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When To Trust Your Psychic

You may have heard this many times before, everyone is a psychic. If that is so then why do we go to see a psychic for energetic and spiritual guidance? A psychic’s skill is developed through many years, he may have been born with a stronger skill because being a psychic is his life’s path. She may have experienced trauma that cracked her open like a dried coconut and she follows her spirit guides to support your healing.

cyrstal ballIt is easy to form distrust in a psychic if you do not use you own radar to suss out whom to trust and whom to stay away from. We all resonate with certain persons. One psychic may be able to connect with you easier that they would with your friend. You have to follow your intuition and your heart to know.

I have had clients contact me concerned that a psychic told them that they have been cursed and will need to be cleared. These people offer to do so for a lot of money. This is the same as going to a financial advisor who leads you to invest in risky stock that do not fit with you, your lifestyle or temperament. Everything is relative. You are asked by your higher self to stop and check in to see if what they are telling you is your truth. As with the financial advisor, someone else may be OK with a risky investment, but if you are not comfortable with it you must listen to your inner voice.

The other challenge with going to an intuitive, psychic, medium – they are all the same to me – are the questions you ask. Most people are embarrassed to ask personal questions and sit in silence waiting for the intuitive to tune into their energy to get to the heart of the matter. Others decide to test the psychic to see if the person is for real. I think doing so is a waste of your money and the practitioner’s time. When you show up to an intuitive it is best to have your questions ready. Some psychics prefer that you not “lead” them with information but wait until they have finished the reading. I like to do readings that way, I usually answer all your questions before you ask them, but keep your list of questions in case we meaning your higher self, guides and I being the conduit, miss anything.

If the session is a mini-reading, then presenting your question in advance will save time.

Now we move to the questions. Many clients who come to me ask, when will I find love, or when will I meet The One? The question should be, Am I energetically ready for the love I want? Being ready for love is as important as finding love or a career or spiritual development.

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Shaman Story

Mystical Experiences Without Fanfare

Most of us rely on the visual or audial for validation of the existence of other worlds. Eastern European, Asian and First Nations mysticism gained traction in our society because of the pump and circumstances displayed for all to see. Smudging, ceremony, dance and drumming give us the authenticity we require to know that god exists. We have a visual expectation of how a shaman should appear and sound and accept the authenticity of the individual’s gifts based on their appearance. My great grandmother, Muma Gayle looked like an ordinary person. She had her head wrapped in a red and white, stiffly starched, plaid cotton headdress, like the senior women in the village. She dressed in layers of clothing in the heat of the day but all the other women did the same. She had a clay pipe which she smoked up until her one hundred and seventh year when she decided to take her leave from this state of existence. Many of the elder women in the village and the villages around smoked a clay or corncob pipe.

Her daughter, my grandmother (granny) Emma Haynes, nee Gayle did the same. Both were powerful medicine women in our community. Neither tried to convince others of their pedigree or their power. I remember Muma calling me from inside her house, even though I tried to hide from her, which left me wondering how she knew I was there. Emma Haynes was the same. One Sunday, my sister and I were home alone, we might have been sick, when we decide to pick tangerines from the tree that grew along the path that lead to and from our wattle adobe house. The tangerine tree was very tall and gave fruit as big as a grown person’s hand. We had taken all the fruit from the lower branches and the sweetest and biggest fruit were high up on the top branches, out of reach.

Granny was called to go see someone who was dealing with an impending difficult birth leaving us to cool our heels at home. We were bored. Conversation turned to the tangerine tree and how we would get the fruit from so high up. A pole did not work so my sister decided to climb partway up the tree to improve her reach. Before she left, granny had told us to stay away from the tree, as if she knew what was on our minds.

My sister climb the trunk of the tree and was half the way up, about ten feet off the ground when I saw a large green lizard on the branch below her. It was angrily shifting from red to green to black, flicking its tongue, snapping its jaw and slowly stalking her. She looked down saw the lizard and freaked out.

“I am going to get the ladder.” I yelled.

As I turned to run for the ladder, she let go of her hold of the tree trunk, falling onto the rocks at the base of the tree. She hit her head and passed out. Boy, I was worried. I brought her to and helped her into the kitchen where I mixed up my grandmother’s trauma brew and gave it to her. She recovered with time to spare before our grandmother returned home. We agreed not to keep our adventure to ourselves.

