Globe in the Sky

Creating A New Earth

Talking about stepping into a new earth is like talking about leaving a dirty and disheveled home and move into a new one because the one we live in is too dirty. Why not clean up the home you have? Why not spend some time setting the stage to fall in love with what you already have? The earth we have is familiar. Old broom knows the corners. It is the place where the human race spent its time growing in spiritual awareness.

Once upon a time, the children of a race of humans were pulled from their parents, made to give up their language, experimented upon by ones who thought they were doing good deeds for a Christian God. The abusers wore their costumes and lorded their righteousness over others because (I’ll give them that) they did not know better. Others wiped out whole communities and civilizations, for gold and riches in the disguised name of a god that did not care for gold and riches. They did this because they could and with the rest of the world cowered in fear for their lives allowed the one who should know better have their way. Women burned at the stake, stoned, abused because they held the power of creation within their bodies lived in secret and fear, allowing them selves to be abused because they loved so much.

Today we are more aware. A bit more conscious. This speaks to progress. This speaks to human intelligence, that we are capable of growing and understanding. That we are willing to speak up against an oppressor and be shot for it. That we are willing to step out of hiding for what is right. So the new earth that is spoken of is an attempt to do away with what we have learned. The progress we have made. It is certainly a good idea to continue on the path we are on, just trying to remain conscious as we move into a new way of being instead of discarding our old world to a newly created New World which means starting over. For would we remember and hopefully not repeat the pain of our past in th?


Search For The Next Chapter

I chain read. As I finish one book, I search for the next random book that will take me into the world of its author. After reading certain books, I find that the peace that I cultivate erodes and I am left to dig it out of the residue left from the story in which I had just indulged.

There is a formula to writing which says that the characters should have challenges and the process that they overcome these challenges defines the flow in a story. Making it believable. For example, I am attempting to write this blog without a single simile. Is that challenge enough? There were so many ‘likes’ in the piece, that I felt that I was perusing a Facebook page. Anyway back to the story I am telling you. I just finished reading the Origin Of Haloes by Kristen Den Hartog. In it the character, whose existence sets about a series of unfortunate and tragic events is barely mentioned while what should be a minor character tooks over the pages.

In reading the book. I found myself falling back into my usual question, “why”. Why do people fall into these challenging experiences? Why do we seem to always dig in a pit of snakes instead of a well of treasure? As I read the Origin Of Haloes, I searched for something, anything that gave the character what they were seeking. The novel starts with a fatherless Margar and ends with her still searching for him in the faces on the television screen and in photographs. It left me with the feeling of loss that most of us carry. I have counselled hundreds of people over the years and my intention was always to help them find resolution in their lives. To help them release the search for something that may not materialize because searching for the illusive, keeps us wanting. This want takes us away from really living. We search for love, for peace, for spiritual clarity while telling ourselves that what we seek is impossible and what’s the use?

As we search, we contradict ourselves by saying that we cannot achieve understanding because we do not possess the purity of saints who lived hundreds – even thousands of years before and have melted into our myths. The Greeks did with their gods what we are now doing with ours. We have reached the same place in our history where we are looking to invisible, unattainable, long removed mythical beings as the template upon which we fashion our own morals and achievements. Can we think for ourselves? Can we find and create our own mythical heroes fashioning them not from past templates, but from a measure that we have devised based upon our own realizations in the time we live?

Books although hard to resist reading, sometimes give me indigestion because of the subject matter. I wish there is a book that makes the challenges small. I wish there is a book that makes me smile and sigh after reading the last sentence, not because there is a maudlin resolution that is forced, because to me death with understanding is a positive resolution. Each chapter of a person’s life should have resolution that makes us want to climb higher in search of the next chapter. It should end with the feeling one gets after eating a really great meal, the memory of the exquisite flavours that came together to celebrate the experiences of the moments that preceded the meal.

