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Dealing With The Contradictions Of Life

Life is contrary. We see lots of positivities around us, but then the good is oftentimes defused by random negative acts of people in turmoil. It is easy for us to turn on one another in hate because this is instinctively what a wounded, frightened creature does. We are told many times that love is the only way to heal and defuse pain. But how do we reconcile the love idea when we so deeply feel the fearful events occurring in our world. Lives are being forfeited in attacks of violence all over the world. Will we move into WWIII? Whole countries are being wiped out by environmental influences. It seems as if we are being pushed towards a seeming inevitability. It is like having our feet on the brakes but someone in a vehicle bigger than ours is pushing us towards the precipice and there seems to be nothing we can do about it, because we are locked in our car of fate, our feet locked on the brake.

While all the negativity is going on in the world, we also see its contrast. We see the beauty of a service member rush to put out a fire, save a child, support a senior. We see them, wrapped in the shield of power use their power to make the lives of their fellow humans better. And then we see them use the shield of power to expose their own anger and rage against anyone they perceive to be powerless and weak. Or represent the face or body type of one whom they were taught to fear thus hate.

Most of us choose jobs based on childhood experiences. We choose to protect, save, and feed; we become advocates for the weak and needy, because in our childhood, we were abused, misunderstood, shunned, and unheard. In our adult years we try to shift the wrong that was done to us, by trying to help others. The problem is that if we have not resolved the past pain, we will do to others, what was done to us in the past. It takes a strong individual to look in the face of his past, shift and transmute the pain to help others heal, without transferring his pain and anger onto them. Even to the surrendering of their life, a person lives their childhood story and without thought for self, instinctively face down the harbingers of malevolent behaviour. In this act of selflessness, our heroes faced the demons within themselves which opened them up to their highest good. This is not to say that we need to go out there and sacrifice our lives or challenge the horrors of the world.

What I mean is that if we can realize that the world is made up of people, it may force the human members of such organizations to empathize and put themselves in the shoes of their victims and their families. I still expect and beyond hope for peace on our planet. That is the only way we will heal global warming, injustice, and cruelty. When we are no longer making ourselves wrong, we can stop making others wrong, and then we will see the beauty emitted from ourselves reflected through the eyes of each and every person we meet.



How comfortable do you feel about the future? Not your future but the future of mankind and life as we know it? Global events make us pause and experience fear at all the crazy things happening around us. It is uncertain what to expect of the coming months. It seems that Mother Nature is going about her job, doing what she needs to do to resolve the imbalances in nature. It is not very comfortable for us as she does this because it disrupts and affects our lives in tragic ways, but this is becoming life as we know it.

How do we emulate nature? What can we do to help? The human race as we know is a collective of energy, of emotion and thoughts otherwise known as consciousness. Everything we emit spirals out in to the universes and become manifest. What if our thoughts and emotions are spontaneously creating planets and solar systems? What if we end up with Orson Wells’ War Of The Worlds? Aliens landing on the planet with the intention of world domination? What if we are creating as we think, oceanic monsters and Hogwarts schools with a dark arts master bent on human control?

What if we could reverse what is happening on the global sphere? Getting rid of anger and fear and poverty? We have tried to use goodwill to change the negativity on the planet, but it doesn’t seem to be working, is it? What can we do to change the status quo? It is possible to make the world in our own view of what we want it to be.

If you figure out what you want. Not just what you need but also what you want. Imagine what you want as clearly as you can in your minds eye. Then look at how you feel when you envision your dream. The dream could be world peace, a new washing machine, or a new pet. Find the thing that make you happy. Keep focusing on it until you find yourself smiling. Imagine your smile and let the good feeling grow and expand out to fill the room you are in, touching everything and everyone in its reach. Push the energy outward as far as you can without losing the great feeling. If you begin to lose the feeling, stop. Generate the feeling again and then push it outwards repeating what you have done before.

The intention is to reframe the energy around us. We the human race have consistently created negativity through war, fear and limitation, for as long as we have been in existence. But there was a time when we were not in competition with ourselves. The time of self-competition is over. It is now time for cooperation with the male and female aspects of the self. This is not about physical gender. It is about energetic balance.

