Thursdays, February 8, 2018
7:00 pm to 8:30pm
Cost: $15.00 per class - Reserve your space.

32 James Street East, Brockville
Call 343-320-0711 to reserve your space

meditation2Siddhartha achieved enlightenment in meditation under the Bodhi tree, so too can you achieve healing and the peace that meditation offers. Relieve stress, become aware of your body, learn how to heal from the inside out.

The meditation teacher has been guiding her clients to healing through meditation for over twenty years and has seen the powerful healing results from the practice. 
Sonia Nadina has used her expertise as a meditation teacher to guide her clients to inner peace.

In her practice her clients have reported that they found meditation helped break through patterns of insomnia experiencing for many years. Others gained greater clarity of thought after meditating. 

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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19 @ 2:00pm

                                             SHIFT YOUR LIFE

32 James Street East, Brockville, ON
Cost: $350.00 - SPECIAL PRICE: $25.00 + $3.25 HST

If you don't like the way your life is going, change the way you see yourself in it so that your life can change.

343-320-0711 to reserve your space.

To change the way your life works it is necessary to change your mind about how you see yourself in your world. 

It is necessary to let go of the things we have been holding on to in order to move through the door of possibilities into the life that is assured and secure.

  • Do you want a better or new romantic relationship? Find out what you need to do to access this experience.
  • Would you like to have a more fulfilling career? Learn how to use your unique gifts to build a career that support you and the planet.
  • Do you want to release anger, fear or make yourself physically and emotionally healthy? Learn how to CHANGE YOUR MIND TO SHIFT YOUR LIFE.

SONIA NADINA brings a no-nonsense approach to your query. She brings great clarity to you as she sees into your story and sheds light on what and how you need to clear in order to have the life you want


Healing Through The Chakras – Study

 February 22 & March 3, 10 - 10:30AM - 12:30AM
Cost: $$25.00 per class - $75.00 for all three classes

32 James Street, East, Brockville, Ontario
343-320-0711 to reserve your space.

Your Chakras are affected by your emotions. 

In this healing event, you will learn how to read your chakras and bring them into balance.   

Learn how to read and balance your chakras.
Look at how we communicate through our chakras.
Experience intensive chakra alignment and healing.


Past Life Journeys

February 25th, 7:00PM - 9:00pm

32 James Street, East, Brockville
Cost: $55.00 + 7.15 HST

You are a combination of all the lifetimes lived. Explore your past lives and learn what you have brought into this lifetime to work through.


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