Because there are so many things out there in our great big world, we should be left with the desire not to recreate the past experience but to ride upon it and attempt to make the next equally as divine.

Well, I shall get me some Brie and Baguette. This is my whine for the week. I would love to get a new reading list started. Leave your comment and a book recommendation.


Happiness Anywhere

“Pam, pam, tee dum, pam pam te dum, dum.”
“Pam, pam tee dum, pam, pam, te dum dum.”
“Kai, be quiet, it’s too early”

“What’s that?”
“What’s that sound?”

The young couple curled into each other in the tent that they had laboured to put up the night before. It was the end of the week and the start to their summer holiday, camping. They had driven for five hours to get as far away from the big city as they could and they were tired.

“What time is it anyway?”
“Oh, aaah, six?”
“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Pam, pam, tee dum, pam pam te dum, dum.”
“Pam, pam tee dum, pam, pam, te dum dum.”
“Kai, be quiet!”
“Yes mom,”

The silence lasted for only five minutes then the singing began again.

The young man rose in frustration to admonish the child, but was held back by his girlfriend’s arms snuggling him closer. They listened to the sound of a little girl who found happiness in a tent in the desert hanging out with her family. The catchy melody from Rhiana’s song Disturbia, soon infected the couple and they were made to realize why they got away from the city. They smiled at each other and allowed themselves to be unwound and de-stressed through a child’s joy.

“Pam, pam, tee dum, pam pam te dum, dum.”
“Pam, pam tee dum, pam, pam, te dum dum.”

What would you do?

Would you get up and let loose the stress that you tried to escape?

Would you find it in yourself to be drawn into happiness like the child who woke with the chorus of nature that celebrates each morning?

Tell me what you think? It certainly is a new way of looking at happiness.


July 08th, 2013

It is Saturday afternoon and the sun has done its job of heating everything mercilessly. The windows are all open in an attempt to catch a little breeze. It’s not time for dinner as yet and anyway it’s too hot to eat. Seven people laze around, perched in various spots in the two bedrooms apartment in Brooklyn. Claudia sits in the living room with Lana and Sheryl. Lana shifts wearily on the sofa and the plastic covering the seat makes a loud sucking and squeaks as she dislodges herself from its embrace causing Claudia and Sheryl to look up even though they had heard that sound many times before. A groan escapes Claudia and Sheryl sighs wearily.

The muffled drone of a conversation is happening in the back of the house where the kitchen is located. Mom and dad come out into the little dining room next to the living room, pull out two chairs and sit down. Gerald can be heard – because Gerald uses loud music to mark his presence – playing the latest reggae music on his super boom box stereo.

“I wish Gerald would keep the noise down!” Sheryl moans.

“Why don’t you go and make him?” Claudia challenges.

“Who’re you talking to?” Sheryl asks. Lana picks up an envelope and fans her face and head.

“You, of course!” Claudia challenges

“Look here, you…”

“Girls, girls!” Dad calls from the dining room. “Why can’t you girls get along?”

“But Gerald is irritating me!” Claudia complains.

“Gerald, Gerald?” What does Gerald have to do with anything?” Dad responds.

“Well he is too LOUD!” Claudia says.

“You always talk up for Gerald and Nick. You never pay attention to what us girls have to say.” Claudia whines.

“Come now…,” Dad responds.

“Hey I heard my name!” Gerald’s voice streams in from the bedroom in the back of the house.

“I heard that!” Nick’s voice joins into the chorus.

“I wasn’t talking about you!” Claudia yells.

Sheryl and Lana’s voices join into the noise. Whines, yelling, complaints rolls through the small twelve hundred square feet space like the angry hum of a disturbed bee hive.

“Enough!” Dad yells. “Why can’t you children just get along?”

“Well, aren’t you going to tell Gerald to turn the noise down?” Lana and Sheryl, chorus.

“You girls just shut up! Don’t make me come into there.”

“Harold,” pleads Mom.

