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How To Protect The Earth On Earth Day

The majority of the developed world look upon developing cultures as backwards, but in the small village where I grew up we did not know of the single use plastic bag. Plastic products are the scourge of our planet. Plastics have invaded all aspects of our lives. In the village of Cheapside District, should a plastic bag show up, it would have arrived from “America” in one of the barrels our mother sent to us filled with food and clothing. Maybe one of the packs of flour was wrapped in a plastic bag. After unwrapping the gifts, the plastic bag would have been tucked away like precious cargo to be used at a later date. The bag would accompany us to the little corner shop to be filled with hard dough bread, salted cod fish and tins of condensed milk, sardines and maybe on the rare occasion a block of cheese. The single serve plastic bag would web-daisybe used until holes appeared toppling out its contents on the ground, then the holes would be tied into knots and the single serve plastic bag would continue its job as a carrier. When it could no longer hold the weight of the food stuff, it would graduate to carrying soft goods like a blouse my grandmother made to its new owner. After the bag was used to shreds, the plastic bags would be turned into strips to tie the bundles of wood we foraged, in the surrounding forest for the kitchen fire. A single user plastic bag’s life would last several weeks even months until used up, shredded into bits then used as stuffing in the construction of a stone wall, or even the making of a toy.

When I arrived in the new and modern world, the practice of recycling was not used as stridently as was done in that tiny village. In the village, furniture was well made and handed down from one generation to the next with pride of ownership. In the modern world, people bought cheap, poorly made furniture, giving up the well-made indestructible coffee tables, cupboards and chairs to the garbage piles. They were not fashionable. Over the years I’ve clung to my good pieces and was seen as old fashioned for not wanting to give up my treasures. I could not let go of something I thought was beautiful and sturdy, to fill the sidewalk for the garbage man to take. I could not see how the garbage dump had space for all the junk each neighbourhood threw out week after week. The new fashionable furniture made from laminated plastic and wood dust soon broke and they too would fill the sidewalks of the surrounding neighbourhoods to be picked up by the sanitation men.

Because there is an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach to everything we consume, we do not know how or where our eggs come from. We are not aware that a cow, chicken or sheep was once alive that sits on our plate as the hamburger or stew, we consume with impunity. Polluting Globe in the Skyis easy when we are not aware of the cost of pollution to our environment and our bodies. Third world cultures are not aware of the impact that plastics have on their world, because to them everything goes back to the earth. The idea that an item will take many lifetimes to disintegrate is foreign to them.

For profit, the ‘modern’ world floods parts of the under-developed world, that have a natural rhythm with the earth, with their toxic disgorgement. Sending toxic material to a culture that lives at one with nature is like putting toxic materials into the soil that an earthworm turns, as is its natural way. The toxic material will be turned over with everything else as usual – the earthworm does not know to separate one material from another. There was a report in the news, a British diver filmed a garden of plastic in the seas around Bali. The people in these countries are like the earthworm. They live in harmony with nature. They have always known to deposit the organic materials back to be composted in the earth.

The new materials-plastics, introduced into their world are returned to nature, into their communities the same way they do, the banana leaves for wrapping and carrying food from the market to home. Which in turn is used as vessels to hold a delicious meal baked on the fire, for dinner. The state of the oceans is the responsibility of everyone who depends on the oil based products for their livelihoods. We need jobs to provide the things we love to shop for. These jobs use the very plastics the earth is now being choked by. Will we give up our comforts to save ourselves and the species in danger of annihilation? The human being is at risk because when we have taxed the planet, we will develop and contract many toxic borne diseases that we have never seen before. Are we willing to take that road?

The solution to this problem is for us to become lesser consumers. This is becoming evident in the closing of so many big box stores that have been around for decades. We do not need more anything. We need to eat less, this will lessen the strain on our water infrastructure. We need to use what we have until it is frayed to nothing. There is no shame in wearing ripped jeans. It is now become the fashion of the day. Help our youth to find ways to use less and care more for the planet. We can do it.

