from. Many of us refer to the great spirit, or god but we are unsure of what that is. All of us have felt a connection to this force, but we forgot through the experience of growing up and getting real. When life is going along easily and comfortable, we forget our connection to that part of us which is indefinable. It is only in challenges and pain that we raise our eyes and search the skies for – something. When life is good we don’t consider that we walk upright, despite the scientific impossibility. As babies, we examine our toes and fingers for hours. As adults we forget the wonder in our toes and fingers. When was the last time you really saw the sunrise as you rushed off to get to that early morning meeting? Stopping despite your potential lateness to drink it in? It would be an amazing thing if all the cars on the freeway stopped all at once so it’s drivers could drink up the sunset. I think we would smile more.

Many of us are unaware of the light. We forget about the sun until it is not there. Michael Jackson’s EARTH SONG looks at what we’ve done to the world, but we only see the state of our world, when it has already been pulled apart. We seem to notice most keenly when it is a natural disaster, than when we create the disaster ourselves. Our garbage is strewn all over, our coffee cups left at the bus stops or on the busses, paper napkins, tissues fall a few inches from the garbage receptacle. Our cigarette butts carelessly tossed out a window join those tossed by others. Ashtrays were eliminated from our environments with the intention of deterring smoking which has led to littering.

Do we not believe we exist? When I see all that we do in our joys and our pain, it makes me wonder. How can a race of beings, so magical and so beautiful not revel in its beauty? Not make this world reflective of its beauty? I remember a quote, Psalms 19: 1 “The heavens declare the glory of god and the firmament showeth his handy work.” These words flow through my mind when I wake up to a snow filled sky. When I see a sunrise, I sing Cat Stevens song, “Morning has broken like the first morning, Blackbird has spoken…”.

What could be better than us? With the ability to break beyond recognition and to magically repair – emotionally and physically. To be able to see within the jumbled bits of broken pieces in a person and know how to put that person back together. We are not limited at all. Not by our pain, nor our fear. We are incredible in our compassion and the power of how we love. I think we need to see some of that power within ourselves so that our world can move into that higher state of consciousness we have been speaking of for so long.

A bubble bath

Epsom Salts For Clearing

Epsom salts baths are great for scrubbing away the negative energy we pick up around us. We move through our world with energetically spread wide sweeping up everything in our wake. This makes us emotionally and physically well. We suffer from headaches and fatigue when we become over laden with energy that is not our own. To clear energy, it is good to have Epsom salts around. Make sure you get your salts from the pharmacy.

There are some that are used for horses that may be cheaper, but not as clean and clear for humans. Watch out for that. In the bath, Epsom salts can be used s a soak with your favourite essential oil. Lavender and thyme oils are good for immediate clearing and healing, but your favourite, can be equally as good. It means that your energetic field is requiring that essential oil. In the shower, make a scrub with one pound of Epsom salts, quarter cup almond oil or mineral oil if you are. If you are allergic to nuts, go to your health food store and ask for an oil that is safe for you to use. Four drops of lavender oil and three drops of thyme oil. Combine the essential oils and the carrier oil together and then pour over the Epsom Salts. Put it in your favourite jar and use a scoop each time you shower. Scrub your entire body with the salts scrub for fourteen days in a row, first to clear your energetic field.

Be cautious about using a glass container around the bath as it can pose a hazard. Scrubbing with the Epsom salts scrub will clear your energetic field, which, as you focus on clearing will be washed down the drain. I have been asked about using sea salts. Sometimes sea salts can be a bit coarse and may scratch your skin. If you can handle it or can grind the sea salts fine, go ahead and use it. Epsom salts is less costly if you choose to do this over a two weeks time.


