Face The Fear Within, Gain The Tools For Life.

Are you afraid of the darkness that exists within you? We live in a world with opposite poles, a world of right and wrong, of dark and light. It may seem spiritual to deny the darkness within you, but in covering the anger and negativity within, we leave ourselves vulnerable to the results that sudden shifts can cause, putting us off balance. What we do not see or ignore will cause us great pain. The splinter in a baseball bat which we do not know is there, can lodge in our hand and not attended to can lead to pain and infection. It is necessary for us to pay attention to the darkness as well as the light within. Light without the darkness leaves us on autopilot, unconscious of our self and our world. It is through the darkness that we gain wisdom.

Many years ago, a client living in Japan called me to share a dream she had the night before. We had been working on a challenge she was facing in Japanese court and was in fear of the outcome. In the dream she met me and saw behind me a fierce dragon. She screamed for me to duck fearing I would be injured by the dragon.
“Well?” I said to her. She looked at me in bewilderment.
“Well, what?” She asked.
“What are you going to do about it?” I asked her. Nonplussed, she shrugged.
“Pluck out its eyes!” I directed her.
Huhn? She replied.
“Pluck out its eyes!” I repeated.
She reached up and pulled out the dragon’s eyes. She stood with two massive eyeballs in her hands and I told her to put them in her purse. Reluctantly she put the bloody and slimy eye balls in her brand new purse.
“Pull out its teeth,” I told her next. She did.
“Now skin it,” She used the dragon’s teeth to skin it and inside of the dragon was a creature much like Mister Snuffagopolos from Sesame Street.
“Put them in your purse,” I told her. “Now you have the tools to face your enemies.”

When we face the darkness within us, that causes us so much fear; when we dissect it and face the parts that fill us with dread, when we use the eyes, the ability to see clearly and the teeth which represent our fear’s ability to devour us, we will have amazing tools to tackle life in all its crazy, complexity.

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