Chakra Training

CHAKRA ACTIVATION – Activate Your Inner Rainbow

Chakras are emotional centres in your energetic field located at specific spots along your spine. Learning to read and understand your chakras gives you a world of useful information about how your unconscious mind works. We all communicate through our chakras but are not aware of it. To understand how this works, for example, observe that as soon as you begin to worry about money, you may sprain your ankle, develop back pain and even constipation. Through your chakras you will see how your fears and worry affect your body.



This class gives you the opportunity to see into your own energetic field through your chakras and use the information to transform your life.

COST: $35.00

You will learn:

  • How to read your chakras and use the chart provided to understand them.
  • How to balance your chakras through visualization.
  • Did you know that you can tell what is on your mind by looking at the color of your chakra?

We all know what the colors in the chakras are supposed to be. But have you studied your energetic field to see what it truly looks like?The color in the base chakra should be red. A beautiful ruby red. But if the red in your chakra is brownish with bits of yellow and orange, what does that mean? Studying your chakra gives you important information that you can use to fix your thoughts, heal your body and your life.

The person with the above base chakra, is one who is a little afraid of stepping out onto his path. He suffers from jealousy of others which slows down his progress. He may have sprained his ankle or is afflicted by constipation and even hemorrhoids.

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Cost: $120.00

This is an extensive 12 hours, Certificate program!

In this extended programme you will understand the effect that your mind has on your emotional body and how it downloads your emotional story into your physical body creating disease.

  • Learn about colour and how it relates to the chakras. For example: the colour red is about passion as well as anger.
  • Learn how to recognize the positive and negative aspects of the colours in each chakra and how  to balance using the pendulum.
  • You will learn how to read and interpret each other’s chakras.
  • Learn how to heal your clients by working through their chakras.
  • How to balance your chakras through visualization.
  • How the foods we eat, the moods we experience and external influences affect our chakras.
  • How we communicate using our chakras.
  • How your personal outlook on life affects your chakras.
  • How misunderstandings can occur energetically in our day-to-day communications through the chakras

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You will receive the Chakra Healing Workbook and Certification upon completion