PPSoniacropped for webSonia Nadina Haynes lives an ecologically aware life. She wears her clothes to holes, uses a recyclable bag at the grocery store and shops sparingly. This is not deliberate, her life spent in
Cheapside District primed her to live in a small footprint on the planet. She does have a car and walks to appointments close by. It is necessary for each of us to consider our carbon footprint as we walk consciously on the earth.

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The Dangers of Comparing Yourself With Others


The beauty of all existence
Rests within you
Heaven peers through your two eyes

Compare yourself to another
Watch how quickly the light dies

Thus heaven shows
The healer knows
Unconditional love has no opposites
That is true balance
– Anonymus
It seems that the majority of us constantly view ourselves through the eyes and actions of others. The only creatures, flora or fauna that compare itself with others are humans. We look at the beauty in a flower and wish we could be as beautiful. We look at our predecessors and try to be make ourselves better than they were. This behaviour negatively affects our lives.

What does it do to our psyche when we look to others as the template upon which we fashion ourselves? As children we look to our parents to provide the blueprint for our self-esteem. Comparing ourselves to others cause depression which can lead to negative lifestyles such as drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness and homelessness. When we carry low self-esteem born from comparing ourselves to others, we lose our equilibrium and this affects all aspects of or lives. Ironically, the person we put up on the pedestal may be feeling the same as we do. Most people spend their lives living up to unrealistic goals.

How you avoid the pitfalls of low self esteem? First, positive self-talk is as important as any information from a guru or emotional guide. Self-talk, means the conversation you have with yourself. Low self-esteem comes from negative self-talk.
You are unique. There is no one like you. Even if you try to make the outside of you resemble your heroes what you are inside, emotionally, spiritually and mentally are completely different. Your life story is unique to you. Even with siblings your emotional growth will be different based on where you are in the birth lineup. Your experience with friends will be different because your friends are also unique.

Take the time to formulate positive self-talk. Counter the negative self talk with “and”. For example, I am such a ditz. Improve that self talk with Yes and I am focused in other ways. So, “I am such a ditz. Yes, and I am make the best cupcakes I have ever tasted, and my friends tell me so.”
You are not fighting against or disagreeing with the negative self talk you are agreeing that that is what you think at that moment, and you are also showing your consciousness another more positive point of view.

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Spirituality, Consciousness and Weight Management

The focus on weight and body image is a global obsession. Once upon a time women would have been the ones focussed on body appearance, now men have climbed aboard the fitness train. Food, supplements and exercise include the obsession towards good health. The world of celebrity keeps those interested in emulating others focussed on the attempt to maintain good health. Good health and diet are not exclusive. The world of perceived healthy foods is affecting the planet in adverse ways. Of course while many are starving in some countries, foods being wasted in parts of our developed world.

Many of us find it challenging to get to a weight and size that is recommenced by the medical professionals in our particular country. Our governments put a blanket rule on weight which we try to live up to, but heritage plays a large role in our physicality. I find that certain foods create inflammation in my system. Like turkey and salmon. These foods are supposed to be best for me. Salmon for me is a health food. Whenever I feel a cold coming on, I have a craving for salmon soup. This is a First Nations soup. A piece of salmon filet, skinned and cubed. One large potato, cubed and one large onion cubed. Add this to a saucepan with about six cups of water. Bring to the boil then turn the stove down to medium low. Cook until potatoes are tender. This soup does not require salt, fat or other seasoning. This soup is healing and anti-inflammatory. I must admit that I haven’t had this soup much. Maybe once a year, because colds are rarely a part of my life.

Eating correctly is important to optimum health. This means being aware of the types of food that your body likes. I eat what I like, but I also follow my body’s signals. My diet is very simple and I rarely eat out. When eating out, I avoid salads because restaurants use a plastic bottle to mix the dressings and I can smell the bacteria in the dressing. If I get a salad, I ask for the dressing on the side, that way I can make sure the dressing is free of bacteria. I do eat meat, my grandparents would not have survived had they not eaten meats. I don’t like fish very much. Once I loved fish until I started to be turned off from the fish at the fish shop. Humans are now clearing out the ocean of its fish. To me this means that the food from the ocean may not be so healthy.

