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Political Correctness makes Negative Behaviour

Have you ever tried to cut your own hair or trim a hedge in your garden? You have in your mind the exact shape and length you want the cut to be. You trim one side and then attack the opposite side to balance off the cut. When you look at your hair in the mirror, it seems unbalanced to you. Of course, we are our own critic. In an attempt to create the perfect cut, we see the slight imbalance in our haircut and attempt to fix it. We cut the other side trying to even out the cut and create a total mess. Soon we have cut our hair so short that we have to go to an expert to get it styled in a way that we did not want. The idea for this blog came through a conversation where several people shared their stories about ‘the hair cut’. One lady shared how her mom tried to cut her bangs and left a jagged mess before giving up trying to even out the mistake she had made.

We live in a world that exists in polar opposites. We have the North Pole and the South Pole. We have east and west and each is different, with its own climate, land mass and animals. This contrast makes our world an interesting and varied place. Only one part of the earth can be exposed to the light of the sun. The other, opposite side will always be in darkness, unless there are two suns shining at opposite sides of the world at the same time, and even then some part of the earth will be in partial darkness. This is the same for all of us. Even when we are in a room surrounded by light on all sides, the mass that we are, dark matter, will split the light and cause it to flow around us, thus defining and marking our existence.

For humans to understand the phenomenon called emotion, we need to experience the opposites – sadness, dependent on happiness to understand balance. In order for us to feel the righteousness of forgiveness, we need to experience a wrong and so on. The world and our own psyche are in a state of constant flux trying to create balance, like the pendulum that swings too far to the left and in its momentum back to balance, it swings too far to the right. This continues until the momentum is used up and the pendulum reaches a still point. In the world around us it seems that the political correctness that we embraced for the last couple of decades has swung back and the rudeness that we have kept under wraps is now uncovering itself. The political arena is a prime example. In the past, we fell into political correctness excising the words we innocently used to describe people and events in our environment. We avoided using statements and words to describe an event, a person or an activity that we’ve come to consider as hurtful. This quietened us for a while. But now the negativity is coming at us with a vengeance. We did not understood the emotional effects our words had on others and as we continue in ignorance, we are now feeling the pain that words can inflict.

For the person who spews toxic liquor in words, it is necessary to understood the  effects his behaviour and words have on the people around him. The antidote of issuing hurtful words and action is to realize that we are projecting our pain on to others because we are unable to hold it within. We cause hurt to the perceived weaker amongst us before they can inflict the pain to us. Only a hurt individual will willfully say things that cause hurt to others. Only a wounded individual will be hurt by the words spoken by another.

To become highly evolved beings, to achieve ascension, we need to be aware of our inner angst. In so doing, we will know what will make us react negatively and we can make corrections, creating balance.


December 2015 Newsletter

Regardless of what name one chooses to call these holidays, they are appreciated by everyone. Children get a respite from study and adults have time off from work to enjoy their families. There is a great deal of controversy about how these days should be spent. One of the biggest conversation is the commercialization of Christmas. There is an ad from a popular store that talks about how we are so focused on sales but they do not have sales because their prices are already low, so “Come buy from us”. It is challenging to step away from sales and shopping at any time of the year.

We are all dependent of sales and shopping to be able to put the turkey and stuffing on the festive table. Are you going to go out and cut your own cedar for a festive wreath? Where do you get the clippers or the knife to cut the boughs?

Let’s face it. Whether we live in a social, or consumer society, we are still dependent on the trade of goods and services. In order for us to let go of commercialism, we have to go back to the time before running water and electricity and even then the Romans created money.

Charity seeks money for socks and coats and food to serve the poor. We are a commercial community and now because we are so much involved in rejecting commercialism, charity is making it OK for us to spend. Buy this and we will give a percentage. See how great we are? If we acknowledge our consumerist ways, poverty will be eliminated. Because everyone who wants to work building things for the consumer world would have a job. They in turn would spend money on housing, food, clothing and necessities and our global economies would flourish.

Let’s let go of criticizing spending. Let us see the positive of making and selling things. If we don’t like big businesses, let us recreate the mom and pop businesses. This, in our modern world will go a long way to creating an affluent society where children do not go hungry.

Well, I have said a mouthful. This newsletter issue is about the joys the holidays bring. It is about tolerance and creating delight with family. I buy christmas cards because it takes me too long to make them. I purchase the things for my dinner because I do not live on a farm. I am offering special gifts that will keep giving all year round. I am offering reading forecasts for your 2016 and a free weekly Inspirational Affirmations Calendar which I will send out once a week to your mailbox if you are on my newsletter email list. Join the list if you would like to take part in this special offer. This season is about feeling good.

Embrace peace and joy.

Couple Holding Hands on a Railroad Track

What Does The Changes On The Planet Mean For You?

Is the planet dying and we are just waiting for that moment when the inevitable occurs? There is evidence that the life that we have known is really shifting. And these changes are being reflected on the planetary landscape. Recently, the biggest hurricane in the pacific ocean ever recorded, went over land and left very little damage or fatalities. It seems to me that there are multiple events occurring in different dimensions at the same time, that are overlapping and spilling into our world. Or maybe our behaviour is spilling over into the other dimensions.

Either way, there is a breach in time and space that is being broadened by our emotional states. The lack of care and disrespect we carry for ourselves is evident around us in violent acts against one another, for no reason. Put against innocent people.

Will we have to take drastic measures to save ourselves?

If so what will they be?

