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Tools to Clear Your Environment and Your Life

Confusion abounds in all aspects of our lives. We get guidance about how and what to eat, how to make money, write, invest, or even how to live. There is so much information that we can find ourselves living in a state of overload.

It is possible to find clarity as we live our lives. One can use crystals and Himalayan salt lamps to clear and balance the energy in your home and around you. Clear quartz is a powerful clearing  stone. A Himalayan Salt lamp’s gentle light softens the energy around your space. Some crystals keep negative energy from attaching to you while others can remove or chase negative energy away.

Clearing these powerful stones, you can use smoke to smudge with sage, lavender, myrrh. Water is an excellent cleanser of some stones just like it is great for cleansing our bodies. Some crystals with their powerful energy are also exceptional for clearing energy.

Clear your energy when challenges enter your life. Clear when you have been around disruptive people. Clear your child’s room if they experience bullying with combined pieces of clear and rose quartz. Turmaline and fluorite are also excellent clearing and protection stones.

Smile as you use the tools for clearing. Never clear your self or space while you are angry or afraid. Use the stones when you are feeling empowered.

Enjoy the fresh energy of clear and clean vibrations around you.

Let’s Talk About Karma

When talking about karma, we tend to refer to a retribution that karma brings.

Once upon a time the gods fought each other. They tore each other to pieces and they died thinking that that would be the end of their journeys. But we woke up and realized that we are still fighting each other. We are still tearing each other limb from limb. We did not escape the wheel of karma and we will not escape so easily. We will wake up in the next existence, having to feel the things we tried to escape in the previous life when we killed ourselves at the time of our violent acts.

When we kill someone, we end up in the next life inescapably feeling what it is like to have someone precious taken from us in a violent way. We will experience the feelings of loss of limbs and the pain of recovery. That is karma. Karma is feeling the pain we inflict upon each other. As well experience the joy we shared with others. Like enjoying the good we do to another. Did we assist someone in this life to feel safe, to find peace, to be happy? Then we will experience the same in the other life. Were we both jealous of one person but helped another? We will experience both in the next life.

In other words, we will not escape so easily, the residue of our karmic deeds of this lifetime. Dying does not expunge us from our acts of violence nor resolve our kindness.

The gods must learn how to be at peace with ourselves in order for the race of man to move into the next stage that brings us closer to returning to the stars.

Change The World By Changing Yourself

The carnival came to Brockville last weekend, bringing along sword swallowers, flame dancers and other dangerous tricks. It got me thinking about how we, humans seems to be attracted to the things that repel us. Danger is our middle name. We say we want peace and yet we feel we have to fight for it. We want love to flow and take hold, but we follow people whose focus is to uproot the peace we try to create in our world.

How can we create and establish permanent peace? It is easy and hard at the same time, because we have to go to the core of our being in order to heal and grow the peace we want. Without a core or centre nothing would function. The atom has a nucleus, a tree has a core. We, each of us are the core of our society. In order for hate to be eradicated, we must remove hate from our hearts including hatred towards those who have hurt us. If we want fairness to fall upon the land we must be fair to ourselves. We the core of society must be tended first by ourselves for our society to positively stand.

The way we feel about ourselves is reflected in the world around us. Do you like yourself? Are you transporting guilt in your emotional luggage into your present and future? It is time to remove the things we no longer need. I read quite a lot and in a book written by Lee Carol channeled from Kryon, called The Journey Home, a young man decided to take the old stuff from his home on a journey to meet god. On the way he encountered storms that threatened to rip the suitcase from his arms, but he clung the it almost losing his life. He was asked to leave the suitcase at the places he stopped over, but still would not leave it behind. He was greatly attached to his stories from the past. These stories defined him or so he thought until the fear and guilt threatened his life and he had to let go of the past in order to successfully overcome the things holding him back.

We are the same, each holding on to a story we feel justified in carrying. For our/your world to shift, it is necessary to examine your core and see what needs to shift so you can have a world that reflects your own unconscious beliefs. Maybe we will release the need for gravitating towards the dangerous and negative.

Michael Jackson, brilliant sage, sang in his song Man In The Mirror, If you want to change the world start with the one in the mirror. Something to think about, what if angels are here in the guise of the First Nations Peoples who stand against us to protect our water and our lands? What if they are in the bodies of the starving, the disenfranchised, the shunned, women and girls who are used in sex industries? What if the millions of people forced from their homes by greed are angels here to help us to realize and shift the meaning of our humanity? “What if God was one of us?”