Conscious living and conscious eating the right path to better health, which means that we heighten our senses to become aware. In food preparation, the ingredients speak to us. I have met many people who say they dislike cooking, but if you approach food and its preparation the same way you approach meditation, yoga or prayer, you would have a better experience in cooking. Food is such an important part of our health and wellbeing that to say you do not like to prepare the food that will keep you healthy is doing your body and your spirit a disservice.

Shopping for ingredients is really wonderful. Your body will tell you what it wants from one day to another. If you like chilli, your body will tell you the ingredients it wants to make the chilli.

My children learn to cook in by using their intuition. Even when we look at a cookbook, our inner self tells us if the ingredients will work for us that day or not. Of course there are techniques required for special recipes, but when you understand the technique, you don’t have to be perfect at it, just let your intuition and imagination take you to a healthy nourished body. Your weight will even settle to perfection because you are feeling contentment.


What Do We Leave, When We Run Away?

I’ve spent my whole life leaving. I’ve left people, places, things and even myself until nineteen-ninety two when I was diagnosed with a devastating disease that pulled me up short, causing me to stop and look back on the road I had traveled to that point.

Roads are always important to me. Roads take us from point A to point B. Roads are shaped by the feet of travellers walking leaving one place to another, beating down the grass under foot and shaping the stones to perfectly flat cobblestones for feet to navigate comfortably. You can tell the travellers on a road by looking at the ruts and wear. The purpose of roads shaped by humans using machines including the human machine is to make faster the journey from one place to another.

A memory I have, was of my birth. I saw myself running. I chose to leave the life I had only just been born into. I do not remember my mother’s discomfort at my birth, nor do I remember my own. But at my shining into the physical world, I felt her sorrow. I chose to leave. I had a disorder of the intestines that at one day old and two days old, I could not ingest the nourishment she fed me. The milk of life for my nurturing I rejected, my intestines strangled itself. Septic and dying the doctors decided to experiment. Surgery, the option to correct the disorder. I saw myself on the operating table. A rust coloured tape over my tiny belly. The doctors dug into the right side of my belly looking for the offending piece of intestine. They did not find it so they hacked down until they found it two inched lower. Above and below my belly button and to the right, I was butchered. Ignorantly, they did not think babies were capable of feeling. Or they thought the memory of the offence would be forgotten. What they were not aware of at the time was that the story, the offence was stamped upon the psyche of the child.

But I digress, I was telling you about the memory of my birth. I had an aunt whom I had never met, because she’d died two weeks before I emerged into the cold light of life. I am told that she bequeathed a pair of gold bangles to me which I have never seen. I’m not sure which side of the family she belongs, but in the vision of my birth, I saw myself as spirit running as fast as I could. My body on the operating table, my spirit, taking off. My aunt appeared to me.
“Where are you going little one?” she asked
“I don’t want to do it.” I replied.
“Why not? They need you.”
“But it is too hard,” I said. “I change my mind.”
“You cannot change your mind,” she said. “They need you. You have to go back. And besides, you can leave any time you want.”
I looked at her in total trust. Knowing at that moment I could escape at any time, I surrendered the panic to her and I returned to my ravaged body.

My parents moved quite regularly during my formative years. Then I was taken to live with my grandparents and found I could not physically leave, so I ran in my nightmares and my dreams.

Most of us spend our lives running from situations we find challenging. We may not use our legs, we will run in our minds, in our dreams through sleep walking, emotionally through depression or even physically through health disorders that depilate us.

When we run, we are leaving our own life. We leave our selves. We do this because we don’t feel that we can give our selves permission to live life on our terms. Think about it. If you want to live the life that suits you and you choose not to express your own truth, you are leaving your inner child behind. When you want to have a life that reflects all the positivity you need, then you can leave behind the old way of thinking that restricts your joy.

