Let’s Talk About Karma

When talking about karma, we tend to refer to a retribution that karma brings.

Once upon a time the gods fought each other. They tore each other to pieces and they died thinking that that would be the end of their journeys. But we woke up and realized that we are still fighting each other. We are still tearing each other limb from limb. We did not escape the wheel of karma and we will not escape so easily. We will wake up in the next existence, having to feel the things we tried to escape in the previous life when we killed ourselves at the time of our violent acts.

When we kill someone, we end up in the next life inescapably feeling what it is like to have someone precious taken from us in a violent way. We will experience the feelings of loss of limbs and the pain of recovery. That is karma. Karma is feeling the pain we inflict upon each other. As well experience the joy we shared with others. Like enjoying the good we do to another. Did we assist someone in this life to feel safe, to find peace, to be happy? Then we will experience the same in the other life. Were we both jealous of one person but helped another? We will experience both in the next life.

In other words, we will not escape so easily, the residue of our karmic deeds of this lifetime. Dying does not expunge us from our acts of violence nor resolve our kindness.

The gods must learn how to be at peace with ourselves in order for the race of man to move into the next stage that brings us closer to returning to the stars.

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