It is a lot to think about but if we stop focussing outwards and look within our hearts we will find the truth unveiled before our very eyes and that truth is beautiful.

Would You Take What Aliens Give?

What would you do if aliens appeared in our skies tomorrow? Would you give your life over to them, would you react in fear of the unknown? The human race is moving at breakneck speed towards a future we may not be ready for. We have not fully anchored ourselves in our present lives as yet. By this I mean, we still starve others on the planet so we can boast about how little we paid the artisan for his or her work. We proudly support charity which requires a perpetuation of the needy.
Billionaires fight against raising the minimum wage because they say it would hit their billionaire bottomline. What is it that cause us to cling to the primitive fear of lack by fearing competition? What is competition anyway? It is the fear that your tribe will not have enough so you reject ones from another tribe. Or you see superiority in another but push them away for fear they may take what you perceive you may lose. By the way that means you see yourself as inferior. One family in the wild may not survive as well as multiple families together, called a tribe. If we choose to work together for the betterment of mankind without energetically creating more charity cases, we will uplift not only ourselves, but the very people we are holding down so we can feel better for helping them.
I think the only reason for aliens to appear in our skies would be because they have something to share with us that will improve our place in the universe. If aliens appeared on the planet tomorrow, are you ready to step into a future of prosperity, healing and peace? How do you really feel about that?

When To Trust Your Psychic

You may have heard this many times before, everyone is a psychic. If that is so then why do we go to see a psychic for energetic and spiritual guidance? A psychic’s skill is developed through many years, he may have been born with a stronger skill because being a psychic is his life’s path. She may have experienced trauma that cracked her open like a dried coconut and she follows her spirit guides to support your healing.

cyrstal ballIt is easy to form distrust in a psychic if you do not use you own radar to suss out whom to trust and whom to stay away from. We all resonate with certain persons. One psychic may be able to connect with you easier that they would with your friend. You have to follow your intuition and your heart to know.

I have had clients contact me concerned that a psychic told them that they have been cursed and will need to be cleared. These people offer to do so for a lot of money. This is the same as going to a financial advisor who leads you to invest in risky stock that do not fit with you, your lifestyle or temperament. Everything is relative. You are asked by your higher self to stop and check in to see if what they are telling you is your truth. As with the financial advisor, someone else may be OK with a risky investment, but if you are not comfortable with it you must listen to your inner voice.

The other challenge with going to an intuitive, psychic, medium – they are all the same to me – are the questions you ask. Most people are embarrassed to ask personal questions and sit in silence waiting for the intuitive to tune into their energy to get to the heart of the matter. Others decide to test the psychic to see if the person is for real. I think doing so is a waste of your money and the practitioner’s time. When you show up to an intuitive it is best to have your questions ready. Some psychics prefer that you not “lead” them with information but wait until they have finished the reading. I like to do readings that way, I usually answer all your questions before you ask them, but keep your list of questions in case we meaning your higher self, guides and I being the conduit, miss anything.

If the session is a mini-reading, then presenting your question in advance will save time.

Now we move to the questions. Many clients who come to me ask, when will I find love, or when will I meet The One? The question should be, Am I energetically ready for the love I want? Being ready for love is as important as finding love or a career or spiritual development.

Contact Sonia for a reading.

Embrace The Energy Of The Phoenix

As we slide towards 2017 and reflect on the old year, many of us fell, hard. We fell to health challenges, work stress, and even confusion about our spiritual purpose. Because of our fall some have fallen prey to drug abuse, with many deaths occurring in large cities which can be scary to observe. The reason, I think why so many of us are giving up on life is because we choose to follow the examples of people who may or may not have followed their own rules. Yes, we all have fallen, but we have not given ourselves the opportunity to recover before we got back into the game; because we are afraid of being seen as a loser, called lazy, unmotivated and unsuccessful.


We all want to be seen as successful, but we are afraid of the wages of success, but there is a season for everything.

The time of the idea, the beginning.
The time for implementing the idea.
The time of the maturation of the idea.
And the time of stillness as your idea takes shape. This is the time that we fear most, the still time where we wait for our idea and dreams to come into form.

