Sonia Nadina offers you many options to take advantage of the services she provides.

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Cost: $150.00 for 1 hour - $85.00 for half-hour

Personal, Business, Relationship. Individual or Group Session. Tarot-Reading

Sonia Nadina is the catalyst for change in your life, she uses her powerful gift of insight to help you gain clarity. She lovingly guides you to your delicious life. She is in communication with your spirit guides and loved ones. Through Intuitive connection and use of oracle cards Sonia Nadina has the ability to help you find answers to your most pressing questions.


"Good afternoon my spiritual guide, thank you for the spark that ignited my spiritual fire." Geordie Seed, Ontario Canada

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 Through a conversation on the phone, in person or via Skype and FaceTime, you will experience energetic healing while getting intuitive coaching for your life now and in the future. Sonia Nadina sees your past and how it has affected your present. She sees your present and will help you step into your future assured.

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Sonia Nadina has the ability to see into your energy field and shares what she sees. She uses her powerful gift of insight to guide you towards your life path. Sonia connects with your higher self, your spirit guides (who are sometimes loved ones who have passed on) and your own higher self, drawing forth wisdom for your transformation.

Telephone:  ONTARIO, CANADA 1- 343-320-0711 or 1-778-786-1301



The road ahead is often times filled with uncertainty. You need a place to connect with your spirit guides and your higher self. You have been working on your self for years and something seems off. Join Sonia and she will help you to completely resolve your unfinished business.

For your intensive healing session, book an extended healing session with Sonia Nadina. What you will experience during this session.

You will experience the power of Sonia's intuitive ability. She gives you an initial reading of your life story so you can have a starting point for your healing and spiritual growth.
She works with your guides to support your clarity of spirit for a healthy body and mind.
Life coaching for your body, mind and spirit.

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