Take a chance on yourself and leave the comfortable, uncomfortable life behind for something nurturing. It is very worth it.


Navigating The Emotional Slipstream To Ascension

The super moon came by, eclipsed and full at harvest time. Did you feel affected by its energy? Many have written and talked about how these events have affected them. In the articles, the authors wrote about feeling low in energy, physical pain with a gloomy, foggy state of mind. I must admit that I did not experience the negative emotions that many have been sharing about. While waiting for the zap of negativity, I took stock of all that have gone on in my life over the many years I have been in this work. One of the authors shared frustration that with all the work she has done over the years, her healing is still incomplete. I understand her frustration. This is what I hear from the well-accomplished clients who finally end up at my door.

It is bruising to the ego to have worked so hard, only to find out that you are still on a treadmill going nowhere. There seems to be certain expectations for this ascension that people have been talking about for so many years. Ascension is not about feeling that you have made it. When you reach that place, it will not matter to you whether you have ascended or not. Nothing will matter. Not that you have forced this state of being, but you will be freed of your combat with ego and nothing will matter. You will become detached from outcomes.

You will not need to chase rainbows but you will appreciate them. You will not need the world to see or appreciate your accomplishments which are many. You will be in your life, in the world, but the world will not impact your emotional state. Many will call you cold, they will berate your lack of interest in their drama, but you will not feel the need to defend yourself or your motivation. Your primary interest will be to support the emotional and spiritual growth of others. Isn’t that nice?

I have spent most of my working years, supporting and helping others grow out of the limitation and trauma of childhood PTSD. I am coining the residue from childhood trauma, Childhood PTSD. Many of you prefer to think that you are not affected by your formative years, but everyone was and is affected. We were all shaped by the experiences we encountered during and after our birth. This emotional trauma that creates disease of the body – MS, cancer, hypertension, mind – ADHD, depression, OCD, and spirit is unhappy energy turned inward from emotional and mental distress and spiritual confusion. We are searching for the way back home to that tranquil place but are unable to get there because of the busyness in our mind.

There was a place in our childhood where we stopped developing emotionally. When I see a person, I see the child within them at the age they are stuck at. For example the six year old boy whose parents divorced and separated him from his sister. These pivotal time in each of our lives is where we were so shattered by the world that we stopped searching for the light. In that place we decided that the world was not very nice and our gods were not as powerful as we thought they were. This experience follows us to adulthood and our inner child continually brings up the obvious in an attempt to spark us into taking on the role of becoming our own gods. We are running so fast from the pain that we forget that we are running from ourselves. Like Sidhartha, who became the enlightened one, we need to stop and see that the thing we have been searching for was right here all along.

Many seek the ascension slipstream in which to get out of the struggles of the world, but we will not escape if we carry the fear and limitation we are holding to. Let me put it another way. A bee flies around collecting nectar to make honey in its hive. It eats some of that honey and gets honey on its wing, it cannot fly to get more nectar until it cleans the honey off its wing. The honey the bee creates, its food, becomes a detriment. The bee becomes weighted down by the very thing that nourishes its life.

It is important to heal the childhood pain, I mean emotionally heal this pain so that we can more effectively help others. The bee with honey on its wing cannot fly out and show others how to collect nectar until it has freed itself from the honey trap.

I speak clearly. I tell it like it is. This is hard to take for ones who have not figured out how to speak or walk their truth. It is hard to change the world when you struggle with the emotional story that debilitates you. I am not saying that I don’t have struggles. But I use these struggles to really understand my inner child and to hear what she is trying to say. Because I am listening to my own inner story, I am opened to the stories and emotional struggles of others. I feel keenly. I feel your physical and emotional pain. This is how I know when you are walking your talk and communicating kindly with yourself.


