What Clients Have Said

I had no idea eight months ago how much my life would change when I came across your show on Blogtalk Radio. I felt so thirsty for knowledge and couldn’t seem to read, listen, or speak to enough light workers who were sharing insights and experiences reflecting on my life and trying desperately to understand what I was feeling, seeing, and experiencing because I spent so much time running from what I didn’t understand or that was to painful to feel. It was first, all about helping my brother and then as memories I had not thought about in over 37 years came flooding back that were directly connected to what I witnessed, I realized I had a lot of healing to do because I was stuck living in limitations. I have received so much validation, healing, and support from Sonia Haynes whose practicality and connection to spirit has been life changing. I feel as if I am in class, but not just any class. I am with a teacher who’s creativity, compassion, integrity, and intelligence guides her as she shares experiences intertwined with channeled messages that in my perspective benefit all who come to her shows. Like a great Singer who can touch any person regardless of there Social, Economical, Geographical, and Nationality by opening up and stopping you in your tracks as the melody pierces the hearts of everyone. I am so grateful to have been led here and will forever be changed by the information shared and I look forward to all of Sonia’s shows in the future. ~ Christina Cariaga – Mother of three, Salinas California


Thank you, thank you, thank you for how you inspire me. So blessed are you, dear Sonia, and how the heavens rejoice at the work you do. ~ Joanna Giles, South Australia


I have worked with Sonia for many years and her impact on my life has been profound. I don’t even recognize the person I am today. My life has a fullness that I didn’t dare dream was possible. I have healed my inner child and become the woman I always dreamed was possible. My life long desires were buried by my fear of failing. When it finally came to the forefront with Sonia’s encouragement, I didn’t have the courage to step forward and fulfill this deep desire. With Sonia’s guidance and faith in me, she helped me uncover the courage I knew I had, but refused to face. In May of 2005 I fearlessly stepped into my dreams. It has been the greatest gift to myself I could ever receive. Thank you Sonia, for being a guiding light and illuminating my darkness. I am living the life of my dreams. ~ Carol Watson, Owner, Relax To The Max, Swansea, Wales


Sonia is an amazing healer who has helped me in many ways, guiding me in learning how to let go of what did not serve me any more and no longer needed to hang on to. Sonia is a truly gifted healer who is the real deal, whose guidance gently took to see my issues and deal with them. I have seen many healers up to now and spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars, hoping to get the help I needed and there is only one person able to do that for me and that person is Sonia Haynes. She is like no other healer you will ever meet and is unique in her way. When you are ready and want the help and guidance you seek, Sonia is the one to go to. Much gratitude to Sonia. ~ M. W., North Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Sonia, I will never forget the first time I met you, you said I had the energy of a queen. You helped me connect to the part of myself that I had lost. You were always there for me helping to sort out whatever problems or situations I am facing. For that I am grateful. It has been a long journey since, for me but because of you and the many wonderful people I know, the journey is almost over and I have a new path, a wonderful and happy one that will be filled with love laughter and joy; all I deserve. Thank you for all your continued support. ~ Pat. T. Coquitlam, BC, Canada.


My reading was amazing! Thank you so much. I am on cloud 9. Will Call again. Sonia, you are so right! ~ Brenda P. San Francisco, USA


Sonia you told me that I would be doing similar work to you and that I would have long hair again. That’s what you saw, and I do remember saying, “I will never grow long hair again.” Well, ever since I decided to grow my hair and ever since, my intuition has grown stronger. I have been thinking about you and wishing to tell you, “Sonia you were right on”. Yes I did grow up… See you soon. Namaste. ~ Susanne, B. C., Canada.


Sonia, as a master teacher, your pleasant voice has guided me to a place of deep tranquility and peace. I have used your chakra meditation CD and found it most effective in transporting myself into a state of inner balance. ~ Rebecca V. W., North Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Sonia escorted me on my inward journey to myself, holding one hand while encouraging me with the other. I experienced unconditional human love unlike ever before, which is my ultimate in freedom, growth and joy. ~ Rebecca C.  Shomberg, Ontario, Canada.


Thank you for your inspiration and support. Sonia you are the best! ~ Brenda, W. Vancouver, BC, Canada.


A profound life transforming experience! Working with Sonia in The Power of Money workshop awakened potentials I never dreamed existed. I have undergone quantum leaps in all areas of my life. My abilities as a healer have reached unlimited levels. I have been reborn into my new life! Thank you, Sonia. ~ C.W. Georgetown, Ontario, Canada.


Today is the start of a great new day. My husband got his job back and when I got home, I had a rose bath awaiting me. Wow! Also my pay was more than I expected and I received a gift of money from my mom! Wow again! Thanks for your patience with a resistant, frightened child. Love and laughter, always. ~ Irene, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.