Heal From Within by Sonia Nadina Haynes

So much is happening on our planet right now. Crazy winter weather, full moon on Valentines Day, the Olympics in Russia have all impacted us in one way or another. Our once slowed down, almost boring live is continually getting crazier and crazier. The Thames has overflowed its banks and beautiful old parts of England have flooded. This reminds me of an article I wrote over seventeen years ago. It was called STOP OH MY CHILDREN AND HEAR ME. The article came from a dream I had the previous night where I saw Mother Earth. She looked like the Venus von Wallendorf – a large woman laying on her side with humans, as small as fleas, moving over her pulling at her skin and hair. With a groan she rolled to ease her discomfort and some of us got thrown off while others were crushed under her ample weight.

She spoke of our disrespect for the land stemming from a disrespect for our selves. She suggested that (and scientists have said this since), she will endure regardless of whether we are here or not. I saw the earth, a living organism, switching from hurricanes to drought in order to sort out her ozone layer. She is a living being. Just like our own digestive system, when it is out of sorts, if left alone will force us to crave foods that will help to put it back into balance. I have seen people eat chalk from the classroom chalk board, and charcoal from the fire without knowing why. The planet is trying to heal and we are getting in the way of her healing. We are trying to heal her, but we forget or we are unaware that she is the powerful one. She will continue to be around if a comet hits and destroys all of us. She will be here if disease clears us from the face of the planet. In my dream, Mother Earth lauding to our inability to care for ourselves and we are unfortunately causing ourselves pain by refusing to pay attention.

What is the remedy for our salvation and the planet’s healing? Well, it is a Kumbaya moment. It is a love-in and love fest. We cannot continue along the path we have been taking, but we can heal ourselves and not be distracted from it by focusing on planet earth because her job is to heal herself. We are too late to fix her. She will do this on her own. We need to fix ourselves, heal our own pain that has caused us to indiscriminately harm the planet. Yes we are in an ice age and experiencing climate change, but what is happening on the planet is also happening within each of us.

We are as precious as our home. We are the microcosm of earth. Our erratic emotions are reflected in her erratic weather patterns. We moan and cry because the weather has made us uncomfortable. What if she is trying to slow us down by putting crazy weather in our way? I am aware that our logical minded are not interested in a theory such as mine, even though Gaia has spoken this, but we need to figure things out and find peace within ourselves -call it the great experiment- so that balance can come back to the planet. If the winter has been so crazy, what will the next summer bring?


#smart – Getting a Handle on Social Media

I have to admit that social media came and rolled over me leaving chariot marks on the back of my spirit. It’s only now when social media seems to be kind of on the wane that I have figured out the meaning of the hash-tag. I’m wondering if it is still time to use it, now that I’ve got it before the next big craze hits. Of course I’m referring to Twitter which is now trying to sell me business pages – (don’t get left behind!) I was left behind in the dust when it came to using the tool that so many have sworn by or at. Now I am being told to use linked-in. I have been on these social media pages since before they became popular. They came without a manual and the plethora of experts who tried to explain the platforms did me no justice. The instructions were so complicated that I would have been better off trying to learn how to play the tuba.

I must admit, now that I’ve got a handle on the hash-tag, I’m pretty proud of myself. I will spend the next year hash tagging away to my hearts content while I take on the task of learning to understand #linkedin.

What about Facebook, you may ask? Well as far as I’ve heard, Facebook is going the way of the dodo bird. Unless it can create a complicated programme that will force us to learn to figure out, Facebook may struggle to get it’s stronghold again. Maybe I can come up with a little tinker to use on Facebook which might give rise to its popularity again. 🙂 #smart!

Couple Moving Boxes Between Homes

Move Out Beyond Your Wall with Sonia Nadina Haynes

I hope the you are ready to step onto your path in 2014.

A few months ago, I told my friends and clients in Vancouver that I was moving back to the east coast. Some looked at me in shock. While others looked as if they were ready to take my temperature. They could not believe that I was looking at moving away from beautiful British Columbia. But look at the water and the mountains! I heard.
There is so much snow back east!
It’s pretty cold there! they all said.