In order to change the world, to heal the world and allow love to flow, it is necessary to love ourselves and let this energy flow outwards until it fills your life fully. Whatever you thing you create.

Sonia Nadina Haynes – Intuitive, Healer and Workshop Facilitator, Canada


Earth Reflects Our Inner Angst

We sing praises to the beautiful sunset painted against the western sky. We worship a warm sun-filled day where the birds sing out songs to the glory of the earth. The snow on the mountains is perfect for us as long as it remains on the mountain and does not interfere with our daily life. But bring on a very cold day, a tornado, a snow storm that traps us within its embrace and we label the earth, a demon beast out to get us. We cry and mourn asking why is this happening to me? If the earth had consciousness and I believe she does, how would she feel, that no matter what she does we are not satisfied. What if the planet is reflecting our collective emotional state? With cold and snow, reflections of frozen emotions locked in us by fear; tornadoes reflecting our inner anger and rage? Many people have acknowledged that they are sensitive to certain environments and the energy emitted by people. What if the earth is the same as us, sensitive to our emotions and she reflects this back to us in the only way we can understand? There are many scientists who see the earth as angry and vengeful. But what if she cannot help but be the mirror of our own angst?

On a more personal basis, our homes represent our mind. If we are having emotional challenges but do not respect it, by expressing our fears and tears, our home will do it for us. A flood is a good example of tears being mirrored by our environment. I had a client who bought a house and after a few months of living in it experienced a leak that she could not find. She spent hundreds of dollars with plumbers looking for the hidden leak. There was the sign of a leak but no sign of the origin of the leak. The couple were going through marital issues and none were willing to express the emotional weight, the problem was having them. Each mourned the loss of intimacy but were not willing to express it our loud for fear of rejection. The day they came clean to each other about their deepest fear and sadness the plumber found the leak and was able to fix it. Which co-incidentally was in the crawl space of the house.

This is the same with the planet. She feels our pain, anger and fear more than ever, because our population has expanded also increasing our fear and anger. She is not immune to our emotions because our physical selves come from her and we return to her when we die. The weather stories in the news are an opportunity for us to look at our own inner story and try and fix it. California is experiencing drought. What does that mean to the people there? Well, drought represents emotions held within. Hollywood is a place based upon illusion and illusion cannot sustain itself without substance. California is filled with celebrities and wannabe celebrities, each focused on getting ahead with no place for the emotional impact of their drive to succeed. Take a look at your community and see if it is reflecting your emotional state.

How do we help the planet to look after us? The challenging answer is quite easy. We need to take a look at our own inner feelings and be truthful with ourselves about it. Playing ‘The Fonz’ is not going to cut it if we want the planet to reflect a peaceful state. Meaning that the planet will have balanced weather when we have found peace within.

Take the time to own how you are feeling. When you find the fear or the pain, sit with it. “I want to know if you, can you sit with pain mine and your own”Oriah Mountain Dreamer, THE INVITATION. Just sit with your pain. Try not to hide from it. It will lead you out into the light of understanding and peace. I don’t think we seek happiness. I feel we seek peace. From peace comes the components that breed happiness. Help the planet by looking after your pain and she will look after us by keeping the weather balanced.

Crazy thought…we are the ones in control of our world and the universe…

Sonia Nadina Haynes, emotional healing therapist helps you to heal so you can live your life well.


Good Friday For Tolerance

Good Friday commemorates a man who was tortured for his beliefs and for being different. Regardless of our beliefs, history has shown those considered different in society are expunged for their uniqueness. Scientists who saw the world as round instead of flat, lost their existence. An individual who decided that he or she would not remain quiet while others are being mistreated is shot dead. Individuals whose uniqueness at birth create such a fever that we take up arms against them even to wish them dead. Is it our nature as humans to be cruel? The evidence does not support this. In the quiet places in our minds where no-one can challenge us we wish to be different from the crowd. We wish to be seen as unique. But in public, because we see the extent to which our heroes are being treated, we join the crowd and scream “Crucify him!”