“I told you not to climb that tree!” She screamed at us as she walked into the yard.

We were in shock. How did she know? We tried to see if she might have observed us from where she was, but we could not prove if she was a witch or just clever. That was my childhood. Strange and sometimes crazy mystical experiences without fanfare or labels.

Reflection in the mirror Blog

Look At Your Reflection In The Hall Of Mirrors And Find Balance

“You are the centre of your universe. Everything and everyone you encounter is a reflection of your unconscious belief system.” – Sonia Nadina Haynes

It has been said that the world is our mirror. The world as it presents itself to us, cannot be your mirror because you are kind and loving and a being of light.  How does this work with the mirror? When you were born, you knew yourself to be whole, perfect and divine.

Through challenging experiences, where you felt unheard and invalidated, you forgot this information and left the beautiful part of yourself behind. There is a brave little girl and boy, who is creative and fearless, who knows that he and she matters. He will assist your transformation if you stop long enough to hear what she has to say. Many people and especially powerful healers are hard put to connect with that innocent aspect of themselves. Because it requires diving into a pain that is so cutting, it seems impossible that it will end. Not going into the pain however, cause you to feel stuck.

You are left yearning to make a shift in your life and yet no matter how hard you try, the shift is unattainable. It is like in the commercial of the Coppertone child on the beach with the little black dog hanging on to her bikini bottom, our inner innocence holds us in place until we fearlessly allow it to emerge.

We are now in the time of the White Hall of Mirrors in Mayan prophesy. This is a time of reflection, when we face ourselves, becoming the watched and the watcher in our own lives. It is a time where we come in contact with our own inner truth hopefully without judgement. There is no good or bad in this state. It is we who think in such terms, and as we do so the world is reflecting this back to us. We are tossing thoughts out into the ether willy-nilly. I don’t like my hair. How am I going to make it through today? Why don’t I have any friends? Why am I still attracting this type of relationship? How am I going to pay the rent? These questions fill the spaces around us. Because they are questions, they require answers. Our world is constantly attempting to balance itself through presenting answers.

We cannot have the answers because we resist and forgot to look into the mirror. When we look at the reflection within our core we have the power to change the story around us. Pay close attention to the mirror. Be aware that if you do not like yourself, you will bump into people who will reflect this back at you. If you do not believe that what you have to say is important or valuable, you will meet individuals who will leave you feeling that you have no voice. These frustrating unconscious stories will show up in your body as diseases because your inner unconscious self wants you to find the truth, your truth. It needs you to know that you are important. It needs you to release the early childhood imprinting so that you can ascend into your divinity.

Sonia Nadina Haynes is a catalyst for change in the lives of all whom she meets. She is an Emotional Healing Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and Healer. She sees your past, present and future. She tells you what has brought you to this place in your life. What you need to do to resolve the present moment and what you need to do to positively impact your future.
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Addictive Fear Blog header

The Addictive Thrill Of Fear, How to break away

I used to love roller coasters. My family and I lived in Brooklyn, New York. Every Sunday, we would go to Coney Island. My favourite thing to do was to ride the roller coasters. The thing that attracted me to the roller coasters was the excitement of terror as I careened down the steep, rickety, seemingly dangerous tracks. The cars would be full of excited individuals old and young, sitting in anticipation of the imagined danger that we were in from the violently shaky machine that threatened to fall apart and throw us to our death.

One day as the cars rattled along the track, I became aware of the energy that was running through the group as it anticipating the imagined danger to come. We had created an illusion upon which to ride. As the cars got to the top of the ride, I thought, “Why am I screaming?” “I wonder what would happen if I did not scream?” I disconnected from the network of fear. I experienced the roller coaster as an observer and found that the only thing that made the event exciting was the mass hysteria that I had allowed myself to be locked into. That day at seventeen years old I disconnected from the fear matrix and never saw the world the same again. The times that I get caught in the hysteria, I feel, are when I am supporting the people around who require me to be small, weak and insignificant. I can see clearly the role that I play in the human matrix.

We each of us have chosen a side in this battle towards self-realization. Some of us use religion as the source of our comfort and security, while others use spirituality. We are grossly divided in our opinions of what should be done to ‘fix’ the world. We view each other as evil or not “in the light”. We judge each other’s spiritual progress while convincing ourselves that we are not judgmental. We tell others that they are devoid of light, which is why they are ill or in emotional distress. It is easy for us to look out at others and see what is wrong in the other person, as opposed to tangibly looking within and see the false truths that we feed ourselves about our lives.

