“I find that eagles seem to follow me wherever I go. In the west coast of Canada, eagles would show up to tell me of important events and people coming my way. In the east of Canada, I was not expecting to see eagles and saw a pair fly over a property that I was living in. The experience on the farm turned out to be not so positive, but with the appearance of the eagles, I was comforted that things would eventually work out. I always paid attention to the signs in nature.” – Sonia Nadina Haynes

Future/Modern Training In The Ancient Mysteries – Living From Grace – The Dance With Ego / Being Present – Connect With Spirit Guides & Healing Teachers / Shamanic Tools / The Power Of Healing Light / Using The Power Of Guides To Ignite Your Spark.

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Level One – Living From Grace – The Dance With Ego

What is ego?
How do you recognize when ego is guiding your life? Who are you in your relationships when you live in ego, or outside of ego?

Journey to connect with core – your core & earth’s core. Begin the journey of recognizing your power. Recognize the immensity of who you are. Create 10 mantras based upon your understanding of ego.

Three Hours

Level Two – Being Present Connection With Spirit Guides & Healing Teachers

What are spirit guides? How do they show themselves?

You will journey to meet and connect with your guides. Visit with your spirit animals.

Understand the symbology of animals and divination tools – tarot, crystals, coins and the signs of nature. Create your own book of symbols based upon what you encounter.

Practicum – Do four readings.

Six  Hours

Level Three – Understanding The Significance Of Shamanic Tools & Their Purpose

Dancing with Your Inner Power.

  • Understand what it means to be connected to your power.
  • Open to your inner power source for healing.

Find out the purpose and how to use shamanic tools.

  • What are shamanic tools?
  • Create the beginnings of your own shamanic tool kit.

Bowls, crystals, lore, tools for abundance. The use of color theory and healing combined with the use of your power tools.

Six Hours

Level Four – The Power Of The Healing Light

The healing light emits from your center. By your light you are the conduit through which healing occurs.

  • Find the light.
  • Define the light.

Learn about your own unique light and how to generate it at will and on purpose. Use the power within to assist healing.
Practicum – Work on four clients with permission.

Twelve Hours

Level Five – Using The Power Of The Guides To Ignite Your Spark

Intellect and Intuition integrated as one creating a powerful force for healing and communication with the other side.

  • Learn how to walk your talk and live in your truth.
  • Learn how to handle challenges as they come, seeing these challenges as a part of your own healing toolkit.
  • Take your journey into spirit and walk with the ancestors through shamanic journeying.
  • Final dance to conquer fear.

Twelve Hours

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