I teach about love of self and healing through love. In order to save the human race, it is necessary for us to find the way to love ourselves so that we can help the planet with a “pure mind and clean heart” mentality. Our minds will become pure when we release the fear that we are not good enough.

Magic is happening, it is necessary to clear our hearts so that we can include an acceptance of the magic within the universe into our own belief system. Painful wars occur when we do not believe or accept that we are each unique and special. Shaming of others occurs when we continue to blame and berate ourselves for our existence. We transfer our pain on to the person whom we identify as representing our weakness.

The time has come for this race called humans to let go of crazy illogical thoughts and embrace the idea of personal responsibility. We need to decide that we are now ready to accept our share of the abundance that is a part of the planet’s positive prosperity story. Do you deserve to have the best life ever? Are you willing to change your mind, let go of fear of having it all, in order to have it all?

Check your inner self and see. You are capable of having some the fifty percent of the world’s wealth that is held by the one percent, flow back into your and your loved one’s hands. All you have to do is Change Your Mind.

Sonia Nadina Haynes loves to support you in your healing. She is the author of several books available on Amazon and her website. As well as writing and healing, Sonia is a workshop facilitator and spiritual teacher. She works through the chakras, intuitive healing and shamanic studies to support your mental, physical and spiritual growth.

Watch Timep

Are you in sync with time?

It is the middle of July and I can hear most of you exclaim that the year is moving along so swiftly that we are now at the halfway mark and where did the year go? Are you one who feels that time is pushing you at breakneck speed towards an uncertain future? Have you wondered why time seems to be passing so quickly?

Our progress through time is like driving a long highway where we zone out to find that we have missed a large section of the landscape as we try to figure out where we’ve reached. I just did a three and a half days drive from the 1000 Islands region of Ontario to Vancouver in British Columbia. The last time I did this drive it was twelve years ago and I did it in less than three days. Not to brag though because I stayed near or on the speed limit during the drive. On such a long journey alone, I end up as one does thinking about a lot of things. Topics that occupied my mind, were time, our journey around the sun and the future of the human race.

Time, a man made device, or as Albert Einstein said, an invention of man, is our ruler. We have spent more time following time that we forgot how to be at one with ourselves, in time. The drive to Vancouver for me created the capacity to unplug. Of course when I arrived I realized that I had taken less time than I expected by just going with the flow…(of time). There is always more than enough time to do what we want. What we do not have, is time to spend (I love the idea of spending time like money) on regret over things we believe we have missed out on or have not done.

Unplugging is called living in the moment. This occurs when we decide to focus on the one thing requiring our concentration. We can get scattered and follow many leads but being and living in the moment will allow us to live a healthier emotional life without the stress and strain that comes from attempting to control time. I came along easily meeting very little traffic on the TransCanada Highway. That was until I decided to take Highway 99 through the Massey Tunnel in Surrey and sat in traffic for one hour waiting, becoming a part of five lanes of traffic braiding their way into one lane through the tunnel.

At the time, I calculated that I would get to my friends’ home after or before rush hour. My ankles were swollen from hanging out with the accelerator too long and I was ready for the break from driving. I began to focus on getting out of the car. The universe showed me that focussing on time caused a bottleneck through space that made me aware of how we block ourselves in our daily lives when we try to control or beat time.

An aside: I interrupted writing this blog and went downstairs, answering the call of Cali the calico cat. She wanted to be petted. Our pets are here to help us unplug from the expectations we create upon ourselves from time. Go pet your cat, take your dog for a walk, remember to pick up after him or her and watch time stand still.

What are your moments in time where you found yourself profoundly affected by the passage of time? Did you feel that you were hanging on for dear life as time sped up dragging you along? Or did you find yourself in a zen state along the way?


June Newsletter

Our Emotions Do Impact The Planet.

Do you get the feeling that time is playing tricks on you? Someone mentioned the other day that Michael Jackson has been dead since two thousand and nine. That’s four years ago! It seems like yesterday news the of his death rolled like a magic carpet on the wind across the planet. I had a conversation with someone, which I thought, was a week ago, and it turned out to be yesterday. Time is getting tricky and we are being pulled along in its wake. We use time to count our existence on the planet. Some schools of thought propose that we invented time, If that’s the case shouldn’t time behave itself a little better? But then we don’t behave. So I guess our inventions are acting as erratic as we are.

Spring, which is normally warm and bug filled for most of us, is doing her own erratic dance as well. With super tornadoes, major flooding in places that rarely flood, spring is showing us how much emotions we carry within us, even though we try hard to cover the fact. Our world cannot help but reflect back to us what is hidden. For generations we have been forced to keep our emotions tightly reigned and now we are at a place in time where we should l not be punished for speaking our minds. Generations of pain is being shed through our thoughts at this time, reflecting in our world, spilling into our environment. Take time and think about what is bothering you. We need to look at our emotional baggage and find positive ways to express these emotions through art and writing. When we do this we will find ourselves feeling freer and the energy around us will begin to quieten down. Mankind is in a state of creation right now. Because we are afraid, we are creating fearful things. Can you imagine if we set our minds to more positive creative thoughts? Like personal-empowerment, emotional healing and self-love? I have a feeling that the world could be like a Disney movie. But we need a critical mass to set this in motion. Give it a try. This is the great experiment. Let us see what we can create even on purpose – by accident. Shifting time, manifesting global abundance, finding the love that heals shining out through the eyes of the people we meet.