Simple Is Best In The Healing World

A lady goes into the doctor’s office and said, Doctor, I don’t feel so good. The doctor asked her, what’s happening? She said, I have an upset stomach every time I eat. The doctor said, well mam, maybe it could be what you are eating. She said, I don’t think so doctor. I am a healthy eater. Last night I had a cup of herbal peppermint tea before dinner, then I had a mixed herb salad. I had red raspberry leaf tea while I was having dinner. Then I had a cup of camomile tea after dinner to calm my nerves. She jingled the bunch of crystals suspended from a chain around her neck. Calcite for power chakra, rose quartz for love, smoky quartz in the shape of a scull to ward off evil energy, malachite to get her moved through the drama in her life faster, and a piece of pyrite for abundance. The doctor asked her how much water have you had? I drink water every day, she said. My naturopath said I need to have as much water as I can to flush the toxins from my body. I eat healthily, she said. I think you need to unburden yourself, the doctor said after a minute of deliberation. I suggest you go home and put away some of the jewelry from your neck. Then have a regular cup of tea and stick to only one kind of tea for a couple of days. Have your salad, but have something hardy with it as well, my recommendation is that you give your body a break. She looked at her doctor curiously, left his office and went home. She followed his recommendation and found that she felt better after the first day of eating and living simpler.

In our world of self-diagnoses and journeys into the world of holistic medicine, many of us find ourselves running around seeking answers to the maladies that plague us. We are willing to try anything and everything and we find that most of what we try do not work. We still feel unwell. Most times we think that something is wrong with us. We come up with every kind of diagnoses in an attempt to cure what ails us. We live in a world with so many diagnoses of so many different health issues, that doctors have run out of treatments to alleviate our suffering. In many ways we think we are living a simple life when we take a holistic approach to our healing but for most of us we go into overkill in an attempt to heal.

Most of the things out there designed to heal us will not do so. Outside forces, medicines and paraphernalia do not heal us. Even the medicines of traditional doctors cannot heal us. They are placebos that we have put in our way to assist us in believing in our healing. There are stories of people who go to the doctor with one malady or another who took the drugs administered and they found no relief. They took everything prescribed, followed all the instructions but because they were dependent on their illness to keep them feeling that they are alive, they do not get relief.

Our bodies have an intelligent blueprint for perfection in good health. It is capable of dispelling any disorder if we are willing to let it go. Having a conversation with this incredible feat of engineering, called our body is necessary to maintain good health. We keep forgetting or maybe you don’t know that we were born with an intelligence that rivals anything we can come up with. Left to its own devices our body will maintain optimal heal supported by a healthy mind. By that I mean, thinking positive thoughts about ourselves and having a kind and uplifting dialogue with our body will support its health. Then we will be able to hear what our body has to say.

Your body speaks. But you do not listen. It tells you when it is overloaded with too much ‘help’. It tells you that the many crystals you wear around your neck is causing strain on the muscles of your shoulders and neck. It tells you the you need to eat chocolate today because you are not feeling very positive, because chocolate is your feel-good drug. It tells you to eat seafood-shellfish for the iodine. Cravings are the body’s way of telling us what it needs. Even when it is not directing us, our body is communicating with us. When my children were little, I used to panic when they did not eat, especially the younger one. I took her to the doctor and he checked her weight and her vitals. He advised me that she was doing fine and that she was listening to her body’s signals. He said to leave her alone and when she was hungry she would eat. Ironically that is how I live. I eat what I feel like eating at the moment. I followed the doctor’s guidance and my daughters grew up to be healthy strong individuals. Sometimes overindulging in healthy eating can burden our bodies just the same as abstaining from the thing that make us happy can also burden our body and our spirit.

This article is not written to advise you to stop what you are doing to find optimal health. But if what you are doing is not working, my suggestion is to step back and allow your body to reset itself. Then let it tell you what it wants, even chocolate and go from there. The simple approach is often the most direct and less stressful on your body. A simple approach is best in the healing world.

The author, Sonia Nadina Haynes is an intuitive, emotional healer with the ability to support your journey out of illness into wellness.