We tend to feel that we have to do something. Relationships are the most scary for experiencing this. Most of us want our relationship to be constantly on the go. We are afraid of the still time, the becoming time because we believe that our lover may lose interest. We are always in a relationship with someone who resinate at the same vibration as we do. So if we are afraid, our lover is also afraid. Our courage is carried by our lover and so is our passion, joy and self-doubt.

In this New Year, it is good to make a commitment to yourself, stay down to perk up. When you feel depressed, sit within the feelings. Allow the scum of despair to surface so you can look at it. You will be the better for it. The boxer who have been knocked down, his manager yells for him to stay down, the referee does a count, these help the boxer to catch his breath and get back into the game. Our phoenix, after falling, stays in the fire and reflects on her life while the embers turned to ashes. Then when she has built her energy, she rose again more splendid and beautiful than before. She fell many times and becomes better than before, each time.

Have you fallen? Did you get up before you had the energy to tackle life again? Give me a call or drop me an email and I will help you gain perspective on the story you are experiencing.


Where Are You On The Karmic Wheel?

I began writing this blog before the latest event on the Paris. I am sure the tender-hearted wonder why these events occur and more importantly, how a person can take his and her personal story and impose it on others. I watched a documentary about the experiences of Romany gypsies in World War Two at the hands of the nazis. One gentleman in particular drew my attention. He was castrated by one of the nazi officers. This occurred without anesthetics. He was only ten years old. In the interview, he said when he lifted his head as far as he could to see what the doctor was doing, he saw that the doctor had orgasmed from the young boy’s pain.

Most people who hurt others experience a thrill at their victim’s pain. It seems to be an integral part of the human psyche. The thrill comes from the reaction of the spectators. In the Roman sports arena, spectators influenced the first outcome of the fight. They decided whether the gladiator died or not. In a strange sort of way, we are still in the times of the Romans.

The internet is now the platform for self-aggrandizement, where we get to experience the thrill of watching other’s pain without having to put our lives on the line by taking part. If the leaders who send solders out to fight, sacrifice their lives along with the rest, there would be fewer suicide bombers and war would be at curtailed.

Maybe it would put an end to the sacrifices made.

Let’s talk about karma. Most people are afraid of the perceived retribution that karma brings. Once upon a time the gods fought each other. They tore each other to pieces and they died thinking that that would be the end of their journeys. But we woke up and realized that we are still fighting each other. We are still tearing each other limb from limb. We did not escape the wheel of karma and we will not escape so easily. We will wake up in the next existence, having to feel the things we tried to escape in the previous life when we killed ourselves at the time of our violent acts.

When we kill someone, we reincarnate in the next life inescapably feeling what it is like to have someone precious taken from us in a violent way. We will experience the feelings of loss of limbs and the pain of recovery. That is karma. Karma is feeling the pain we inflict upon each other. It is also enjoying the good we do to another. Did we assist someone in this life to be safe, to find peace, to be happy? Then we experience the same in the other life. Were we both jealous of one person but helped another? We will experience both in the next life. In other words, we will not escape so easily, the residue of our karmic deeds of this life. Dying does not expunge us from our acts of violence or kindness.

The gods must learn how to be at peace with ourselves in order for the race of man to move into the next stage that brings us closer to returning to the stars.

Truth image

People Respect You, Speaking Your Truth

Fearlessness through understanding ones-self is important to spiritual advancement. We all strive to be heard, to be understood and yet at the same time many of us try to say what we want to say, in a ‘nice’ way so as not to hurt the other person’s feelings. It is impossible to speak our truth and not cause a stir in others. In the Law of Attraction, or “like attracts like,” whatever we think we create.

We live in the time of magic. Science is showing us how that magic works. It shows that when we are clear and focused on what we want, without distraction, we harness the power to create. In order to do this we must know our selves. When we are clear of our direction, meaning we know what we are striving to achieve, we will go fearlessly into a long happy marriage, or a successful business enterprise. Self-knowledge creates a quiet confidence that transcends fear and worry.

Emotional Healing through Intuitive Guidance will assist your journey out of the darkness of pain and confusion into the light of understanding. I remember in the days when I was a bridal designer, I had a photographer friend who brought the photos he took for my advice. The first time he brought a photo, I saw a flaw in the picture and told him so. He left in a huff. He brought the photo redone, again I saw a flaw and told him so. When he brought the photo a third time. By now, I felt quite anxious.

