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People Respect You, Speaking Your Truth

Fearlessness through understanding ones-self is important to spiritual advancement. We all strive to be heard, to be understood and yet at the same time many of us try to say what we want to say, in a ‘nice’ way so as not to hurt the other person’s feelings. It is impossible to speak our truth and not cause a stir in others. In the Law of Attraction, or “like attracts like,” whatever we think we create.

We live in the time of magic. Science is showing us how that magic works. It shows that when we are clear and focused on what we want, without distraction, we harness the power to create. In order to do this we must know our selves. When we are clear of our direction, meaning we know what we are striving to achieve, we will go fearlessly into a long happy marriage, or a successful business enterprise. Self-knowledge creates a quiet confidence that transcends fear and worry.

Emotional Healing through Intuitive Guidance will assist your journey out of the darkness of pain and confusion into the light of understanding. I remember in the days when I was a bridal designer, I had a photographer friend who brought the photos he took for my advice. The first time he brought a photo, I saw a flaw in the picture and told him so. He left in a huff. He brought the photo redone, again I saw a flaw and told him so. When he brought the photo a third time. By now, I felt quite anxious.

I asked him why he kept asking for my advice when he got mad at my critiques. His response was, “I know that I can trust you to always tell me the truth”, I paraphrase. This taught me that people will respect and listen to you when you face your fears of making others angry and are consistently truthful from your inner being.

Sonia Nadina Haynes is able to see into your past, present and future. Emotional Healer and Intuitive, she assists you to find the sweetness in life and to live your truth, fearlessly. Sonia Nadina has met and worked with clients from many walks of life, financial backgrounds and states of spiritual development. She is the catalyst for change.


Understanding Your Financial Story Through The Chakras

Do you know if your financial story is affecting your physical body? Your chakras can tell you how you are doing.

Chakras are emotional centres that are located at specific points along your spine. For example the base chakra is located at your tailbone and rules money support system and foundation. If you are feeling a bit wobbly financial but are unwilling to acknowledge it, your body will show it for you.

The way it works is, our thoughts are downloaded and affect our emotional state. “I don’t know if I will have enough money to make it this month.” This leaves us with a depressed feeling, we feel down and stressed. The stress produces hormones that affect our physical body. We end up with discomfort in our legs, feet anus and colon. The sciatic nerves that run down into our legs will produce pain depending on the amount of anger we feel along with the fear and worry.

Take the time and look at your lower extremities and see what your body is telling you that you are uncomfortable seeing. Oh and constipation is a really powerful signal of someone who holds on to money because they are afraid there isn’t enough. Drop by my website

Take the time and look at your lower extremities and see what your body is telling you that you are uncomfortable seeing. Oh and constipation is a really powerful sign of someone who holds on to money because they are afraid there isn’t enough. Drop by my website I will be doing an online class introducing you to your chakras.


Search For The Next Chapter

I chain read. As I finish one book, I search for the next random book that will take me into the world of its author. After reading certain books, I find that the peace that I cultivate erodes and I am left to dig it out of the residue left from the story in which I had just indulged.

There is a formula to writing which says that the characters should have challenges and the process that they overcome these challenges defines the flow in a story. Making it believable. For example, I am attempting to write this blog without a single simile. Is that challenge enough? There were so many ‘likes’ in the piece, that I felt that I was perusing a Facebook page. Anyway back to the story I am telling you. I just finished reading the Origin Of Haloes by Kristen Den Hartog. In it the character, whose existence sets about a series of unfortunate and tragic events is barely mentioned while what should be a minor character tooks over the pages.

In reading the book. I found myself falling back into my usual question, “why”. Why do people fall into these challenging experiences? Why do we seem to always dig in a pit of snakes instead of a well of treasure? As I read the Origin Of Haloes, I searched for something, anything that gave the character what they were seeking. The novel starts with a fatherless Margar and ends with her still searching for him in the faces on the television screen and in photographs. It left me with the feeling of loss that most of us carry. I have counselled hundreds of people over the years and my intention was always to help them find resolution in their lives. To help them release the search for something that may not materialize because searching for the illusive, keeps us wanting. This want takes us away from really living. We search for love, for peace, for spiritual clarity while telling ourselves that what we seek is impossible and what’s the use?