Cruelty is not in our nature regardless of what we have been told. When we treat someone in a negative way, a piece of ourselves die. Whether we are aware of it or not, we see ourselves in the other person’s eyes and through their body language and actions. This cause us to feel anger at their perceived weakness, and lack of power, like looking in the mirror and hating the pimple that shows up on our cheek. This motivates us to go in for the kill and abuse our power against them. It is by no means all our fault because the person who reflect our weakness does carry that sense of disempowerment themselves. This begs the question, how can I fix it? One cannot fix a negative expression reflected through another. Because we would have to break the mirror to avoid looking at the offending pimple. Of course with the mirror gone we have no more mirror in which to observe ourselves.

The only thing expected of us is a little bit of self-reflection with the realization that if we harm another for being different, strange or out there, we are externalizing our own inner persecutor. War will end when we no longer war with ourselves. When we accept our own belief systems we will not push it against anyone else, because we will be able to accept that we each see the sky through our own individual and weird filters. We will smile at ourselves and ask the other person to tell us about their impression.

This Good Friday and Easter could be the beginning of showing tolerance to ourselves which will automatically be expressed out in the world. The shift we are seeking issues from the core, from within.

Audacity To Dream

Find The Audacity To Manifest Your Dream

2014 was a year of possibilities yet to be discovered. The human race, meaning the planet has been in a deep slumber for the past five to ten years. All the magic we held flew away from us and we turned to following leaders in all aspects of commerce. If a writer made it big, we turned to writing. The big box stores became popular, now they are slowly closing down and the mom and pop establishments are waiting to return to dominance.

I was in New York City over the holidays and was struck with the emptiness there. I thought I would shop for something, anything and found that the things I may have wanted in New York were already available in my local mall in Canada. (It seemed to me that we are in a state of sameness. It is as if uniqueness has taken a vacation.) Plus things were also more expensive because of the currency exchange. The streets of New York were practically empty. It reminded me of a post apocalyptic movie where most of the people had died and the only things left were the echoes  of human population in pieces of paper and garbage.

As I walked around, I wandered, where are our eight billion people? They said the human population had grown to over eight billion people. Have our population shrunk without our being aware of it? A decade ago I would walk along Madison Avenue vigorously dodging the multitudes of people rushing along to do one thing or another. Now I had the streets mostly to myself. I even found a seat in the Starbucks! Something is happening and if one has not gone out into the world and seen the changes out there, one would think that the status quo is still in place. What do we do now in a world that has ceased to be manipulated by our fear based actions? To date, many have died for the change upon us. A change that will propel our species into a more interesting, less adversarial experience with each other. Can you imagine it? Humankind forgetting to hurt one another and focus on our spiritual evolution instead? It is happening but in a sneaky way so we do not realize it is happening and make a stampede back through the door of forgetfulness. In 2015 we will begin to see small businesses take hold again in the global economy. The people in power will find it hard to keep things as they have been since the times of the Romans.

Be prepared to find your life going just the way you want it to. You will see your curiosity about life increase. Prosperity will begin to spread like mould spores in a dark place. It doesn’t sound too appetizing, but we will gradually find our audaciousness and move towards our dreams. This is the change we have heard about. It is here. The time is now.



Accepting Charity Increases Planetary Abundance

We have all at one time or another wanted something. Sometimes it is the rent to keep a roof over our heads or a person in our lives. Whether it is a new being, or an already formed partner, the hunger for something or someone can be overwhelming for the best of us. Love is one of the forces that will take hold of us in a grip of passion that makes us go weak at the knees.

Wanting is one thing, getting what we want is another. We have been taught that we need to give up our desires for ourselves and focus on the needs of others. This is the way our society is structured. That giving up what is important to us is the noble way. I have given away things that were important to me in the past. Most of the time and when I did so, I felt the sense a deep sense of loss. I stuffed the feeling away because I thought I was doing the right thing. I was at a get-together where the speaker of the day talked about giving in order to get. She said that she would give and give and when she wanted something, the recipient of her generosity cannot help but give back out of obligation. Our world is filled with this type of altruism. People who give in order to guilt others into giving back. Is it because we are uncomfortable in receiving that we do this tit-for-tat type of giving?

