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Seeing The Safety Zone in a Challenge

Spring is finally here! Whee Whoo! The relentless snow and cold are over and we are now blessed with beautiful blue skies in Ontario accompanied by clement temperatures. I started my walks to the river which is about fourteen blocks away from where I live. I wandered under the train bridge where still sits a foot thick sheet of ice. Last summer each time I walked under the bridge I would think of the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. It was eerie and a little chilly and with a chill up my back, I usually walked a little faster to pass through. For those of you who don’t know, the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff is a Norwegian fairy tale where an ogre living under a bridge wanted to eat each billy goat as he tried to cross to get to food on the other side. The first two billy goats convinced the ogre that his hunger would be satisfied by the biggest billy goat. The biggest billy goat confronted the ogre and butted him back under the bridge making the way for all three billy goats to cross any time they wanted. I think the moral of the story is that there is always someone larger than a bully, who will champion the disadvantaged.

The ogre is a representation of the challenges we encounter in our lives that threatens our standard of living and even our way of life. During the last several weeks Canada experienced several closures of large companies, throwing many people back on to the job market. The rollercoaster times we are in challenge the best of us at this time. Hearing that the economy showed no growth over the last quarter may make many of us feel a little queasy, but this is the chrysalis time for us in all aspects in our lives. We heard about the shift in consciousness that humans presupposed is happening at this time. As I said in the past, the shift will be so subtle that we won’t notice the metamorphosis until we are fully realized into the thing our unconscious mindset will create for us. By that I mean, past, present and future are operating at this time. How we view ourselves in the past has shaped who we are today. If we don’t like what we see, then we must change our view of our selves. Because what we think about our world and our view of ourselves in our world are shaping our future. Frightening but true. If we go into our chrysalis state thinking we are clumsy moths instead of delicate butterflies, we will emerge a warped butterfly/moth creature, we may not like what we see.

The idea is that we need to envision ourselves as divine beings and we must each figure out what that looks like for ourselves in order to embody that vision. The future, which is unfolding each moment like ice blooming on cold lake water, tells us that it awaits our input of what it is to become. The bridging time is awaiting our design. It waits for us to define how it is to appear. There are some chilly patches along the journey into transformation, but if we walk right down the middle, where the ice is thawed, we will be OK.
The side story about my walk under the bridge, each time I went for my walk, and I encountered the ice, I climbed up and over the bridge and across the train tracks, a little dangerous. Yesterday as I approached the bridge, I felt the cold air coming off the ice. I looked up at the climb to go over the bridge and found that it had iced over. I did not want to turn back so I climbed up onto the slab of ice under the bridge, clutching the wall trying not to slip and fall. Then it dawned on me that the ice had thawed leaving a clear gully down the middle that I could walk safely along! I laughed and shook my head at the irony. I was so focused on the danger of falling on the ice under the bridge, that it did not dawn on me that I had already seen the safe gully down the middle. I did not see that there was a safe path if I focused on the positive. I wandered as I walked along, how many of us forget to see that there is a positive way out of any challenge; all we have to do is expand our view of the situation we encounter to see the narrow channel to safety.

Take a look at your challenge and see if you can spot the safe zone through it. Every challenge has a positive escape route.

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  1. Joanna

    Not being able to see the safe zone is so true; like not being able to see the forest for the trees because you can only see through that filter that only lets you see what you want to see.


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