Intuitive Guidance

Sonia Nadina offers you many options to take advantage of the services she provides.

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Individual Emotional Healing Session - $150.00

burning-phoenixSonia Nadina assists you to realize your story so that you may shift into the amazing person you know yourself to be.  

There are three session times. One hour, thirty minutes and fifteen minutes. Please choose one.

One Hour Emotional Healing Service - using intuitive connection Sonia helps you to resolve the deep emotional story that keeps you repeating the same pattern in your life.

Call 343-320-0711 or 778-786-1301 or Email to book your session. I am happy to work with you.

Group and Couples Emotional Healing Session - $150.00

6158300The most important aspect of relationships is INTIMACY.  For a couple to succeed in a relationship they must learn how to communicate from their hearts. Sonia helps you to find the words to relay your emotions without judgement. She helps you to look at the heart of your emotional matter. Throwing love away is not necessary, but learning how to keep love alive is.

One Hour Couple Emotional Healing Service
- using intuitive connection Sonia helps couples to resolve the deep emotional story that keeps you repeating the same story in your life.


Get your most pressing Questions answered by Email

1 question $25.00, 2 Questions $40.00.   question-mark

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Personal, Business, Relationship. Individual or Group Session. 

Sonia Nadina is the catalyst for change in your life, she uses her powerful gift of insight to help you gain clarity. She lovingly guides you to your delicious life. She is in communication with your spirit guides and loved ones.

Through Intuitive connection, Sonia Nadina has the ability to help you find answers to your most pressing questions.

"Good afternoon my spiritual guide, thank you for the spark that ignited my spiritual fire."  -Geordie Seed, Ontario Canada



Emotional Healing Retreat

  • One Day - $480.00
  •  Two Nights - $910.00

Book yourself in for an intensive healing experience. Sonia feeds your mind, body and spirit. Enjoy a delicious meals, enjoy conversations while we talk. Journal as you come to realization of yourself. Enjoy connecting with your past and present, heal the imprinting from a childhood that created your present way of being.

“Sonia prepared and guided me through a big shift in my life when my mother passed away in early 2016. Sonia’s always-alternative perspective shed light on everything that was necessary for me to become conscious of, in order to let it go and move forward with MY LIFE. This newfound spiritual lightness is helping the universe bring me what I want and need, quickly!”   - Kristin Ann P. Ottawa, Canada

 Through a conversation on the phone, in person or via Skype and FaceTime, you will experience energetic and emotional healing while getting intuitive coaching for your life now and in the future. 

Sonia Nadina sees your past and shows you how your childhood affects your present. She sees your present and helps you step into your future assured.

Telephone:  1-343-320-0711 or 1-778-786-1301

Email for more Payment Options