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Weekly Affirmation – “I am always supported by life.”

We live to experience life. Surrendering to the nature of the universe is necessary for us to thrive. We all have plans and ideas of how we want our lives to be, but there is an energy of balance always at work in our lives.

“If you want to hear god laugh, tell him your plans.”

The Law of Balance flows through our thoughts and actions. I have fallen into worry many times in my life. I have a yearning for my heart’s desire to be fulfilled. But I follow a line of cause and effect from my birth which has taken me along a path where many times am not shown the outcome.

We are asked to trust. Trust that we are following divine process. If I walk back to my birth and follow the path to now, I may see the next step. Am I patient enough to look back? Not really. As there is no time, we are in the eternal moment following our destiny and designing our lives even unconsciously as we go along. I can see your journey, I am just not patient enough to look at mine.

Knowing that you are the tree, with your roots stretched down into your past and your branches reaching up for your divine purpose, you can change the course of your life at any time, like a tree struck by lightening can repair itself and then even grow in a different direction than where it started.

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