For most of us accepting kindness is like unto death. We would rather lose an arm before we subject ourselves to the act of opening that arm to accept kindness that we would call charity. It made me wonder if everyone is giving and no one wants to receive graciously, does this not leave an imbalance in the world’s energy. When we give and we get a feeling of satisfaction from that activity, we need to give others the same satisfaction when we are open to receive from them.

One of the rules of abundance is to be open to receive, without question. And without guilt. When we do so the light of abundance will flood across the planet and we will see the dawn of abundance flow across our planet.

Ways to open ourselves to increased abundance are to accept that charity is good. “For the greatest of these is charity”. Charity is the act of lovingly giving and receiving. It is to be as opened to receiving as we are to giving.

Imagine that your inner child needs the thing you are being given. Most of us will accept kindness without seeing it as charity, if we are receiving for someone else. Our inner child is starved for the kindness that we are refusing.

I know that it is important for us to be seen as successful and not need anything. But we all need something and in this time of so much financial uncertainty, being open to receive will allow the altruistic energy of abundance to flow around the planet once more. I think we have learned from our past of over indulgence. I think we are ready to have what we need and a little more. Don’t you?

Sonia Nadina Haynes is author of The Power Of Money, How You See Money Is How You See Yourself. Available through Balboa Press.

Sun Rising over Lake


From the minds of creative people come questions about our existence. I have wondered many times throughout my life if I am real. The strangest things happen to me that are beyond the realm of normal. Causing me to shake my head and wonder if there is something else out there affecting the neurons in my head and influencing my perception. Life presents challenges and we struggle to overcome them. We experience some of the worst things humans can go through and we carry on. How is it that we are able to keep going no matter what is before us?

There is within us, beyond the innate ability for survival, a spirit that desires freedom. Although it knows it is free, this spirit within us is stuck in the density of our reality. In our world, we feel the strong sense of separation, and yet we are not clear about what we are separated from. Many of us refer to the great spirit, or god but we are unsure of what that is. All of us have felt a connection to this force, but we forgot through the experience of growing up and getting real. When life is going along easily and comfortable, we forget our connection to that part of us which is indefinable. It is only in challenges and pain that we raise our eyes and search the skies for – something. When life is good we don’t consider that we walk upright, despite the scientific impossibility. As babies, we examine our toes and fingers for hours. As adults we forget the wonder in our toes and fingers. When was the last time you really saw the sunrise as you rushed off to get to that early morning meeting? Stopping despite your potential lateness to drink it in? It would be an amazing thing if all the cars on the freeway stopped all at once so it’s drivers could drink up the sunset. I think we would smile more.

Many of us are unaware of the light. We forget about the sun until it is not there. Michael Jackson’s EARTH SONG looks at what we’ve done to the world, but we only see the state of our world, when it has already been pulled apart. We seem to notice most keenly when it is a natural disaster, than when we create the disaster ourselves. Our garbage is strewn all over, our coffee cups left at the bus stops or on the busses, paper napkins, tissues fall a few inches from the garbage receptacle. Our cigarette butts carelessly tossed out a window join those tossed by others. Ashtrays were eliminated from our environments with the intention of deterring smoking which has led to littering.

Do we not believe we exist? When I see all that we do in our joys and our pain, it makes me wonder. How can a race of beings, so magical and so beautiful not revel in its beauty? Not make this world reflective of its beauty? I remember a quote, Psalms 19: 1 “The heavens declare the glory of god and the firmament showeth his handy work.” These words flow through my mind when I wake up to a snow filled sky. When I see a sunrise, I sing Cat Stevens song, “Morning has broken like the first morning, Blackbird has spoken…”.

What could be better than us? With the ability to break beyond recognition and to magically repair – emotionally and physically. To be able to see within the jumbled bits of broken pieces in a person and know how to put that person back together. We are not limited at all. Not by our pain, nor our fear. We are incredible in our compassion and the power of how we love. I think we need to see some of that power within ourselves so that our world can move into that higher state of consciousness we have been speaking of for so long.