Many of us spend our lives hearing disparaging and persuasive words like these when we speak out loud about following our dreams. We stop ourselves from going to pick grapes in New Zealand, because we hear, If you go to New Zealand, what do you have to come back to? What will you do for money? Or those of us who think of giving up a lucrative job and career and running off to Spain or France to become a writer or artist. You can’t make any money as an artist! You will starve. Read my life changing book The Power of Money, How you see money is how you see yourself, I wrote quite a bit on the subject.

We tend to stop ourselves from enjoying the fullness that life has to offer us. Each time we stop ourselves we reprogram our brains to avoid risk. Consider a child who is overprotected by his or her parent. Each time he is stopped from crossing the road, or told to be careful, he slowly learns to avoid risks.

She feel a deep yearning – a draw, to be a poet, but the voices hidden in her subconscious warn her about the danger of taking such a life. Ironically, we hear of people close to us who took off and followed their inner siren. For some it did not work out so well. But these individuals said that there is nothing they would change. For others taking a chance on their dreams worked out really well. For me, I made the trip to England in nineteen eighty three. I earned two beautiful daughters from that experience. I took a chance and travelled to Japan and Australia, found my life path and how to go about embracing it.

Moving to the east coast of Canada is not a flight of fancy. it affords me the energetic anchoring that I need to continue my writing and my work. I feel at home here amongst the cold and the snow. I love the flat landscape and the blue, blue sky. Turns out Ottawa gets more sunshine than Florida. A grey day is still a bright day here, I think because the sky is so expansive.

I hope you take a chance on finding out if you can or want to. If you are capable of or will never do again. This is the time for stepping out of your comfort zone and go and work on the beach in Hawaii. The world is so small that it will enter through your front door if you are open to it. Get married! What are you waiting for? Learn how to drive, it’s never too late. Become a chef and start a cooking show online. You never know you may be picked up by a food network!

Listen to my blogtalk shows.


Hope And Fear – The Dance Between Opposites

Love versus hate.
Hope versus fear.

These emotions have run our world since the beginning of time. We hear the adage; love is stronger than hate, or hope is stronger than fear, but what is the truth? We hope against hope that we can have a good life and that, that life is trouble free. But despite our hope, meditation, positive thoughts, fear screams in and we find ourselves struggling to maintain the life we worked so hard to establish. We try hard to carry love in our hearts for the rest of humanity until the day in the supermarket with the woman at the cash-out chose to take her time on one item, when we are late for work and why didn’t she know what she was doing before she got there?

How is it possible that as much as we try to be love and emulate hope, the opposites overtake our good intention? Why do we find ourselves locked in fear-based situations despite all our hard work to be positive.

Our world is a dual existence. You have heard this many times. Our world is a low vibration environment. This does not mean that low vibration is bad, it means that low vibration is the slowest. And as I said before, we exist in a polarized, dual world. Because this is a slow vibration, emotions will have sway in this world. Fear will naturally creep into our hopeful mindset for a moment, as often as we try to set up for the positive. Maintenance is required to keep love and hope strong in our life and throughout the world unless we raise our vibration towards light.

Vibration. The word has been bantered about since we realized that such a thing exists. But how do we raise our vibration and maintain the status quo? I said at the beginning of this blog that fear is the lowest vibration and that our world exists in fear. The antidote to this is to acknowledge that we are love and hope. But this movement must not falter. In order for us to move to a higher vibration, we must see ourselves as the full embodiment of love. We must become love. I don’t mean wishy-washy, la-la lovey-dovey stuff. I mean constant. Powerful. Forceful and quietly consistent love. To find this we must decide that we are each of us a beautiful piece in the fabric of the universe. We must recognize that we are all that exists in the universe and that we are also most certainly not alone.

This new year is a good time to begin to foster and sustain love.