This is a conversation in a patriarchal household where the girls in the family feel that their needs are not being met by their father. It is evident in the above conversation. What was your childhood like? Did you feel that dad or the males in your family were listened to and heard more often than you were? How did you deal with this? Have you brought this unconscious story into your workplace, into your life? Are you one of those who feel that one part of society has more power than you? Do you feel that you have the ability to speak up at work and in your relationships with family or friends? How do you deal with the learned perception of inequality? How do you think Lana, Sheryl and Claudia should handle the problem of Gerald’s noise?


June Newsletter

Our Emotions Do Impact The Planet.

Do you get the feeling that time is playing tricks on you? Someone mentioned the other day that Michael Jackson has been dead since two thousand and nine. That’s four years ago! It seems like yesterday news the of his death rolled like a magic carpet on the wind across the planet. I had a conversation with someone, which I thought, was a week ago, and it turned out to be yesterday. Time is getting tricky and we are being pulled along in its wake. We use time to count our existence on the planet. Some schools of thought propose that we invented time, If that’s the case shouldn’t time behave itself a little better? But then we don’t behave. So I guess our inventions are acting as erratic as we are.

Spring, which is normally warm and bug filled for most of us, is doing her own erratic dance as well. With super tornadoes, major flooding in places that rarely flood, spring is showing us how much emotions we carry within us, even though we try hard to cover the fact. Our world cannot help but reflect back to us what is hidden. For generations we have been forced to keep our emotions tightly reigned and now we are at a place in time where we should l not be punished for speaking our minds. Generations of pain is being shed through our thoughts at this time, reflecting in our world, spilling into our environment. Take time and think about what is bothering you. We need to look at our emotional baggage and find positive ways to express these emotions through art and writing. When we do this we will find ourselves feeling freer and the energy around us will begin to quieten down. Mankind is in a state of creation right now. Because we are afraid, we are creating fearful things. Can you imagine if we set our minds to more positive creative thoughts? Like personal-empowerment, emotional healing and self-love? I have a feeling that the world could be like a Disney movie. But we need a critical mass to set this in motion. Give it a try. This is the great experiment. Let us see what we can create even on purpose – by accident. Shifting time, manifesting global abundance, finding the love that heals shining out through the eyes of the people we meet.


Choosing Between Desire And Fear

The hot sun beats down on Mattie’s bare head and she swears she can feel her brain frying in her skull. Beads of sweat form like a crown at her hairline and slug down her dusty forehead leaving salty trails that dry crusty in the inferno of the midday sun. One bead of sweat slides down, fed from the spring at her hairline, and follows the contour of Mattie’s cheekbone, leaving tracks in the hollow of her emaciated cheek, curving around her jaw and rolls past the sinewy neck, over her exposed collar bone to be drunk by the frayed and tattered neckline of the faded over sized shirt.

From her hiding place, behind the large boulder which itself has been blanched over time by the same sun that is taking her senses away with its torturous heat, Mattie stares longingly at the building – probably abandoned, only a hundred feet in front of her. The wooden door, bleached white in the desert sun, seductively beacons, offering coolness and respite behind its darkness. She longs to be out of the sun but does not know how safe it would be to take a chance on crossing the seeming divide to the building. She is afraid. Her senses tell her to be careful, that there may be danger, but she does not see any reason to be afraid. Mattie has been traveling quite a while, falling into and escaping dangers at every turn. Now the chance of rest from the heat dangles in front of her like meat in front of a starving dog and the memory and fear of being inescapably trapped conflicts between what she desperately wants and her fear of danger. Mattie waits. Her muscles set and ready to move, when her hesitant mind decides to take the chance of her life.

What should Mattie do? What would you do? How does trust come into the equation? These are questions that we each ponder every moment of our lives, especially when we are faced with leaving the uncomfortable familiar behind to embrace what we want. Would you let go of your fear, based in the past and trust the hard earned lessons you have gleaned in order to have the dream? Are you one who maintains the status quo even though it is slowly baking you into illness and death or do you take a run at what you want even though memories of past hurt hold you back? I would like to know how you would resolve Mattie’s dilemma and why.

