Catch The Sunrise, Heal The World

SunsetFrom the minds of creative people come questions about our existence. I have wondered many times throughout my life if I am real. Some of the strangest things have happened to me that are beyond the realm of normal, causing me to shake my head and wonder if there is something else out there affecting the neurons in my head, influencing my perception. Life presents us with challenges and most of us struggle to overcome them. We experience some of the worst things humans can go through and yet we carry on. How is it that we are able to keep going no matter what is before us?

There is within us, beyond the innate drive for survival, a spirit that desires freedom. Although it knows it is free, this spirit within us is stuck in the density of our reality. In our world, we feel the strong sense of separation, and yet we are not clear about what it is we are separate from. Many of us refer to a great spirit, or God(s) but we are unsure of what that is. All of us have felt a connection to this force, but we forgot through the experience of growing up through childhood and “getting real”. When life is going along easily and comfortable, we forget our connection to that part of us which is indefinable. It is only in challenges and pain that we raise our eyes and search the skies for – something. When life is good we don’t consider that we walk upright, despite the scientific impossibility. As babies, we examine our toes and fingers for hours. As adults we forget the wonder in our toes and fingers. When was the last time you really saw the sunrise as you rushed off to get to that early morning meeting? Taking that moment to stop despite your potential lateness, to drink in the sunrise, arriving at your appointment with cheeky “I was watching the sunrise” grin? It would be an amazing thing if all the cars on the freeway stopped all at once, in one magical moment, so it’s drivers could drink up the sunrise or sunset. I think we would smile more.

Many of us are unaware of the light. We forget about the sun until it is not there. Michael Jackson’s EARTH SONG looks at what we’ve done to the world, but we only see the state of our world, when it has already been pulled apart. We seem to notice most keenly when it is a natural disaster, than when we create the disaster ourselves. Our garbage is strewn all over, our coffee cups left at the bus stops or on the busses, paper napkins, tissues fall a few inches from the garbage receptacle. Cigarette butts carelessly tossed out a window join those tossed to the ground by others. Ashtrays were eliminated from our environments with the intention of deterring smoking which has led to littering.

Do we not believe we exist? When I see all that we do in our joys and our pain, it makes me wonder. How can a race of beings, so magical and so beautiful not revel in its beauty? Not make this world reflective of its beauty? I remember a quote, Psalms 19: 1 “The heavens declare the glory of god and the firmament showeth his handy work.” These words flow through my mind when I wake up to a snow filled sky. When I see a sunrise, I sing at the top of my voice, Cat Stevens, Morning has broken like the first morning,

What could be better than us? With the ability to break beyond recognition and to magically repair ourselves – emotionally and physically. To be able to see within the jumbled bits of broken pieces in a person and know how to put that person back together. We are not limited at all. Not by our pain, nor our fear. We are incredible in our compassion and the power of how we love. I think we need to see some of that power within ourselves so that our world can move into that higher state of consciousness we have been speaking of for so long.

2 thoughts on “Catch The Sunrise, Heal The World

  1. Dianne Kane

    I really enjoyed reading your blog this morning. It makes you step back and really think about what is important. Thank you and so very true.
    A friend of mine recommended I read the book called The Secret. What is your opinion on this book?


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