Our self-denial is being used by fear to segregate us. We are being dragged in a wave of destruction toward the cliff of our own demise by our self-denial. What do you fear more than anything? This is a question that must be answered if mankind is to separate itself from the path of annihilation. When you are told that you are too confrontational and in people’s faces with your message. You should ask, “What makes my message so confrontational?” What makes this information and these questions so frightening? Is it that we are afraid of being removed from the cocoon of denial?

The illusion exists. Human history shows the extent of the illusion; A country is given permission to invade another in the name of planetary security to destroy weapons of mass destruction. The invasion occurred and the weapons of mass destruction were not found or used. If these weapons were found, what would the invading country do? Would they turn them upon the planet because it knows that humanity will follow it to the ends of the earth? The world economy faltered and is still struggling to recover. Then came SARS and other health scares. Are these events truth or another illusion?

When will we focus within and see that this is all designed to separate us from our truth? As we are being distracted from our personal power, by fearful world events we cannot spend our time moving toward our light.
We become distracted. We are distracted. How do we get off the rollercoaster of hysteria?
The only way is to move into the fetal position of our own inner search. Try not to make being “Spiritual” a status symbol the way, in the past we made being “religious” a status symbol.

Humility is a clear and fresh experience. Humility requires nothing to cause it to be. It is. We humans use each other’s pain and distress as the template from which we judge our own self-realization. We need someone less than ourselves in order for us to feel important. We need to have others less evolved than ourselves or in pain in order for us to feel important. This is the thing that fear uses to keep control over us. The social media shows powerful evidence of such. Shaming others from the anonymity of a computer screen. Look within and see, how many of us need to see our spouses and families in weaker states than ourselves in order to feel important?

We are not here to help anyone to become enlightened, we are here to see if we can consciously disconnect ourselves from the matrix of fear and see the illusion, as it is, an illusion.

Let’s give it a try, shall we?

Sonia Nadina helps you get through the layers of false information you have amassed upon your psyche over your life. She uses her ability to see to assist you to heal using the energy of your guides and the spirit and souls of your loved ones. During your session, your loved one will show up and share information that is relevant to you and supportive of your journey.

5 Ways Affirmations

5 Ways To Use Positive Affirmations To Enhance Your Life

Affirmations, self-talk, we use these every moment of the day and we use affirmations to motivate our progress through life. We say, “I am popular” and the universe says, “Yes you are”. The universe gives the same answer regardless of the self-talk we have with ourselves. The universe does not hear the negative so when we say, I don’t want debt, it replies, yes you want debt. There is a lot of information telling us how to manipulate the energy around us to get what we want. Ironically, energy although we can use it to work for us, is impossible to manipulate. Energy is our servant. It follows the workings of our unconscious and conscious mind. Whatever we want whether we are aware of it or not, goes out as a request to the universe and a response is returned in answer to our request. Most times, when we get what we think we’ve asked for, it shows up in a form we did not want. But our affirmations especially the unconscious, speaks louder than we are aware of.

Many of us see affirmations as operating only in the positive. But we affirm our lives always. Five ways that you can turn affirmations into a positive force for your lives will help you to find clarity.


Always be aware that you are in constant communication with the universe. Whatever you think is being interpreted every moment. A thought that is unsupportive to your needs, will show up as a failed experience.


Be aware that your childhood experiences do influence your mindset regardless of what you think you want. Go back to your childhood and look at the experiences you encountered. Then look at your life. If the two match, you are truly using your negative story to live your life now. For example if your parents struggled for money, you will usually, as the adult see money as a challenge to achieve. Coming from a wealthy family does not make you immune to limiting mindset about money. Coming from a wealthy family may make you feel shame about being “lucky”. The same as coming from a struggling family may leave you with a limited self-worth.


Whenever you catch yourself with a negative or unsupportive thought, counter it with a positive thought. Agree with the negative and then respond, “Yes you are right, but let us see it this way”. Imagine your mind like an errant child. When you fight against your child by trying to get it to do what you want, it rebells.  When you are kind and positive with your child, it will respond in a positive way. Think about your mind as a well loved child will help you to shift into positivity.