I asked him why he kept asking for my advice when he got mad at my critiques. His response was, “I know that I can trust you to always tell me the truth”, I paraphrase. This taught me that people will respect and listen to you when you face your fears of making others angry and are consistently truthful from your inner being.

Sonia Nadina Haynes is able to see into your past, present and future. Emotional Healer and Intuitive, she assists you to find the sweetness in life and to live your truth, fearlessly. Sonia Nadina has met and worked with clients from many walks of life, financial backgrounds and states of spiritual development. She is the catalyst for change.

Couple Holding Hands on a Railroad Track

What Does The Changes On The Planet Mean For You?

Is the planet dying and we are just waiting for that moment when the inevitable occurs? There is evidence that the life that we have known is really shifting. And these changes are being reflected on the planetary landscape. Recently, the biggest hurricane in the pacific ocean ever recorded, went over land and left very little damage or fatalities. It seems to me that there are multiple events occurring in different dimensions at the same time, that are overlapping and spilling into our world. Or maybe our behaviour is spilling over into the other dimensions.

Either way, there is a breach in time and space that is being broadened by our emotional states. The lack of care and disrespect we carry for ourselves is evident around us in violent acts against one another, for no reason. Put against innocent people.

Will we have to take drastic measures to save ourselves?

If so what will they be?

I teach about love of self and healing through love. In order to save the human race, it is necessary for us to find the way to love ourselves so that we can help the planet with a “pure mind and clean heart” mentality. Our minds will become pure when we release the fear that we are not good enough.

Magic is happening, it is necessary to clear our hearts so that we can include an acceptance of the magic within the universe into our own belief system. Painful wars occur when we do not believe or accept that we are each unique and special. Shaming of others occurs when we continue to blame and berate ourselves for our existence. We transfer our pain on to the person whom we identify as representing our weakness.

The time has come for this race called humans to let go of crazy illogical thoughts and embrace the idea of personal responsibility. We need to decide that we are now ready to accept our share of the abundance that is a part of the planet’s positive prosperity story. Do you deserve to have the best life ever? Are you willing to change your mind, let go of fear of having it all, in order to have it all?

Check your inner self and see. You are capable of having some the fifty percent of the world’s wealth that is held by the one percent, flow back into your and your loved one’s hands. All you have to do is Change Your Mind.

Sonia Nadina Haynes loves to support you in your healing. She is the author of several books available on Amazon and her website. As well as writing and healing, Sonia is a workshop facilitator and spiritual teacher. She works through the chakras, intuitive healing and shamanic studies to support your mental, physical and spiritual growth.


Expectations In Love

When the new year began, we started our journey from creation towards destruction, in order to start the cycle all over again. As strange as it may seem, we started this new cycle in December at the winter solstice. The time of standstill to renewal, the winter solstice brings us to preparation for new life. In order to create new life, it is necessary for us to fall in love. Life is created from love. Sometimes the love is a bit twisted and we judge the life produced, for the way it was created, but, life requires a dynamic force which brings the sperm and egg together for its existence. The same as in nature, life requires struggle and rutting to force truth out of chaos in the first stage of love itself.

Most of us seek an emotional bond that we feel will give us a sense of wholeness. In the arena of public opinion displayed in the social media, we have many and varying ideas of how we should love, how a man should treat a woman and so on. We are in a time where we put our laundry, clean or dirty out in the world of public opinion and we hope that someone will sympathize with us and our dis-satisfaction will be satiated because our views have been heard.

Love is a powerful force in the universe and within ourselves, of course we know that. But we certainly have strange expectations when we fall in love. Most of us fall in lust. It is not a bad thing to fall in lust. Lust provide us with the thing we are missing, a closeness to ourselves which we are unable to generate. We mistake lust for love, writing beautiful poems to our lover, today, expressing our private moments and parts on the public arena in order to attract the object of our lustful desire. Lust does not work to get us what we want, though. It cannot. Lust is like a lit matchstick. It burns down quickly. Soon the fire is extinguished burning our fingers in the process, causing us to drop the matchstick. It is impossible to maintain a relationship on lust alone.

