Illusion In The Hall Of Mirrors

Have you noticed that everything seem focused on the negative? The media finds a good news story and before they can leave us with good feelings, the news is turned into the negative. They want to know the gory details in a murder scene or the struggle in a triumphant experience. It seems as I ponder the human experience that we are locked in an old blueprint with limited opportunity to escape, where our egos have fashioned the world of confusion, misogyny, war and struggle.

We focus on food while we try to lose weight to be healthy and fit. We focus on violence as we try to limit the use of guns. Like the potential abused spouse, we are being slowly primed for abuse, by individuals we perceive as being powerful. Yes, we have dug out the bowels of the earth and spread it across the oceans and the land, but this will return to the earth eventually regardless of what we do to clean up the planet. Can we wake up to see what is really going on and not get caught up in the drama in the world? We now exist in the fourth dimension. This is the place where the illusion is greatest because it is the hall of mirrors. The purpose of this place in time is to keep us spinning our wheels until we run out of energy and the will to carry on.

The way to release ourselves from the fourth dimension is to make peace with our ego. Release the original sin compounded over generations since mankind realized it had power to affect life for better and for worse. Our story is designed to go to the depths of despair and return the better for it. But today we have lost our way a little bit because we tasted power and after gorging ourselves in its destructive nature, we decided to continue to drink.

It is time to put down the cup we have been drinking from. Move into inner peace, leave each other to his and her conscience and focus on our own personal and intuitive power to effect change and healing. The world is reflecting our unconscious minds. The secrets are not secret any more.

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