Being negative is not a bad thing. It shows you what you need to look at in order to have the life you want. Self-judgement is the addiction which corrals the human spirit. Becoming aware of when you are in self-judgement is important to your spiritual and emotional evolution.


Celebrate when you have done something good. When you have overcome the negative story it is necessary to shine the light of approval on your accomplishment. Just like a child needs emotional encouragement, so do adults. Most times we cannot get encouragement from others so it is important to be the parent to our own inner child and give ourselves the encouragement that we deserve.

This world is all about negativity. In order to feel good it is necessary for us to feel bad and vice versa. Although it is frustrating, this is the only way to understand the human experience. Appreciate the negative affirmations, because it will lead you to the positive.

Sonia Nadina Haynes is an intuitive, emotional healer. She uses her gift of insight to help you shift through to a life that fits your dreams. Check out her latest book on Amazon. Generate Happiness through Positive Affirmations.

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Healer blog

Wellness- Journey Towards or Away From Healing

What to write about, not that there isn’t something to share, it is just that there is so much happening in our lives and on the planet at the moment. I had a conversation with my friend Kristin Perrin and the conversation reminded me of a poem by Dylan Thomas. Kristin asked me to share a bit of the conversation we had about wellness, healing and disease.

So, I am inspired to make this blog about wellness and the journey towards or away from healing. When we seek to be well or to be healed from a disorder of the body, mind or spirit, it does not mean that we are broken, but we expect our doctors, metaphysical and physical to fix us. We go to these individuals with the idea that we are broken, but are we really?

As you may know and I teach, illness does not just occur in the physical body. We never just get up one morning to illness. It takes a long time for disease to download into the body. An affliction begins in our mind and our energy before finally lodging into the body. And this does not just occur in adulthood either. For the adult, the disease originated in our formative years. The moment when we felt anger at not being seen or heard. Or not allowed to express ourselves, because we would be given something to cry about. Cancer starts as a result of the time we felt helpless to stop an adult or older child from misusing their power over us. Multiple Sclerosis is a result of the bitterness from childhood anger turned inwards. It is not their fault we say, it is mine. If I had not sneezed at dinner I wouldn’t have made them mad and they wouldn’t have had to hurt me.

Clearing the pain from our past opens the door for us to live disease-free. Of course we will have to be alert and aware to the story we tell ourselves in order to fully heal. This brings me to Dylan Thomas’ poem, Do not go softly into that good night. The poem touches on the antidote for disease. It is necessary to rage disease away. To allow the inner child to scream the pain that you kept inside, swallowed and digested. She must regurgitate her cancer and vomit up her pain in order to heal effectively.

How about it? Are you ready to leave the baggage of your past behind and walk into your future light, healthy and free? I would like to help you get there. –


The Secret Piece To The Secret by Sonia Nadina Haynes

In my arrogance, I tended not to go out and read or listen to other visionary’s work. I am calling myself arrogant because if I went out and checked them out I would be able to see where I fitted in the gaps they left behind. The book The Secret was given to me several years ago which I started to read it but didn’t finish. I already knew the information in The Secret. But, The Secret kept coming up in conversation and so I decided to watch the programme on Netflix.

Since The Secret was written in November 2006, a lot has happened on the planet. People kept losing everything. They read that book amongst others, watched the show, practiced the principles set down in the book, by visionaries and teachers, successful authors and quantum scientists. The message shared in the book related to The Law Of Attraction. The idea is that we have a dream and in order to attain that dream, it is necessary for us to release negative thoughts, embrace positive thoughts so that the positive is accessed by the universe which works with us to create our dreams.

To achieve this we need to keep and maintain the thought of what we want, like a new car, a good job and a loving relationship. I went on to Goodreads to look at some of the reviews on the book. The reviews fell along the wide extreme of five for how great the book is to one ‘what a load of sh*t’. I could see how The Secret made many people mad because they are trying to improve their lives with positive thinking but the positive thinking kept being overshadowed by negative thoughts. How does one fight an invisible foe that one does not even understand?

The book should have been called Beat Negative Thoughts And Realize Your Dreams. It is impossible to eradicate a thought you are not aware you are thinking. Thoughts have been a part of your psyche from the time you became consciously aware of your existence multiplying with each experience you encounter. How is it possible to get rid of the thoughts that are sending us along a path of lack and limitation? The Secret was on the right track but it was missing a big part of the message.

This part of the message is so important that it is impossible to shift your thoughts or your life without realizing it.