Heal From Within by Sonia Nadina Haynes

So much is happening on our planet right now. Crazy winter weather, full moon on Valentines Day, the Olympics in Russia have all impacted us in one way or another. Our once slowed down, almost boring live is continually getting crazier and crazier. The Thames has overflowed its banks and beautiful old parts of England have flooded. This reminds me of an article I wrote over seventeen years ago. It was called STOP OH MY CHILDREN AND HEAR ME. The article came from a dream I had the previous night where I saw Mother Earth. She looked like the Venus von Wallendorf – a large woman laying on her side with humans, as small as fleas, moving over her pulling at her skin and hair. With a groan she rolled to ease her discomfort and some of us got thrown off while others were crushed under her ample weight.

She spoke of our disrespect for the land stemming from a disrespect for our selves. She suggested that (and scientists have said this since), she will endure regardless of whether we are here or not. I saw the earth, a living organism, switching from hurricanes to drought in order to sort out her ozone layer. She is a living being. Just like our own digestive system, when it is out of sorts, if left alone will force us to crave foods that will help to put it back into balance. I have seen people eat chalk from the classroom chalk board, and charcoal from the fire without knowing why. The planet is trying to heal and we are getting in the way of her healing. We are trying to heal her, but we forget or we are unaware that she is the powerful one. She will continue to be around if a comet hits and destroys all of us. She will be here if disease clears us from the face of the planet. In my dream, Mother Earth lauding to our inability to care for ourselves and we are unfortunately causing ourselves pain by refusing to pay attention.

What is the remedy for our salvation and the planet’s healing? Well, it is a Kumbaya moment. It is a love-in and love fest. We cannot continue along the path we have been taking, but we can heal ourselves and not be distracted from it by focusing on planet earth because her job is to heal herself. We are too late to fix her. She will do this on her own. We need to fix ourselves, heal our own pain that has caused us to indiscriminately harm the planet. Yes we are in an ice age and experiencing climate change, but what is happening on the planet is also happening within each of us.

We are as precious as our home. We are the microcosm of earth. Our erratic emotions are reflected in her erratic weather patterns. We moan and cry because the weather has made us uncomfortable. What if she is trying to slow us down by putting crazy weather in our way? I am aware that our logical minded are not interested in a theory such as mine, even though Gaia has spoken this, but we need to figure things out and find peace within ourselves -call it the great experiment- so that balance can come back to the planet. If the winter has been so crazy, what will the next summer bring?

Globe in the Sky

Creating A New Earth

Talking about stepping into a new earth is like talking about leaving a dirty and disheveled home and move into a new one because the one we live in is too dirty. Why not clean up the home you have? Why not spend some time setting the stage to fall in love with what you already have? The earth we have is familiar. Old broom knows the corners. It is the place where the human race spent its time growing in spiritual awareness.

Once upon a time, the children of a race of humans were pulled from their parents, made to give up their language, experimented upon by ones who thought they were doing good deeds for a Christian God. The abusers wore their costumes and lorded their righteousness over others because (I’ll give them that) they did not know better. Others wiped out whole communities and civilizations, for gold and riches in the disguised name of a god that did not care for gold and riches. They did this because they could and with the rest of the world cowered in fear for their lives allowed the one who should know better have their way. Women burned at the stake, stoned, abused because they held the power of creation within their bodies lived in secret and fear, allowing them selves to be abused because they loved so much.

Today we are more aware. A bit more conscious. This speaks to progress. This speaks to human intelligence, that we are capable of growing and understanding. That we are willing to speak up against an oppressor and be shot for it. That we are willing to step out of hiding for what is right. So the new earth that is spoken of is an attempt to do away with what we have learned. The progress we have made. It is certainly a good idea to continue on the path we are on, just trying to remain conscious as we move into a new way of being instead of discarding our old world to a newly created New World which means starting over. For would we remember and hopefully not repeat the pain of our past in th?