Power Of Money: Soft Cover


If each of us creates our own spotlight, to shine upon ourselves, we will be happier. Our dreams, our goals and self-awareness will affect a world that is healthier and happier. In my teachings, I help individuals to find and define themselves, because when we know who we are, we can understand and define our needs from an emotional perspective, which helps us to attain happiness.

Affirmation – ”If I work hard to obtain what I want for myself, I will be much happier when I reach it. I can then do for others because my cup is full.” This is the ultimate success of the human condition. In this book, I give examples of how we have unconsciously embraced the limiting belief systems of our ancestors and society at large as we struggle to give ourselves permission to be and feel what we are. I also shed a little light on how to effectively remove negative thought patterns in order to affect positive shifts in our lives. Because we process information as we absorb it, I have included a workbook format in this book. Th is will enable you to consciously transform your negative thinking as you process the information presented. I show that we can effectively and positively shift our life, when we change our minds. Also available in hard cover


Product Description

Many moguls got a break that set them on the path to becoming who they are. Oprah Winfrey had a mentor. Suzie Ormond had help from a good Samaritan. All these wealthy moguls seemed to have had a break. How do we get to where we are going without a break? How do we create a break for ourselves? How do we find the guts to take a chance on ourselves without going through the embarrassment of falling flat on our face? This book is the break you have been seeking. This book could be the mentor and guide that speaks to you and guides you to the truth, your truth of achieving financial abundance.

Creating financial security is as simple as realizing that how you see money is how you see yourself.


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