Our unconscious thoughts are like rhizomes in our minds. Rhizomes are non-photosynthetic plants that run and propagate under the soil. This means that these plants can survive in the dark, the way our unconscious thoughts require the fearful darkness of our minds to exist. I remember attempting to eradicate field horsetails from a patch of ground I was trying to make into a garden. I dug and dug to get to the lacework of roots that buried themselves deep into the soil. When I thought that I had removed all the horsetails, I went on to plant my roses and daisies, tomatoes and lettuce. A couple of weeks after, my garden looked good, up popped several horsetail plants. I pulled them out and soon another batch of horsetails popped up. I was beside myself!

All my good work was being ruined by these pests. I was told later by someone who ‘knew’ that pulling at the horsetail sent a shock wave into the plant causing it to grow even more. So my attempt at eradicating the horsetail by violently pulling to get it out of my garden was actually giving it the energy it required to propagate more voraciously. This is the same with the unconscious thoughts. When we fight against our perceived negative thoughts, we give it fuel to haunt us even more. This is the part that The Secret did not address. How do we remove the unconscious thoughts that keep returning and toppling our good efforts of positive thinking?

Come to my event THE POWER OF MONEY, MONEY, SPIRITUALITY AND YOU, on December 6 and see how to find the original root of your unconscious thought. Learn how to turn it into a positive source for creating the life you want. If you are afraid of having what you want, or want something really badly, it is possible to use the energy from the transmuted negative thoughts into creative energy to manifest what you want.

The Power Of Money – Money Spirituality & You – Brockville Public Library, Buell Room, 23 Beull Street, Brockville


Search For Happiness It Is Worth It

I had a dream that I went into the underground to search for the light. As I went, I came upon many frightening personalities. I ended up in a building where a boy child who had gone in before me, found his way out through a tiny hole in the wall and took it. He was not happy to be in that place of dimmed light and pathways that challenged him to navigate. In the dream, he took the way out and as he did so, I saw the little man. He was powder white from head to toe. His hair was like Albert Einstein. He looked like the plastic trolls that kids used to play with. I reached down grabbed his head, between my thumb and forefinger, he was that small. “How do I navigate a world that seems to be shrinking?”, I asked him. All the good seemed as if it was being sucked out of the world as we know it. How do we make it to the other side of this challenge?

I woke up as I got the answer. The way is not to seek paths to overcome pain, it is to seek the light in our dark places. It is to recognize true happiness. Not the happiness that comes from delirium, but the type of happiness that we found when we were little. When life challenged us and we found a place in a meadow where we were able to listen to the wind and image ourselves floating with the cloud. I do remember those days. I remember feeling like everything was within reach of my possibility. I felt I could reach up to the diamond studded, black velvet sky and touch it.

We are each seeking the way to happiness. To be able to settle into our beds and not worry about anything. We are seeking to find the place over the rainbow that Judy Garland sang so ardently about. Does it exist? I believe so. As I found in my dream, it exists in the underworld, the space within our psyche. There is no other place for it to be. It does not exist in the drugs that we take, nor does it exist in our shopping binges. The craziness that we embrace does not hold the happiness we seek. Happiness exists within our own sadness. It is the beautiful hum within the din of a chaotic life. It is the quiet place we are so afraid to embrace because we fear boredom. I promise you that this easy going, slow moving, light filled, cosy place called happiness is by no means boring. It is filled with wonder. We can chase a rainbow to find its end. We will be able to enjoy the moments with friends and family without the exhausting ruckus that we feel we have to stir up to hide from the quiet.

My challenge to you is to dig up a moment from your childhood where you felt at one with everything. I promise you will find the zone and experiencing a genius moment.

Imagine what would happen if all the countries at war at the moment stopped for one day to enjoy the stillness that comes from being happy. Because it exists beneath the din of fear. All peoples and countries that fight with each other are afraid. They are not strong, nor are they powerful. They are afraid that the other side is not hearing them. If we stopped to hear. Wait for it… Wait for it… There. There is the stillness that creates happiness in our lives.

Create happiness within your life and you can help the rest of the world find peace.


Answer The Question, Who Are You?