As we search, we contradict ourselves by saying that we cannot achieve understanding because we do not possess the purity of saints who lived hundreds – even thousands of years before and have melted into our myths. The Greeks did with their gods what we are now doing with ours. We have reached the same place in our history where we are looking to invisible, unattainable, long removed mythical beings as the template upon which we fashion our own morals and achievements. Can we think for ourselves? Can we find and create our own mythical heroes fashioning them not from past templates, but from a measure that we have devised based upon our own realizations in the time we live?

Books although hard to resist reading, sometimes give me indigestion because of the subject matter. I wish there is a book that makes the challenges small. I wish there is a book that makes me smile and sigh after reading the last sentence, not because there is a maudlin resolution that is forced, because to me death with understanding is a positive resolution. Each chapter of a person’s life should have resolution that makes us want to climb higher in search of the next chapter. It should end with the feeling one gets after eating a really great meal, the memory of the exquisite flavours that came together to celebrate the experiences of the moments that preceded the meal.

Because there are so many things out there in our great big world, we should be left with the desire not to recreate the past experience but to ride upon it and attempt to make the next equally as divine.

Well, I shall get me some Brie and Baguette. This is my whine for the week. I would love to get a new reading list started. Leave your comment and a book recommendation.


Leaving Fear Based Economy and Strike out On Your Own

People have been searching for ways to utilize their skills and unplug from the matrix of large corporations while taking care of their financial future. It is a daunting task to strike out on your own on the one hand, while hearing about layoffs that are happening out there in the job market. How do we find our niche in the jungle of self-help stories, social media marketing and advice gurus? We are now dealing with the ant and the crumb at a picnic syndrome. The ant finds a good crumb and tells his friends. Noticed by others the tiny crumb is covered with more ants than the crumb can feed, like in the stock and housing markets. We gravitate towards the latest, tried and true, sure thing ideas that soon saturate that particular market and then we are forced to move on to greener fields to find sustenance. For decades, large corporations were seen as the paterfamilias that would look after us until we hit retirement. We unhappily worked at jobs that promised security but could not support our passions. Our unhappiness soon led to uncertainty, which left us wondering what to do with ourselves. But events of the day are forcibly weaning us from our dependence on big businesses and governments.

We forgot the basic in human commerce, which is to go out and find our own patch of earth or piece of sky and milk it for our own good until it runs dry.

The future of our world economy is based on a back-to-basics approach. The future of the planetary commerce is in small enterprise. It is in the mom-and-pop operation through which we will find our self-worth and autonomy. In the past several decades, individuals, tired of trying to make a name for them selves on their own, turned with respect to the “Big Guys In The Know” who had the ability to make a killing by pushing into communities shutting down the shoemaker and the small delicatessens. But the pendulum is always swinging. It swung to the far right where individuals, congregated into packs with hierarchal systems that drank from human fear and became puffed up in their own importance, building large glass towers of commerce; not realizing that glass is fragile and will shatter against the weight of the hot air, ego in fear, energy. Hopefully they knew that it would not continue and that the pendulum would begin to swing the other way. Everything is shifting. Everything that we knew before is being eradicated. The big corporations are organically falling by the wayside. Large top-heavy companies have and are still toppling from the weight of large salaries and bonuses. The ones smart enough to realize the danger have given up bonuses and inflated salaries to support their longevity.

Now the pendulum has swung back to the left. Pushed with great force from the over indulgence of the few, it has swung all the way to nothingness, waiting for the individual to start taking the reigns, separating from the ganglion of the corporate world, by doing what the owners of Starbucks and Xerox and Paul Mitchell Systems have done.

How do you go about carving a piece of your sky? You need to figure out what you want to do by looking at your skills and find a way to utilize them in a field that supports your passion and your life.

How do you go about setting your feet on the path to entrepreneurship?

First: You must know what is not working for you and why.

Second: Realize your passion. Is music your passion? Find a way to make music work for you. There is a market out there for your work you just have to figure out how to work it.

Third: Look at how this will feed you now. Most people who look at creating abundance in their lives look at how they will support others. On an energetic basis, looking after yourself first will give you the freedom and resources to look after others.

I have a seminar that is focused on finding your niche for the talents, gifts and passions you have in a way that supports the kind of life you want. Join me on May 15th at John Braithwaite Centre for an evening of dream finding and surprise revelations. Sign up now.