Send me your information and stories and I will feature in oncoming newsletters and on my website.


Leaving Fear Based Economy and Strike out On Your Own

People have been searching for ways to utilize their skills and unplug from the matrix of large corporations while taking care of their financial future. It is a daunting task to strike out on your own on the one hand, while hearing about layoffs that are happening out there in the job market. How do we find our niche in the jungle of self-help stories, social media marketing and advice gurus? We are now dealing with the ant and the crumb at a picnic syndrome. The ant finds a good crumb and tells his friends. Noticed by others the tiny crumb is covered with more ants than the crumb can feed, like in the stock and housing markets. We gravitate towards the latest, tried and true, sure thing ideas that soon saturate that particular market and then we are forced to move on to greener fields to find sustenance. For decades, large corporations were seen as the paterfamilias that would look after us until we hit retirement. We unhappily worked at jobs that promised security but could not support our passions. Our unhappiness soon led to uncertainty, which left us wondering what to do with ourselves. But events of the day are forcibly weaning us from our dependence on big businesses and governments.

We forgot the basic in human commerce, which is to go out and find our own patch of earth or piece of sky and milk it for our own good until it runs dry.

The future of our world economy is based on a back-to-basics approach. The future of the planetary commerce is in small enterprise. It is in the mom-and-pop operation through which we will find our self-worth and autonomy. In the past several decades, individuals, tired of trying to make a name for them selves on their own, turned with respect to the “Big Guys In The Know” who had the ability to make a killing by pushing into communities shutting down the shoemaker and the small delicatessens. But the pendulum is always swinging. It swung to the far right where individuals, congregated into packs with hierarchal systems that drank from human fear and became puffed up in their own importance, building large glass towers of commerce; not realizing that glass is fragile and will shatter against the weight of the hot air, ego in fear, energy. Hopefully they knew that it would not continue and that the pendulum would begin to swing the other way. Everything is shifting. Everything that we knew before is being eradicated. The big corporations are organically falling by the wayside. Large top-heavy companies have and are still toppling from the weight of large salaries and bonuses. The ones smart enough to realize the danger have given up bonuses and inflated salaries to support their longevity.

Now the pendulum has swung back to the left. Pushed with great force from the over indulgence of the few, it has swung all the way to nothingness, waiting for the individual to start taking the reigns, separating from the ganglion of the corporate world, by doing what the owners of Starbucks and Xerox and Paul Mitchell Systems have done.

How do you go about carving a piece of your sky? You need to figure out what you want to do by looking at your skills and find a way to utilize them in a field that supports your passion and your life.

How do you go about setting your feet on the path to entrepreneurship?

First: You must know what is not working for you and why.

Second: Realize your passion. Is music your passion? Find a way to make music work for you. There is a market out there for your work you just have to figure out how to work it.

Third: Look at how this will feed you now. Most people who look at creating abundance in their lives look at how they will support others. On an energetic basis, looking after yourself first will give you the freedom and resources to look after others.

I have a seminar that is focused on finding your niche for the talents, gifts and passions you have in a way that supports the kind of life you want. Join me on May 15th at John Braithwaite Centre for an evening of dream finding and surprise revelations. Sign up now.

Couple Holding Hands on a Railroad Track

Is There A Relationship In The Stars For Me?

One of the questions asked of Sonia by her clients is, “Is there a relationship in the stars for me?”

