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Are you in a difficult experience in your life and wonder why god has forgotten you? Or have questioned the workings of a world that makes no sense? I have felt such feelings and of course I tried to find the answers to these questions. I grew up in a very religious family, from born-again Christians, to Moravian church goers. I was christened in the Catholic Church. I grew up reading the bible because that was the only book my illiterate grandmother thought was valuable enough to be opened in her house. Of course I snuck books under the covers and read with the tiny flashlight, one of the trinkets, my parents sent to us from America. I found that the bible opened questions and the adults did not have the answers for me. They would open the bible to explain and that did not satisfy me. From a small child I open myself to the universe. I did not know at the time that it was the universe, but my ear was cocked to the sounds of the leaves on the trees and the messages they brought to me.


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Written in this book are some of the things I experienced on an intuitive basis which turned out to be the musings of many masters who came before me. Paolo Coehlo, Lee Carroll’s, Kryon, Shirley Maclaine, Richard Bach’s The Reluctant Messiah confirmed what I already knew, but had no frame of reference from which to solidify the knowledge roaming around in my head. All that I had gleaned from my father, books on science, history, mathematics and literature, the bible, the wind and the stars and the writers whose words put validation to it all, have helped me to realize and become the person I am today. Most of my answers came from the challenges I experienced. At the end of this book is a chapter called Greater Than The Experience, in which I shared a painful experience and the guidance that came to me from it through a voice that floated to me from above the trees.

Although the world seems illogical and incomprehensible there is a logic and a focused pattern to everything. All we have to do is look with our
hearts open and our ears cocked to the sound of the universe. This book was written based upon information I received over the years. At first, in nineteen ninety-six, I was told by my guides that I should not write this information down. Maybe I was not ready. When I was finally given the green light to put pen to paper, the words flowed from source and I became inspired through memories with the language and information


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