Who are you? This is the first question I ask of my clients when they come to me seeking guidance. In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, the Caterpillar opened their conversation by asking Alice, Who are you? He did not get a straight answer and Alice expressed confusion and frustration at her state of mind. I do not have a hookah, and I don’t have a toadstool although some may wish I sat on one, but the question is quite valid. Most people seek happiness. They seek love and abundance but without knowing the answer to the question, how can we get the universe to bring us what we want? If we do not know who we are? Who is the universe bringing all the good to?

In our conversation, my clients try to tell me what they have read as a potential answer. You know the usual answer, I am a child of the universe. I am light. I am all that I am. Do you really know light? Could you give a definition that is not a scientific explanation? In my one-on-on sessions and in the workshops that I lead, I hand out pens and paper and set them to work. Most sit in silence, waiting for the words to come to them as if their true nature is somewhere out there in the ethers. Others try to capture a statement from a book they have read, but it is the tone of the answer that defines the truth they give me. I have the ability to read and feel what each person feels whether they are in front of me or over the phone. That is how I read people. If you ‘get it’ I know. I do not need my clients to be right in front of me for me to see their pain and confusion. You cannot give a wrong answer to this question, because I see through the veil you have been hiding behind even if you are not aware you have been hiding. But, you know you are hiding, don’t you?

Understanding who you are will help you to understand what you are and why you take the paths you have in your life. Knowing what makes you tick helps you to realize your truth. It helps you to come face to face with your inner demon. You get to realize that it you are not so bad after all. You get to fall in love with yourself again, like you did when you were born. The newly born infant that you were, loved you. It loved your complexity. It loved your closeness to the divine, then your fontanelle closed up and you started to forget how beautiful you are and you struggle all you life to find yourself again.

Drop by and see me, either over the phone or in person and I will help you find the answer to the question. Who are you?
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Sonia Nadina Haynes, Emotional Healing Therapist, Intuitive Life Coach, Author. Helps you find answers so you can live your life well. 778-786-1301.


Sourcing Happiness From Within

I just returned from facilitating the first Self-Emergence Retreat in Sedona Arizona. The stars were numerous and seemed as if we could reach out and touch them. We arrived on the full and eclipsed-blood Moon. The retreat was focussed on meeting and reconciling with each persons Inner Child. Sedona, as usual brought up each attendee’s darkest issues and pulled up our deepest fears. All the participants rose to the challenge as I expected them to and it was a fantastically powerful retreat.

Now on the planet, is the time of renewal and reconciliation with ourselves. Because mankind have finally moved into no-time, we are being charged to release and let go of our own past pain, so we can help mankind heal from its tumultuous past.

What does this mean?

It means that we are no longer able to hide from our shadow-self. It is time for us to become faithful to our own truth. By this I mean, we become aware of what will make us happy. And we go out and live it. Believe me it is not “things” that will make us happy. You can test this theory by considering that if the planet were devoid of things, how would you find happiness? Would you give up the need to struggle? This does not mean that we do not need things. When we release our attachment to the idea of holding on to things, we will find that abundance will flow naturally into our lives.

It seems that we are hard wired to live in fear and expect life to be hard. But we are not hard wired. It is an illusion for us to think that we can do no more than to spend each day fighting for survival.

How do we fix this?

First we need to decide that we want to be happy. Whatever happiness means to you, find it. Then we need to decide to embrace the concept of being happy. We do not have to be thinner or physically fitter to be happy. We just need to connect with our inner being in order to find happiness. Happiness is in the quiet moments when we have nothing to lose and nothing to gain. When we sit in a neutral space within ourselves. It is like sitting by a gentle running stream alone with your thoughts.

In this state we no longer need the ambient noise that surrounds us everyday. Each day we are bombarded by the sound of traffic even though we are inside our homes at night. We hear the hum of a refrigerator and our electronic toys. Even though these toys seem not to make a sound, they hum. One day while out walking a track field I became aware of a loud hum. It might have been present when I arrived but never-the-less I eventually became aware of it. I looked around to find the source of the sound. Eventually, after two laps, I walked close to the electrical pole with a power box and realized that it was the power box that was the source of the disturbing hum. It got quite loud the more I focussed on the sound. Many people today go about their daily lives, with ear buds in their ears. Are they trying to block out the ambient noises?

Find some time to be totally sound proof and see what comes from it.

Like the attendees at the Self-Emergence Retreat in Sedona Arizona, when you connect with the quiet within, you will find that you achieve a greater closeness with your inner power source and the only hum you will hear is the sound of the universe.

And that will make you happy.