A loving relationship endures, like the light of a campfire or the christmas fire which, if carefully fed, over time will continue to burn and keep both people in the relationship warm for years to come. This fire has to be carefully tended. Too much fuel and it becomes destructive. What I mean is that if we are afraid of losing the love we have, and we put too much emphasis on being together, or we sacrifice our own light for the other, this love will burn up quickly. When we expect passions to burn every day, we will soon force the fire to extinguish itself by running out of passion. (We run out of ideas.) We end up feeling neglected and we fall out of the embrace of a relationship we worked so hard to cultivate. If we forget to add fuel to the fire, it will burn down and soon there is nothing but the ashes of an exhausted love affair. This is why many go outside the relationship seeking attention. Because the expectation of what love is supposed to be has not been met, the disappointment pushed them out of the circle of their love fire where they end up feeling cold and alone. This place is where affairs of the body, mind and spirit occurs.

Love is a simple multiplication equation. 1 x 1 = 1.

We do not need someone to complete us. Because a broken heart in a relationship added to another broken heart will become two broken hearts in a broken relationship. Broken hearts do not mend each other. It is impossible. Broken hearts attract lust, the fire that burns up and is quickly extinguished. To find the love that is whole, one must first find wholeness within oneself. That wholeness will attract a whole heart to us which requires nothing but the freedom to express the beauty of love. Passions will burn. The fire will be self-nurturing, with a little something-something to keep it going. The couples who stay together for sixty and eighty years know this. They are each committed to themselves. They know that in order for their love to endure they need to tend their own hearts, carefully.

Falling In Love
You begin your love affair with the first meeting. This experience has a magnetic force that is inexplicable. You cannot help yourself. You need to touch each other and conversation is near to impossible to end. You look through each other’s eyes into the other’s soul. The passion is impossible to resist. You spend as much time as you can muster in each other’s arms. You fall into the irresistible magnetic attraction.

The Union
The need to be in each other’ embrace cause you to move in together. You leave everything you have ever known. You rush into each other’s arms and homes. Whether you like football or not you decide to like what he likes. You endure her friends. You carry her purse. You sacrifice some of your needs and desires because this is what you have been taught. All over the media and in popular songs you are told that you must sacrifice for the one you love. You learn to cook. Until the seven-year-itch occurs. It is not really a specific period of time. Each of us is different. We all have our breaking point.

The Betrayal
This is the point where you become bored. You convince yourself that you are not getting what you need from your partner and you look outside of the relationship for the fire you encountered in the relationship at the beginning. You have the affair. The challenge is that if you were not whole in the relationship to begin with, try as you may, you will not find wholeness on the outside. It is necessary to work on your wholeness while you have the protection of an embracing force. It is really a good time to work on who you are and try to break old outmoded thought patterns and behaviours while in the relationship. If you do not, the love you have found will lead to disappointment and feelings of betrayal.

The Mending
A moment of infidelity does not a relationship break. However, if you are still carrying the pain from a father who betrayed and abandoned you, that you have not completely resolved, you will end up breaking. The relationship will break. Most of us run away because the pain is too great, the love we thought we found, is left in shattered pieces at our feet. Is it possible to mend such a painful shambles? I say yes. The first thing we do is look at our self. Ask, Why is this repeating in our life again? When we are courageous enough to ask the question and stand up to hear the truth in the answer, we are on the road to healing. Love is not a magic fire that will burn without tending. It is a force that needs feeding from within ourselves. In the mending, we let go of preconceived notions of what love is. We release the need for the other to sacrifice themselves for us as we release our need to be self-sacrificing. We find respect, strength and a stedfast belief in yourself. This will pour out into the union that we have fought to keep alive.

The Forever In Love
This is the time where we release our fear of being alone. This cause us to lock in with each other. We open our self to reside in the soul of your lover. At this time we will not fear abandonment or betrayal. But if such feelings surface, we work through it together. This is the time where we are able to stand toes to toes; nose to nose and look in each other’s eyes. We look to see our reflection in the other’s eyes. If we are afraid to see, we are not mended. It means that we do not trust our self as yet. It means that we are afraid of intimacy.


It means that we are able to be the mirror, through which our lover can see him or her self reflected in our own eyes. This is the place where good, bad or indifferent, we are comfortable with the reflection we see within.

Happy Valentines