Love is in the stars for all of us. We are destined to experience the bittersweet sting of a love that is indescribable, frightening, delicious and all encompassing. Many years ago, while working in Australia, I met a beautiful woman who had never married. In our conversation, she asked me the age-old question. Will I meet the love of my life? I shared with her what I saw. I described a man who was the opposite of what she would have chosen. Her brows knitted as I described him. He was a lot like her father. She was at the age where she had given up on love being a part of her life. She was concerned about her looks, her age and what she heard out in the world about what men wanted. I guided her to understand what she needed to do, to make herself accessible when the man showed up in her life. And she was willing. It took a bit longer than the date I gave her as destiny has it’s own timetable, but she met and fell in love with the person who showed her the fullest expression of love. Many may say she was lucky, but luck does not have anything to do with it. It is emotional readiness and the capacity to be available when that appropriate love shows up. We always attract the loudest thought in our unconscious mind. If that thought/desire is based on fear, we will attract a person who takes advantage of us, and so on.

Many of us meet an individual who is in our range of vision, but we think that the person is not in sync with us because there is no visible commonality between us. Even though you may not accept that there may be a link between the two of you, you miss the synchronicity in the EVENT. (Yes, falling in love is an event.) Synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernable causal connection. So for example a woman go to a party and runs into a man who is also at the party. They both seek that special someone. She is logical; he is musical. At some time in each of their past, she might have been hurt by a guy or gal who played the guitar; he by a woman or man who in his mind was too rigid. Neither of them is looking for the kind of person who was the cause of their pain. They end up in the same event, attracted to each other. Attraction overrules common sense. The memory of past pain still rules their reactions around love. Neither want to go down that road again; but he seeks structure that the other provides while she desires the magic in his or her creativity. How do they navigate this minefield and come out with everything they both need in a relationship?

Ironically, the musician needs and craves stability. Stability keeps him tethered in the physical world when his creativity takes him beyond the realm of logic and security. The linear thinking person, the responsible individual needs the magic in the music that the musician provides. It creates movement in the energetic field while activating the creative centres. Opposites do attract. The challenge is that if either or both sides come to the meeting with unresolved issues, the attraction will be so intense that the repulsion devastates for both sides. Each will approach the destructive shattering of illusion in different ways but there is usually one thing that keeps both parties trying to find common ground. Engaging in a conflict or argument such as money if you are in a relationship, children if you have any, your inner self automatically attempts to heal the rift in your energetic field by extending the love relationship through conflict.

It is possible to restore the original dynamics behind the connection in the first place. Love exists regardless of the face it is displayed upon. In a break up, love’s face is anger stemming from hurt. Fear uses ego to try and hold onto what it knew to be beautiful and peaceful and comforting. In relationships, ego has no place. And yet in relationships ego is the driving force that pulls two fearful beings together.

Join me on my online class as I shares insights on love relationships, how to attract divine love and put grace into the love you have.

Join my show on April, when I talk about fear and ego and making oneself ready for the love that makes your life complete.


Emotional Evolution And The Coming Of Light

Do you wake up in the morning with the sense that something in your world has shifted? A strange feeling of newness to your day?

The energy around us is speedily shifting and moving us in a direction that at the moment feels foreign. The human race is evolving towards a more conscious state of being and the energy of our planet and everything on and around her is shifting as well. Ways to recognize this is, you find yourself even more forgetful than ever before. You are more alert to the energy of what is happening around you. You find that telepathy is growing. People are responding to your thoughts and your pets seem to be more keenly alert to you and you to them. You find yourself struggling and challenged but the struggle is not as much of an emotional battle as it used to be.

Evolution is usually a slow event. It is slow because like metamorphosis, the subject should not be aware of the change. A growing human is that way. We go from babyhood to seniority with all the stages between with little or no direct knowledge of what is happening to us except that photographs and mirrors document the changes and our body shows by increasing in size and shape and other wondrous things. Even gaining wrinkles is amazing. We constantly shed and renew the cells in the bones of our skeleton. We actually become a completely new person hundreds of times in our lifetime! We are totally not what and who we were when we woke up from the warmth of the small ocean within our own mother’s womb. Like the first human who crawled from the sea we are born to evolve to maturity and then to start over again.