Christmas stockings

The Spirit Of Christmas – December 15th, 2013

My three sisters and I went to live with my grandmother when I was five and a half years old. Before that we never went to church. My parents were not particularly religious and I don’t remember Christmas with them. I have no memories of a tree or presents. When we went to the small parochial district of Cheapside, I was required to attend Mizpah Moravian Church. I learned about the nativity (the birth of Jesus) this is where the acting and singing bug took hold of me. I also learned about Santa Claus. We read about the magical man who flew threw the air on a sled drawn by reindeer and of course the famous red nosed Rudolf. Based on the stories I read and heard, Santa needed snow to land and take off in his sled. He also needed a fireplace. I bought into the magic until my second Christmas with my grandparents.

Rumor went around that Santa was coming to our village and would bring presents for all the children. I wondered how this would happen. We had no snow – it was hot in December – even in the shade. How were Santa’s reindeers going to land? I could not ask the adults because I was given a stiff beating the last time I asked a question that they were incapable of answering. So I waited. We were dressed up like all the other children. Our hairs were combed like it was a Sunday. Our grandmother shepherded all four of us girls, me being the eldest carried my baby sister out to Cross Roads. The whole village turned up. Adults and children joined in the infectious magic of seeing Santa for the first time. I looked at the sky while everyone looked to the up the road to the west.

One of the boys who kept running into the road to check for signs of Santa, yelled, “He is coming! Santa is coming!”

We all lunged into the road. All I could see was a cloud of dust. No reindeers, no sled – no Santa. The cloud of dust grew larger and closer and everyone cheered. To my disappointment, there was Santa not even the white twinkling one in the pictures, on his sled latched with ropes to the roof of a beaten up old car which went so fast he was a blur as the car whisked around the hairpin turn. The fake Santa threw small brown paper bags filled with candy at us. People scrambled in the dust to pick up the candy. I lost my belief in our modern day Santa who instills a frenzy of hope and disappointment from presents. As a mother I went along with the farce for my children. Although it turns out as my older daughter told me later that she knew that Santa wasn’t real from early on. She kept up with the farce for her father’s and my sake. Now that’s the Spirit of Christmas. I believe the spirit of Christmas exists every day in all of us. There are fake Santas all over the world and there are genuine saintly figures as well.

In this holiday season, May you enjoy the charm that gathering families and friends together brings. May you find hope and peace that regenerates throughout the coming year. May the energy of the Christ Consciousness remain a part of all you do on this planet in your own personal life and out in the world.

Happy Holidays.


Fall Into Healing

The path to enlightenment is like a super highway. Each of us, a different make of car with our own unique temperaments. In the mystical realm the car does represent your physical body. Some of us follow the speed limit, complaining about the ones who break the law by going too fast. Others are just above or below the speed limit. Those of us who drive at breakneck speed are usually ones who want to get to our destination as quickly as possible. We are in a rush to find true love or accomplish our goals. The speeder needs a mate. He needs to find The One. But he missed the opportunity because Miss Slow and Steady driving the blur Fiat is just not his speed. He forgets that she can help him to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Because we are in such a rush, we tend to miss the cute person who we may thing is just not our speed but he or she is capable of providing balance for us. That person is quite happy with how things are, he or she will help us to slow down and enjoy the moments as they come. What are we potentially missing when we put blinders on and avoid or miss the scenery around us? Go easy on yourself. You have your whole life to get to your destination. No matter where your exit may be.

This year moves quickly towards its end causing us to make plans for the New Year. Twenty-fourteen is a seven-year, which brings in the spiritual aspect of the human experience. Most of us will be in change as usual but this change will be on a deep spiritual basis. In the mean time, we should clean our emotional house to enforce our spiritual life. I keep harping on the importance of emotional healing. This is because without a tidy emotional inner self, nothing in our lives will work out for us. The various modalities that one can use are vast and it does not matter which one we use as long as we go within and heal that which is in need of our attention. For me the past two months have been a time of great reflection and healing. I was told a long time ago that I was not going to be allowed to put down roots where I attempt to, until the work I am here to do is completed and to that end I am uprooted again. This time I will be going back to the east coast to find my hopefully permanent home. I will be there on New Year’s Day keeping up with an old Jamaican proverb. Which says whatever the new year finds you doing will set the precedence for the coming year. My West Coast friends, I thank you for your loving kindness during my time here.

