Emotional Healing


Are you searching for your truth?
Each of us is a sculptor carving out our true nature from the shattering events of our beginning.
Which part of your unconscious self is the world reflecting back to you?

You are a perfect reflection of Universal Love. You are the beauty that is reflected in the sunrise and the promise that each sunset shows in it’s splendid expression.

  • Who do you think you are?
  • What are your deepest dreams for yourself?
  • Do you know that through you life is expressed in all its splendour?

Through a series of of healing events you will connect with your hidden unconscious self. Starting from the beginning of your story, unravelling the tangled threads of pain and fear to find the golden yarn of your divine-self which you then weave into a beautiful tapestry of divine expression.

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Cost: $550.00 – 3 Days Weekend Intensive Healing Event
September 29 – October 4 – 9:00am – 5:00pm each day
Accommodations extra
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Start at the beginning, give your inner child a voice.

Through visualization, meditation, music therapy and self ownership, you are lead on a journey of discovering self-love and wholeness. In order to heal or help others it is necessary to heal yourself.

This workshop program takes you on a powerful healing journey that will open your eyes to your unconscious story through connection with your guides in spirit; your spiritual healing masters and your higher self.

An Eye Opening HEALING Experience!

You will learn:

  • How to reconcile painful issues from your past, which clears the way to more conscious living.
  • How to recognize and access your inner guidance, which supports, positive empowering decision-making.
  • How to recognize your magnificence in all aspects of your life, which absolutely makes your life delicious.

When I met Sonia, I knew she was the lady who was going to help me in some way, I felt a connection. Without knowing the outcome, I knew the Healer workshop was for me. Her guidance throughout the workshop led me to open doors that were shut, relive the past and to Let Go. Sometimes we are not even aware of what holds us back and I truly believe this weekend is not a luxury but a neccessity to understand oneself in this life. Thank you for offering such a powerful weekend to heal one heart at a time.
I highly recommend Sonia, 5 stars.      Gisèle Belcourt Mageau

To register for this powerful healing event for your life, please email or call 778-786-1301 or 343-320-0711



This is a continuation of HEAL THE HEALER WITHIN, heal your inner child.

The first two days are spent feasting on the silence. sonia-power-of-lightYou come to realize to power your shadow-self wields over you and learn how to reconcile with it without fear.

You are provided with a journal and pen to record your thoughts throughout the five days.

A powerful experience!

You will learn how to:

    • drum4Find the your voice in the silence.
    • Understand yourself.
    • Source and come face-to-face with your inner demons, resolve the 
dichotomy within.
    • Recognize the subtle control that shadow-self has on your life.
    • Take back control of your life from fear.
    • And much more…

5 days residential intensive healing event includes all meals and accommodation.

Instructor/Healer: Sonia Nadina Haynes