Today it seems, however, that we can feel the shifts and changes that scientists talk about in relationship to our planet. How do we handle this inevitable change? For to be conscious of the changes is to sense our own end. We as with all things have a beginning, a middle and an end. We are now sensing the shifts which makes us keenly aware of the movement of time.

The human race has changed biologically – meaning that we have physically changed from birth to senior, from man who was a technological infant to one who is now keenly aware and makes use of the workings of our world. We have not evolved emotionally as quickly as we have in other ways. We still cling to our pain and our fears. We still carry the need to remain in the dark with our need to see the darkness in our experiences. For example: in the media, whenever someone tells a feel-good story, or a story of triumph, they instinctually add or begin with, “It was a dark and stormy night” and “but it was hard” or “but it will be a struggle”. Check it out next time you watch a movie or listen to a radio show. The hero jumps to save another in distress and the story of the hero is clouded by the eminent danger he or she faced at the time. We are evolving and we are changing into the light. I see the light beginning to glow around us, our planet and her flora and fauna. This light will not only illuminate our path to the future that we have been working so hard towards, it will also illuminate whatever we are hiding even from ourselves. The fears and the pain we are hiding from which we immerse ourselves in drug addiction, alcohol overindulgence and emotional obsessiveness. Everything is coming to light. In the prophesies about these times, the dark days are shown through the separating of the good from the bad. What if we are our own judges?

Look for Sonia’s lectures and teachings on “The Coming Of The Light”, online and at a venue near you. She channels and sheds light on the coming changes and what we can do to be more prepared and open.


When We Reject Our Life Path

We are all born on a life path. To many of us, having a life path seems overwhelming because of the perceived responsibility we believe is tied to it. Many of us think that our life path is to heal the world. Daunting isn’t it? How do we go about healing the world when we are walking in our own pain? We think that a life path is standing on a soap box preaching reform to others or being a mover and shaker on the planet, and this can be scary. For the shy amongst us, taking the spotlight is a fate worst than death. I find that when I guide my clients and tell them about what they will accomplish is their lives, they become overwhelmed and afraid.

Those who do not believe me usually are the ones who do what they are meant to do. For example: over a decade ago, I was guided to inform a client with details of her future, to which she looked at me as if I had lost my mind. She responded that she would not be able to accomplish the things I saw because she was just a small person with nothing to contribute to anyone. Circumstances occurred and she experienced a suicide in her family to which she went about setting up a home for young people who were going through a challenging time. Several years later, I ran into her. She shared with me that she had accomplished what she was told she would do and now wanted to know what to do next. If her whole life was about that one accomplishment, she did it!

Many brilliant individuals, scared about the magnitude of the life path laid out before them will hide out in addiction, food or drugs. Pain is the sifter through which we refine our magnificence. We were born into a split apart. In order to remain on the physical plane, we had to experience what we call painful experiences. Actually we came here to experience the emotion that springs from being invalidated. We are omnipotent beings. We are never separated from our divine source; but we came here to understand separation, because we need a physical body with its nerve ends to be able to understand from the feeling realm.

When we reject our path, we miss the opportunity to grow, emotionally and spiritually. Our path is about following our creativity, by using our pain of separation to create hope for others going through the same pain. Paint a picture, that will heal someones pain. We won’t know who. The artists, the one-hit-wonders followed their paths by doing what drove them in their hearts. Then they went back to their lives. We may, on a fluke, travel to a far away land where we see a need and returning home start a penny drive which becomes a non-profit fundraising organization, changing the lives of children. A poem that gets published in an anthology inspires one or many.

Our ability to listen to others as they share their inner hurt or greatest hopes is following our path. The Harry Potter books by JK Rowlings helped many people including children to become excited about reading which activated their imagination. The person who looked at the first book after it went through so many rejections, followed her path by bringing the book to the attention of another following his path who brought Harry to the world. As simple as that.

We do not always know where inspiration comes from, but when inspiration appears, it is our path trying to wake us up.