Sedona has always had a special place in my life. It is the place where I found myself, meaning I came to realize my life purpose in a tangible way. I will be taking a SELF-EMERGENCE in Sedona, Arizona, April 17 – 21, 2014. If you would like to join us, visit the website and sign up. There is a special savings for early registration.

“The thing that is hidden if your bring it forth, will save you… If you do not bring it forth will destroy you.” Excerpt from the Gospel of St Thomas.

It is challenging to feel emotionally stuck and in pain without relief. I understand the feeling. I spent most of my early, present incarnation angry and afraid of my own power. I was put to dealing with my pain through inner searching. I meditated relentlessly, for hours at a time. This brought me to understandings of why? After the why, I asked myself, how? The answers to these questions began to show up as I asked. I made up my mind that I was not going to allow ego to stop me from finding out my truth no matter how painful. And it was excruciating. I had no shoulder to lean on. I was alone in my despair. The result is a stronger and clearer me. I have been through the wilderness and was guided to take on the purpose of assisting the healing of anyone who is willing to shed their ego and secure their healing. Emotional healing gives us an incredibly happy life. I will be speaking about that during my next broadcast on Blogtalk Radio. This is part of a Lessons For Ascension programme. You may use the lessons for your own personal journey as I did with the books that came my way to assist my healing in my dark moments.

The Power Of Healing brings many beautiful experiences. It increases your capacity to hold more love and to fight for that love regardless of whom you are facing which includes the person you love.

Man and woman with blueprints.

Awaken In Transition

To everything there is a season. The time of major change and transition is occurring. I spent the past week in renovation. The exterior of the building is going through an update and over the Labour Day weekend I was behind a plywood bedroom window and only a plastic and tarp in the living room to buffer me from the outside noise. This put me in my usual observant mood. I teach and I know that everything in our life is reflected in our internal world. This is what I found out about myself. Our home represents our minds. What’s my story in this transition? I know that I keep people at bay. My professional relationships when tangled into my personal life become heart breaking and I try to maintain a separation, which at times is challenging. I create a wall behind which I keep my shy-self; this is ironic because I am a public speaker.

Behind the tarp and plywood, I couldn’t see the sun nor the rain that threw itself at Vancouver in bucket loads mingled with lightening that I knew would be there because of the thunder that crashed and roared through my imagination. When I took a break from the project I was working on to go outside, I felt as if I was on another planet. Everything had a powerful air of change! I felt as if I had been away for some time and the outside world had changed in my absence.

Part of my life purpose is to feel what it is like to be human by experiencing as varied experiences as I can. This renovation helped me to understand how people in solitary confinement feel. Oddly enough the movie, The Green Mile was on the television, which made me feel the isolation more keenly. At this time on the planet, we are here to experience everything in the human journey. Isolation, betrayal, hurt, pain, love and joy, this time we are to report what we know because we have awakened. We know what is right and what is wrong. We are no longer hidden behind ignorance. We understand when our words hurt others and we are aware that the kernel of light that exists within us has the power to heal through our conscious knowing and sharing.

I found answers to the questions that arose. Am I capable of living in isolation and working alone, as I believed? These questions come to me in the muggy, smelly (food smells) dark space I occupied. This time of solitude was both productive and instructive. I know that self-imposed solitude is much easier to be in than that which is imposed by others. So much for my control-freaky self. For me, I continue to remain open for the answers to the questions that I asked within my core, whether I liked the answers or not.

What are your questions?

Are you staying open for the answers?

The robe of realization is an incredible garment to wear. It opens the doors in our lives, without us trying too hard.

Congratulations to you who have remained open and are now enjoying the fruits of your perseverance. Your ship is coming in!