Tools to Clear Your Environment and Your Life

Confusion abounds in all aspects of our lives. We get guidance about how and what to eat, how to make money, write, invest, or even how to live. There is so much information that we can find ourselves living in a state of overload.

It is possible to find clarity as we live our lives. One can use crystals and Himalayan salt lamps to clear and balance the energy in your home and around you. Clear quartz is a powerful clearing  stone. A Himalayan Salt lamp’s gentle light softens the energy around your space. Some crystals keep negative energy from attaching to you while others can remove or chase negative energy away.

Clearing these powerful stones, you can use smoke to smudge with sage, lavender, myrrh. Water is an excellent cleanser of some stones just like it is great for cleansing our bodies. Some crystals with their powerful energy are also exceptional for clearing energy.

Clear your energy when challenges enter your life. Clear when you have been around disruptive people. Clear your child’s room if they experience bullying with combined pieces of clear and rose quartz. Turmaline and fluorite are also excellent clearing and protection stones.

Smile as you use the tools for clearing. Never clear your self or space while you are angry or afraid. Use the stones when you are feeling empowered.

Enjoy the fresh energy of clear and clean vibrations around you.

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